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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sing, Blackbird, Sing!

I love guitars.

I have several here. I have as many guitars as I know guitar chords.

No, I don't know many chords and I can't play all that well (yet) but still.

When Michelle Malone came here and performed a private concert in our home, she unloaded a van full of guitars. Then she noticed mine and said, "I didn't need to unload anything. I could have used Joe's guitars."

I'm no Michelle Malone but I sure love guitar music.

Since I'm also a fan of unique, rare, collectible, innovative and limited edition gadgets, you can imagine how excited I got when I read about the new Blackbird guitar in the May issue of Popular Science magazine.

The Blackbird is a smaller, travel-size guitar, made out of carbon fiber. It features an all-hollow uni-body shell, setting it apart from any guitar in the world. The body, neck, and head are cast in one-piece with the sound board, fretboard, tuners, etc. added to that main component. The sound comes out of the neck of the guitar, so it's still got a full-size guitar sound.

The thing is virtually indestructible. I told my bud Pat O'Bryan, a guitar slinger with several blues-rock Cd's out, that if an atom bomb went off under a Blackbird guitar, all you would hear is a "ping" in the key of E.

Blackbird is only making 100 of these gems. I placed an order for one of them this morning, which means I'll have one of the first 50 made, to be delivered in June.

I got so excited that I went outside (it's gorgeous out) and played one of my other guitars, just to celebrate.

I think we should do things to reward ourselves whenever we accomplish something. You don't have to invest in a collectible guitar. But it's wise to pat yourself on the back whenever you complete something, by rewarding yourself with a treat. This is great for your self-esteem and a way to program yourself to expect more good when you do good.

My last big reward was a hot tub.

I had finished my fifth fitness contest and treated myself to the best investment of my life. I love my Jacuzzi. I'm in it virtually every day. Talk about a stress reducer. I can barely get out of the tub after 30 minutes in it. I am sooooo relaxed I can hardly walk away from the hot tub and back into the house.

After completing one of my earlier 12-week fitness contests, I celebrated by buying a new car: a BMW 645ci. (Side note: Yesterday the car called BMW and booked a service appointment. Apparently it needs an oil change. I've never had a car make a phone call for me before. I wonder why the car doesn't just drive itself over to BMW, too?)

Since I completed editing the galley to Zero Limits yesterday, and am making terrific progress with the new book about the missing secret, called The Key, and I just signed yet another book deal for yet another book, I felt I deserved a reward.

Plus I really wanted a Blackbird.

Ao Akua,


PS -- Have you rewarded yourself lately? Again, it doesn't have to be a guitar or a hot tub or a new car, but have you done something nice for you recently?

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Jill said...

Dear Joe,

I have been following you a little and it seems like you do nothing but buy, buy and talk about more buying. Nothing but money talk and it is my growing impression that money is the thing.

It is not about helping people, but about getting people to hand over the money. Certainly someone must have pointed out this is a form of conquest, such as male scoring, gambling, drinking whatever. I seems like another form of addiction to me with all the behaviors addictions bring.

Jill Jorgensen

7:19 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Hi Jill,

You're right. Money *can* be an addiction.

In and of itself, of course, it's neutral. We are the ones who give it meaning.

I think you may have some selective reading going on. Go read my blog posts about Kirk's Smile, and about Serving love, both posted within the last week or so.

And be sure to read my book, "The Greatest Money-Making Secret of All Time." (It's not what you think.)

It's not about buying or getting; it's about giving, circulating, and playing the game with awareness and integrity.



7:59 AM  
Blogger Gary Glasscock said...


How about a custom-made guitar made from hemp? A lady I'm working with from Australia is an expert on hemp, and she gave me a link to a website where you can get a guitar or other musical instrument, as well as other products. The website is:

10:17 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Great tip, Gary. I'll go check it out.

11:19 AM  
Blogger David S. said...

Dear Joe,
"Doing well is it's own reward..."

