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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Coming Attractions

I have several books, CDs and DVDs coming out over the next few months. Here are cover shots of just three of them. You can pre-order any of them over at Just search for the title of the product or for "Joe Vitale."

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Ted said...

In case you didnt read or receive my first comment last week.
Please read my entire post here as I have a burning desire within me and will not rest until my dreams are fulfillled and everyones dreams around me.

I recently started a discussion group on 'The Secret' and The Law of Attraction. However this isnt your typical discussion group. I have a tremendous vision for this community, which has grown to 150 people in 3 weeks. The uniqueness of the community is that I typically spend 30 minutes presenting via teleconference and the last 30 minutes is collaborative and interactive, where we facilitate conversations between the community participants. It started out as a six week course that I decided to host as a passion of mine and has grown vey quickly.
I've read your books, have seen The Missing Secret, and am a student of QuantumPhysics and the Law of Attraction. I own several companies, one of them being a virtual learning forum for entrepreneurs and professionals to come together to connect, collaborate, and innovate their lives. We started out focused on a niche market in financial services and since my recent launch of our course on The Law of Attraction, we have decided to branch out into different industries. Our structure is exactly what people need to implement any tool or system into their lives. People feel a tremendous sense of belonging and hope as part of our community. I am certain that we can take ideas, concepts, teachings, and systems and help people accelerate their progress through a structure like this. We are currently doing this with the financial services industry. What I would like to ask of you is an opportunity to help spread your message with you. I'm young, ambitious and have a tremendous track record of success in the corporate world before I left several years ago to becme an entrepreneur. I have a tremendous stage presence and an abiltiy to attract people through my passion and conviction. If you woud like a dynamic presenter and an absolute student of the Law of Attraction and success, then I would like to help you in any way possible. I know that opportunites are coming your way left and right, but I am steadfast on my journey to be a star in your field and I have begun the journey. I could get about 3-400 people on a teleconference to help promote your book zero limits, but more importantly I have a bigger vision for where I am headed and would like to offer up my help to spread your message. My last teleconference was on removing limiting beliefs and I talked about your story with Dr. Len. The conference call was only 60 minutes. We went 15 minutes over and our technology people said not one line dropped off the call, thats how captivated they were. I can send you a recording if you would like. You can go to my website at to check out my company and my background. We are also penetrating the Asian markets, particularly in India. Many of them have never seen the secret but are completely intrigued with my course. Joe, you talk about defining moments and mentioned the one you had on the Missing Secret. My Defining moment would be if you accepted my offer to spread the message, in the true spirit of inquiry.


Ted McGrath
email me at

1:05 AM  

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