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Friday, May 05, 2006

Read This Right Now (because at midnight it's all over and I'm taking my stuff home)

I just spent $6,000 for a private collection of old books on hypnosis, hypnotherapy, stage hypnosis, magic, fitness and marketing.

I also spent $4,000 on a huge glass-enclosed oak bookcase to house all of these gems.

I'm telling you this to prove that even I - the guy considered the father of Hypnotic Writing and Hypnotic Marketing - am still learning.

I don't know it all. I'm still learning about hypnosis, writing, marketing, magic, and more.

Just today -- after unpacking 26 boxes worth of dusty old books and looking at books, booklets, ads, and newspapers from as far back as 1803 -- I found authors and titles I had never heard of before, and am now excited about.

I think learning is an adventure.

If you're not learning, you're not growing.

If you're not investing in your education, you're not serious about your business.

Having said all that, let me remind you that the final day to get my Hypnotic Selling Secrets 14-pound package and all of the bonuses -- from the Attractor Factor Blueprint DVD's, to a special report on how I lost 80 pounds while building my online empire, to access to my teleseminar series on how to attract a new car -- is tonight.

At midnight tonight, your last chance to get the bundled works of Joe Vitale is over and out.

There were 1,500 of these Special Edition sets produced, but now there are less than 250 left in stock. If by some strange reason they don't all sell out with the insane bonuses I've added, then this offer is closed off at midnight tonight, Friday, May 5th, anyway.

This is the last chance that you will ever have for getting virtually everything that I have ever created on Marketing for one low price (and there's a payment plan if you need it).

The time to act is now.

When that private collection of hypnosis books went for sale, I didn't just send an email about it, I dropped everything, got on the phone, and bought the entire set instantly.

I know a deal when I see it.

I trust you do, too.

Ao Akua,


PS - I'm on my way out the door to speak at Pat O'Bryan's three-day first-ever Portable Empire seminar. This once struggling blues musician is now an Internet entrepreneur and an online force to reckon with. He came out with 40 products in a year. He acts fast when he sees or gets an idea. And now he's hosting his very own event, teaching others how to make a living online with their own Portable Empire. How did he get started? He studied my materials. And he acted on what he learned. Review the complete package at (You should be studying the sales letter there, anyway, just to learn how to write hypnotically.) Go see it.

PPS - Tomorrow night I'll be leading a special breakout session on Hypnotic Publicity at Pat's event. This is private training by me for just a handful of people. If you can get to Austin, Texas for it, then see

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


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