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Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Better Way to Save the Internet

I just got the below emails.

I need your help to resolve this in a win-win way, for the highest good of all concerned.

Since this concerns you and everyone else on the Internet, I think it's important.

Please see below.

Thank you,



Hi Joe,

Realizing that you're probably quite busy and may already have a full agenda for today, I want to ask a favor.

Last year when the hurricane after Katrina (Rita?) was threatening Houston and much of Texas, you sent out an email to the effect that we could potentially avert much damage and hardship if we could collectively hold an image and expectation of a positive outcome rather than going into fear.

My favor is to ask you to send a message today, or very soon, regarding the current COPE Actlegislation, encouraging people to hold an image and expectation of the highest good for all as an outcome. I hear people going into fear and gloom and doom and suspect if we all go there, we'll get exactly what we don't want.

I'm approaching you for this favor because I suspect you have access to quite a large audience and we've seen positive results before.

Thank you for considering this.



Now here's the background story. - Joe

> "Congress and Internet service providers like
> the cable and telephone companies are conspiring
> to turn the Internet from a freee, wide-open
> smorgasbord of information into a very limited
> and expensive format that resembles cable TV."
> -- Bill Hibbler,
> If the COPE act passes, smaller websites like yours
> and mine could be blocked or loaded so slowly that
> nobody would bother to visit.
> If you're in the USA, you can contact your Congress
> member by simply signing an online petition. Your
>email vote will be sent directly to your local
> Over 730,000 have already signed, but it's not enough
> to halt the progress of the COPE Act.


I urge you to visit the site and let your vote and voice be heard.

I also urge you to look at this in a different way:

There's no conspiracy.

There are simply people trying to do business online.

You can't blame them for that.

Hating them for trying to make money online is mirroring your own inner hate for desiring to make money online.

This is a psychological loop you'll want to heal in order to make a living anywhere, and to be comfortable with more money.

Rather than hating them, or calling them conspirators, how about if we love them, accept them, bless them, and yet choose to not side with them?

In the Manifestation Weekend that I just held this last weekend in Austin, Texas, we all learned that the simple three words "I love you" can transform any trying or even "impossible" situation.

Since you probably weren't at the Manifestation Weekend, the short version of the story is this:

Mentally saying "I love you", whether you feel it or not, will transform your inner experience and send out a different signal to the world, which will attract new results.

Nerissa saw this because right after the weekend she attracted a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid -- after wanting one for months.

Craig Perrine saw this when on Monday, right after the magical weekend, the doctor gave their three-year old a clean bill of health -- after a year of trying operations and deep concerns.

You can hear "I love you" spoken by the Manifestation Weekend attendees on the second video clip at

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

As I asked you to do when Hurricane Rita aimed itself at Texas, I suggest we all hold higher thoughts about the legislation. You can certainly vote against it and voice your words, but I believe we'll see a win-win result if we do it from love.

If you remember, Rita dropped from a terrifying category 5 hurricane to a category 2 by the time it hit land. It changed direction, too. It never hit Houston, which had panicked and evacuated. It never hit here, either.

We can do this.

I love you.

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS - It might be helpful if you also held a vision of how you would like the Internet to work for the highest good of all concerned. You don't need to be a robber baron to make it online. In fact, I've found sharing, win-win arrangements, and benevolence to be the yellow brick road to the gold in cyberspace. "I love you" works.

PPS - Invite others to read and spread the message of this post. The time is now. I love you. Pass it down.

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Blogger NewAgeWebMarketing said...

Still a long way to go in this fight, but we will win!

A nice battle was won yesterday, May 25th. "The broad, nonpartisan movement for Internet freedom notched a major victory today, when a bipartisan majority of the House Judiciary Committee passed the "Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act of 2006"..." Read more

Blog, write letters, link from MySpace etc. But act now and of course hold the vision for the best outcome.

Love, light, joy

1:25 PM  
Blogger Angela Chen Shui said...

Great post, Joe.

Coming from Love always works. Thanks for the reminder... I'll apply to a particular situation right now.

I love you too.

REMAIN Magnificently Blessed,


3:32 PM  

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