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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Meet the Inspiring Woman Behind "The Secret"

Rhonda Bryne is the beautiful lady behind the hit movie The Secret.

That's her with me, in one of Joe Sugarman's homes in Maui, after a recent dinner.

I can't say enough good things about Rhonda. She had a devastating experience, as mentioned in the movie, and then discovered the secret that turned her life around. Now she wants to tell the world.

She used that very secret to create the movie, when all she had was an inspiration and great enthusiasm.

I and many other authors and speakers -- from Jack Canfield, Mike Dooley, John Assaraf, Bill Harris and Bob Proctor - took a chance on her idea. We're all glad we did. Each of us has become a celebrity in spiritual circles as a result of being in The Secret. (Joe Sugarman says he can't take me anywhere in Maui without someone recognizing me.)

Rhonda's not a shooting star, however.

You'll soon see a book based on The Secret, an audio program, and much more. You can expect all of it to be bestselling and life changing. Personally, I think the movie and her followup items have the potential to awaken humanity.

I told Rhonda how impressed I am with her marketing skills. The viral marketing behind the movie has made it a classic, and it hasn't even hit theatres or TV networks yet.

Rhonda smiled and told me her marketing advisor is The Universe.

"Keep that relationship," I said. "It's obviously working."

Ao Akua,


PS - The Hawaiian shirt I'm wearing in the picture is a 100% all silk, hand painted, locally made work of art. They're rare. And a tad expensive. I have several of them now. Joe Sugarman saw that new one on me and said, "It's spectacular." If you look close, you can see the energy of the shirt blending into the energy of Rhonda. How is that happening? It's a secret...

PPS - The terrific Marcy from Maui, the creator of the Powerful Intentions website, was at the private dinner in Maui with Joe Sugarman and his wife, Rhonda, Nerissa, and me. See her write-up, complete with pictures, at What a night!

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Dr. Patti "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD said...

Dearest Joe ~

Thank you for this post. It was wonderful to be on the phone with Rhonda just a few weeks ago on Neale Donald Walsch's show talking about The Secret.

I too have unconsciously been utilizing The Secret all my life as we all have and it was just several years ago when I awoke consciously to its presence for the presents, the gifts they are:)

Thank you for this reminder, coming the day after my birthday. It gifts such spiritual universal confirmation of all I write within the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book.

What more can I say, you are an amazing soul. Transcending the physical & spiritual as One. You are Spiritual Oneness and I love how you gift this to all souls to assist them on this journey in life. We share in Oneness as we both are this for each other and for all souls and this gifts to us this oneness within an infinite circle.

I send to you AbSOULute Love, Infinite Light, Peace, & Bliss to you in this moment and always, In All Ways:)

Thank you for being my friend in this life experience. I am honored to know you in this life experience dear friend:)

Thank you for sharing the beautiful gift you are as a soul with me as your friend and with the universe. It is through meeting & announcing our souls to each other that we see, know, and experience the beauty, love, & oneness within us, that is US, as we all are US (Universally Spiritual):) And it is my intent to consciously utilize The Secret to manifest that I am infinitely grateful for all that I have and all that I am, as I am a messenger gifting forth the wisdom through the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book so that all may come into and embrace this wisdom, and I am co~creating this through with the universe, with you, with Neale, within your assistance as my friends and through countless other friends I have all over this earth to help share the light of this wisdom of The Secret and of The Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book infinitely:)

Thank you for co~creating with me dearest friend. You are such a blessing:)

May your life be filled with many blessings of Absoulute Love (soulful love ~ Ab SOUL ute Love), Infinite Light, Peace, & Bliss always, In All Ways.

Infinite Love and Light,

Dr. Patti "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD
Dancing Dolphin Diamondlady
Director, The Diamondlady International Spiritual Oneness Center
Spiritual Medium, Author, Ascended Master

Dr. Diamond's books Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual
Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience & Life Long Learning ~ Transforming Learning -
Discovering Learning Through Living Life In Unlimitless Possibilities, available at

Ezine articles expert:, _DD

Reach me on Myspace at: My URL

My Blog URL

And...A Place to R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, & Soulfully Treasure)
the Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing you ARE (A Revolving Experience of), Welcome to SISO Radio (Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness Radio) at

11:31 PM  
Blogger scott aughtmon said...

Hey Joe,

This is Scott Aughtmon. I interviewed you a long while back for my ebook "How To Survive And Prosper In A Recession" (No longer for sale, but you can see about it at:

Anyway, I thought you'd like this story about P.T. Barnum in the news...

Scientists: P.T. Barnum's Mummy Is Real

11:34 PM  
Blogger Cathy Thorsen said...

It is wonderfully inspiring to watch your growth. You have touched my life deeply, and I am grateful. May every blessing you bestow return to you multiplied exponentially.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Cathy Thorsen said...

It is wonderfully inspiring to observe your growth. You have touched my life deeply, and it seems from my vantage point that your influence is broadening as you are expanding. May every blessing you bestow on others return to you multiplied exponentially. Thanks for being who you are.

1:42 PM  
Blogger xkglady said...

As much as the book and author sound so positive; was this author desparate, alone, paralyzed with fear, with no one to support her and help her overcome hardships? Seems most that can get on their feet, have a support system. What do you do if you're not financially sound, unemployed, too old & experienced to be hired, too young to retire, and no support system to lean on. Self reliant, responsible for all things, and do have the belief, that things aren't impossible, and doors close for a reason, most times for the good. Right now, I am exhausted and tired of being a survivor, and doing all things alone. How can you go on from here? Your attention and response in this matter are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

10:27 AM  

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