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Monday, December 26, 2005

Study Proves Agatha Christie Used Hypnotic Writing, or, I told You So!

Did mystery novelist Agatha Christie literally hypnotize her readers?

Consider --

Scientists from three leading universities studied 80 of the famed novelist's works and discovered she used words that invoked chemical responses in the brains of her readers.

The study - The Agatha Project - involved loading Christie's novels into a computer and analyzing her words, phrases and sentences. They concluded that her phrases trigger a pleasure response. This causes people to seek out her books again and again, almost like an addiction.

According to the study, Christie used literary techniques mirroring those employed by hypnotherapists and psychologists, which have a hypnotic effect on readers.

This is clear evidence that the principles in my Hypnotic Writing e-books, and in my Hypnotic Writing Wizard software, truly work.

The study found that common phrases used by Christie act as a trigger to raise levels of serotonin and endorphins, the chemical messengers in the brain that induce pleasure.

I've been saying this for years. Certain words and phrases push buttons unconsciously in people. They respond without being aware of it.

I've been teaching people how to improve their sales letters and website copy with these very insights. Apparently Agatha Christie used hypnotic writing to make her books -- as one scientist un-hypnotically said -- "unputdownable."

It sure worked for her.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, (1890-1976) is possibly the world's best-known mystery writer. The Guinness Book of Records listed her as the best-selling fiction author of all time with over two *billion* copies in print in the English language.

Obviously, hypnotic writing helped her. The study went on to report the following about Agatha's writings --

Favorite words or phrases, repeatedly used in a "mesmerizing" way, help stimulate the pleasure-inducing side of the brain. They include "she, yes, girl, kind, smiled" and "suddenly."

Again, to me, this isn't news. There are similar words and phrases in marketing that set off brain activity -- and later buying activity.

Do you know what they are?

Probably not.

Few people do.

But they are revealed in my e-books and software.

My hypnotic writing software -- which can help you write sales letters, articles, books, news releases and much more -- now comes in two Windows versions:

#1. The Basic one gives you all the tools you need to write letters, ads, books, talks, etc. It comes with the formulas, inductions, tools, headline generator, readability analyzer, unconscious directed writing, etc. You could become a hypnotic writer with just this alone. It's that powerful.

#2. The Deluxe version comes with all the basic tools but includes the famous Swipe File, containing proven words, phrases, sentences, closers, etc, which you can just weave into your writing to make it much more compelling. This is beyond powerful. You simply copy and paste -- "swipe" --the proven sentences that improve your writing. This is almost too easy.

The Swipe File has been and still is my secret weapon in writing my emails, sites, articles, and books with such speed and power. I love it and always use it. Obviously, it works. Again, it comes with the Deluxe version.

Direct marketing legend Joe Sugarman said --

"Not only does this leading edge software help you write sales letters with ease, but you can also write news releases, ads, articles, speeches, web copy and even entire books with it.

The hypnotic inductions by Joe are simple, short and, more importantly, they work. I was skeptical about the Hypnotic Readability Formula, but I used it to analyze one of my own letters and the results opened my eyes. Hypnotic Writing Wizard is a breakthrough in creative writing."

Prolific author of 50+ books Bob Bly said --

"Anyone having trouble writing anything needs to boot this program up. Within minutes you can slide through blocks, get a handle on what you want to say, and come up with memorable ways to say it. This is a real breakthrough."

You'll find even more testimonials online

I'm very excited about Hypnotic Writing Wizard.This program is based on my first best-selling e-books, Hypnotic Writing and Advanced Hypnotic Writing (and includes them for easy reference).

While the software won't do your writing or thinking for you, it *will* guide you to writing with more ease and power. The hypnotic inductions and other tools will stimulate your mind to come up with fresh ways to express yourself with persuasive power.

If you want to give yourself the best gift of the year, get Hypnotic Writing Wizard and start to write with the simple riveting power of one of the bestselling novelists of our time - Agatha Christie.


Merry Christmas!

Ao Akua


PS - I'm told The Agatha Project will air on television in England on Dec 27.

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


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