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Friday, March 24, 2006

Answers concerning "The Secret" movie (and an embarrassing deal for you)

I'm not sure why people keep asking me questions about the movie The Secret --- as there is contact info, a genii, and a support system right on --- but here are some common ones I've received, with my answers:

"Will it be shown on TV?"

Yes, eventually.


Beats me.

"Is there an affiliate program for it?"

No. I and others are promoting The Secret because we love the message in it.

"Do you make any money from being in it?"

Not a dime - and that's fine with me. I even bought multiple copies of the DVD, to give as gifts, and didn't get a discount. Didn't ask for one, either. I'm not doing this for the money.

"Why are they charging $5 to watch it online?"

Why shouldn't they charge $5 for it? This is a full-scale Hollywood-type movie. The expenses would make your head snap. Pay the five bucks. Or buy the DVD for $20. This could change your life. Twenty bucks (or five) is worth that. Isn't it?

"When will it be shown in New Zealand or Australia?"

I have no idea.

"Is the movie guaranteed?"

Normally I would say every product needs a guarantee. Not here. If you still need a guarantee after watching the free movie trailer at, then you shouldn't buy or even watch the movie.

"My life has changed since seeing the movie, but how do I explain my bliss to others?"

You don't. Send them to They'll either get it, or not.

"What was it like to be filmed for The Secret?"

Extraordinary. I've never been with a group of people so focused, in alignment, so clear and so happy about their one goal: to make a movie that elevated humankind. They treated me like royalty. I love them all. Rhonda, the key woman behind the movie (she's in the opening and ending of it), and her sister are parents of the film. They are straight from heaven. Angels.

"Who's all in the movie?"

I don't remember everyone's name. I'm in it (yes, I remembered my own name), as well as my friends Esther Hicks (Abraham), Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle, Bill Harris, Bob Proctor, Mike Dooley, John DeMartini, Hale Dwoskin, and a long list of other gurus, authors, speakers, and self-help teachers of today, including Denis Waitley, Rev. Michael Beckwith and more.

"Who are the heavies in the film?"

I'd say the "heavies" in the movie are Esther Hicks or Abraham, Bob Procter, Jack Canfield, and maybe me. (I'm too close to know that for sure, though.)

"Isn't the movie based on the Hannel and Wattles books?"

No. It's more closely akin to my book The Attractor Factor

"What if I see the movie and I don't like it?"

What if you see it and it changes your life forever?

See for yourself at

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS - This is embarrassing but here goes: You can help me out and get a great deal, too. As you probably know, I've lost 80 pounds and am so hot Lindsay Lohan and Sophia Loren and Terrie Hatcher are all fighting over me. (Or not.) Well, my old fat photos are still on some of my products. If I can move the last 72 copies of my Hypnotic Library, we can then make a new production with my new "Charles Atlas/Steve Reeves/Joe Vitale" picture on it. See my before and after pictures and check out the deal at Note: The site will only be live for 24 hours, though. Better go look right now. You know you want to. Lindsay Lohan wants you to go look, too. How can you say no to her?

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Blogger Joyce McKee said...

The film is well worth the money - and like you I plan on buying copies of the DVD and giving them out as gifts.

WOW ia all I have to say about the movie. Then I am soooo grateful that it was produced. It will change people's lives !!

Joyce McKee

8:22 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Hi Joyce. I agree that the movie can change lives. The important thing is that it change US first.

It's more important that we live The Secret and be an example for its power than others live it.

It's about us, not them.

(I know you know that. I'm just speaking to myself here.)

- joe :)

8:28 AM  
Blogger Bob Collier said...

Hi, Joe

The Genie at the Secret website tells me the movie won't be shown in Australia and New Zealand until February 2007; but you can still buy the DVD from the website if you live in Australia as I do, because I just have bought it. And I'm looking forward excitedly to watching it just as soon as it gets here.

BTW, you're looking great these days and an inspiration to us all.

Have a funfilled day!


9:10 AM  
Blogger NewAgeWebMarketing said...

You can visit to read about, see a picture of and hear a quick audio snippet from the teachers in this video. If you have broadband, checkout the full-screen trailer to make sure it will play on your computer and then view the video online. It will cost you $4.95, but you get to enjoy the Secret right away... and you also get $5 off the DVD when you buy it to enjoy again and of course share with those you love as well.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Zo.... said...

Hi Joe,

What the bleep.
The Secret.

Do you have any idea what's coming next?


12:34 PM  
Blogger BoB said...

Re: How to hit #1 on Alexa

Now really Joe, that was about as
deceptive a play on facts as I've
seen in a long time. In fact, your
commentary about your site being
in the Top Ten on Alexa Ranking
is just plain FALSE.

Your website only showed a
percentage INcrease in traffic from
the previous week. It's impossible
to get into the top ten of traffic
rankings. It IS possible to get
into the Top Ten Percent which
is the top 10,000 in traffic rankings,
but most never come close.

They only rank the top 100,000.
Your Ranking today is 44,174
and your reach is 55 visitors per
one million users. Far from a
Top Ten Ranking.

Thought you might want to
know the TRUTH.


2:31 PM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Bob, I'm not sure why you posted your comment about my Alexa blog entry here, where I talk about the movie The Secret, but it seems fitting as you also mis-read the actual post you were trying to comment on:

The Alexa rankings post (on April 6) clearly states the two sites I'm involved with are in the "movers and shakers" category on Alexa. (Go back and see for yourtself.)

If you went to the link given in the post, and read it, you'd see that's exactly what it says.

Also, the blog entry itself mentions several times that the two sites I'm involved with are on Alexa's movers and shakers list, not on their overall Top 10 list.

Again, I don't think you read the post or looked at the link.

And since you posted your comment here, where I talk about the movie The Secret, it's obvious you had something else on your mind and were pretty quick to write my post off as "deceptive."

I forgive you, though.

All the best,


2:55 PM  

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