I just finished up a 12 week fitness challenge myself (my 2nd in the past 8 months) You may have heard of it: :)

When it comes to rewards - sure, there are "things" and there are "gifts" and money can't by the things that matter most. Money couldn't buy me my new level of fitness and confidence; and they bring thier own rewards.

Money can buy me a new Ducati... but it's not the Ducati I want - it's the feeling of adrenaline and freedom I get riding it.

I have a reward for you Joe:
Thank you, Bless you, and Keep up the great work.
David Rachford,

12:19 PM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

All true, my friend, AND you should anchor in your accomplishment with more than a feeling; new clothes, new gadget, whatever floats your boat.

Don't let this accomplishment be something you can let slide.

Get something you can point to, something concrete, to remind you of your acomplishment.


12:25 PM  
Blogger David S. said...

Hi Joe...

I'm not letting any accomplishment slide... I'm getting the Ducati- just ordered a custom license plate for it too;

"MILYUNZ" Any wonder where I'm going with this? Money likes speed, right?

AS a side note: I was reading a newsletter that referenced Jeff Gitomers "Little Red Book of Selling" and talked about rewarding success.

Gitomer went on to say that you also have to reward failure.

If you think of it, in order to get to "Yes" you may have to get past five "No's"... Which makes sense.

So if a "Yes" is worth a $5,000, but you have to get past 10 "No's" then each "No" is worth $500.00!

So in Gitomer's Book(which I have not yet read, but will) Gitomer says, "I should reward failure too, because I need a certain amount to get to "Yes"" - So he did. He rewarded failure too..

Sales went up.

"Sing Blackbird! Sing"
David Rachford,CPA

1:06 PM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Glad to hear it. you rock!

1:08 PM  
Blogger Serge said...

Bonjour Joe,

I just hire a life coach and she has told me to go watch the DVD TheSecret. I really liked it so I bought the DVD, right after seeing it.

On the DVD, I did like your comments and attitude a lot so I have decided to go see your web site and the sites of your friends from the DVD too. Since that, I am summerged by e-mail advertising to buy this and that, take this, take that, and if I don't I will never be rich, prosper, happy,...

I feel a bit ackward now, it seems like a big HOAX made to draw web customers back to those in the DVD to help them do more and more money.

It is sad because I didn't feel at all like this seeing the DVD and its message.

Am I feeling the right thing about all of this ?

Hope not, because I really did like your attitude in the DVD.

Take care Joe.

Serge Goulet

9:56 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Hi Serge,

Congrats on getting a coach. That's often the leverage you need for dramatic changes and success.

The Secret is not a hoax. The people offering you things to buy are offering you tools to learn how to use the secret in your life. If you don't want them, simply don't buy them or just unsubscribe from their lists.

Personally, I love that these services are being offered. The Secret is one DVD. Most people who have been trained by our culture to be a victim will need more than a DVD to reprogram themselves and awaken. These tools being offered could be a lifesaver.

When I wanted to lose weight, I could have looked at all the services being offered to help me achieve my goal as a big hoax. I didn't. I had a goal and I looked for support. I found it, bought it, and lost 80 pounds, went into five fitness contests, and am now in my sixth one.

As always, the choice about what to believe is entirely up to you.

You hold the key, my friend.


10:07 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

Hi Joe,
I think the Beatles song "Blackbird" would be most appropiately played on your new guitar. I was just looking up the lyrics yesterday in an "Imus" related conversation. I listened to that song over half my life and never knew Paul McCartney wrote it back in the 60's about black women in the south during civil unrest. … kbird.html

And our mutual musical interest, Joe Bonamassa, just announced he's lost interest in collecting guitars, since he's acquired hundreds. Keep your ears open, he may be selling or auctioning a guitar of interest in the future. I hope you picked up Kenny Wayne Shepherd's 10 Days Out. We are going to see him in Atlanitc City Saturday.

Take care and enjoy your new toy! My hubby has a little guitar collection addiction. Life is precious and it makes him happy.


9:57 PM  

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