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Monday, January 15, 2007

Software Review: Improve Writing with a "Click"?

A few days ago I heard about a new software program that lets you test your headlines and sentences to make them more riveting.

It had the odd name of Glyphius.

People have created writing software to help with your writing before, and most of it is lame, so I was pretty skeptical.

But I went to the site over at and poked around. Since my friend Brian Keith Voiles strongly recommends Glyphius, I thought I would give it a whirl.

I didn't expect for it to do much, but I figured the low price was worth the story of me trying it. So I bought it.

It was a breeze to download. But when I clicked on Glyphius, a simple screen popped up and I had no idea what to do.

I went back to the download page, watched the online video tutorial, and then went back to Glyphius.

I typed in a headline and let the software test it. It supposedly looks at your headline and compares it to a huge database of tested words, phrases, and other headlines. If you scored low, you change your headline with a word or two, or some punctuation, and test it again. You keep trying to create a headline or sentence with a higher score.

This was fascinating. I became addicted to "the game" of seeing if I could improve my headline. I was learning as I went along, too. While I always thought the word "you" would increase a headline's pulling power, according to Glyphius, it actually makes it worse.

For example, the original headline for this blog post was "How to Improve Your Writing."

I plugged it into Glyphius and it came back with a low score.

I'm supposed to be a top copywriter, so this score surprised me.

I then played with dropping the "how" and the "you", both determined to be negative words by Glyphius.

"Improve Writing" scored higher than "How to Improve Your Writing."

That's interesting and maybe even disturbing. After all, I should know more than Glyphius.

I then wondered if a question mark would make a difference. It did, and brought my score higher.

I then wondered if saying this is a "Software Review" would make a difference. It did, and again my score was higher.

Finally, I played with quotation marks, and again the score was higher.

As you can see, Glyphius helped me go from an OK headline to a much more powerful, even hypnotic headline.

I'm now a fan of Glyphius. If there's anything missing, it's an on-screen list of ways or prompts to change your headline. All of that is in my own software, Hypnotic Writing Wizard, so I think using both could make you one kick-butt writer.

Check it out at

Ao Akua


PS - This morning Mark Ryan sent me the text for our next subliminal manifestation DVD. The original headline he gave me was SKYROCKET TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL OF SELLING...SIMPLY BY WATCHING TV !!! I plugged it into Glyphius, played around, and came up with the much stronger and shorter headline: SKYROCKET SELLING...SIMPLY BY WATCHING TV! Pretty cool. is where you can learn more. Go see.

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Phil said...

Hello Joe,

I really have to congratulate you. As an attractor you are wonderful, but as an allower - you are magnificent!

There are not many people who would be as excited and appreciative when they find someone who may be doing something better than ones chosen expertise.

I am very grateful to have attracted you in to my world :)


1:11 AM  

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