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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gimme-a-break! Is manifesting easy?

One person posted a strong objection to my last blog entry, on Warp-Speed Manifesting.

He pointed out that it didn't "just happen" that I manifested Francine, my Panoz car.

He also said I couldn't manifest a "private island" with a snap of my fingers.

He also said I couldn't "just buy" a Bugatti Veyron.

Well, let's look at all that.

First, I wrote a blog entry, not the definitive guide on how to manifest cars.

There was one main point to the entry, and that was when you are clear of counter-intentions, you can more quickly attract the things you want. You may have little or nothing to do, or you may have a lot to do. The point is, it will happen quicker when you are clear. It won't seem like work at all then, either.

Second, manifesting has little to do with money.

Money is one way and one thing you can trade for what you want. But it's not the only way.

You could win a car. (That's how the original owner of Francine got her.)

Or have one given to you. (It's happened to me.)

Yes, you can buy a car, too, but not easily if it's a hand-made exotic luxury sports car like Francine and there's only 300 in the entire world!

Getting Francine was in fact easy. When I wrote I "didn't try", I put the words in quotes to suggest I took some action but not with any effort.

It was indeed a snap.

As for the Bugatti, if I wanted one, and if one were available, I'd buy it.

I'd pay cash, too.

Simple as that.

Truth is, I don't want one. After all, that $1.2 million street rocket can burn an entire tank of gas in under twelve minutes!

Do you really think I want something like that?

As for manifesting a private island, I'm doing that next.

I announced it at the last Beyond Manifestation event.

I said I was going to create Manifestation Island.

Instantly I had several people want to be investors.

I now have an artist creating the map for it.

I also have a wealthy investor as a lead for funds.

It's happening.

But note: I'm not making it happen.

I'm not struggling.

I'm "doing" but without effort.

These are all more clues to the manifestation process.

Again, this is a blog post. I'm not trying to write the complete guide to creating your own reality. For that, watch the movie The Secret and read my book The Attractor Factor. And get my program Attract a New Car.

Finally, if all of this still sticks in your craw, consider why you are fighting with it.

Perhaps you still think life has to be hard?

Perhaps you want it to be?

Ao Akua,


PS - A great way to get clear is Take a look. Thank you.

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Андрей Беляков said...

I agree.

In my opinion most people think that success teachers try to make working to afford something look like manifesting.

But I think that it is really a manifestation, which looks like something ordinary like buying a thing with money, or winning a thing etc.

On the surface it looks like you make some money or call some people, or did something else and got the thing you wanted in the end.

But beneath the surface it is just your higher self directing all this events to make pure manifestation of wish look realistic within the terms of our reality.

I, for example, sometimes just state my wish and then check the e-mails every day. Then I start to get a lot of offers that seem to increase my income. Somebody can look and say that I work hard, do a lot of things and so on.

But really it is some mighty director of the events (my higher self) who literally FORCE me into all these activities, giving the right offers, the simple tasks, the inspiration.

It can hardly be called hard work, becouse it starts with just checking e-mails and doing obvious and simple steps that almost BEG me to do them.

- Andrey Belyakov,
Yaroslavl, Russia

7:14 AM  
Blogger Student Entrepreneur said...

Dear Joe,

I have been reading your literature and am equally fascinated by P.T. Barnum as you are. You are very good in sharing your passion. I have also been listening to you in many free teleseminars.

The Law of Attraction idea didn't sit with me very well and I have much trouble believing it completely because I know you first as a marketer. However, I'm more convinced now.

My question: As said in your post on manifesting, you could have used cash to buy the cars anytime. Francine was given to you so you did attract it. If my intent is to be able to talk to you person-to-person ,discussing about your books and philosophy as well as to learn from you, how do I manifest that?

I don't have the cash to pay for your mentoring program nor for your private seminars. Also, you are a busy man, how do I get to meet you in person?

Ty Teh

7:57 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Meeting me is easy. Just show up at one of my events, many of which are free.

But more importantly is to not focus on the person, but on the end result.

Don't focus on getting what you want from me, but on getting what you want.


9:19 AM  
Blogger Student Entrepreneur said...

Thanks for the answer, Joe.
I forgot to mention that I live in Singapore. How should I meet you in person in this case?
Nevertheless, I look forward to the day that our path would cross.
Thanks again.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Da Buzz said...

joe.. thanks for clearifying..

i understand this now:

"There was one main point to the entry, and that was when you are clear of counter-intentions, you can more quickly attract the things you want. You may have little or nothing to do, or you may have a lot to do. The point is, it will happen quicker when you are clear."

i do 100% agree that resisting or fighting success would just make it harder.

and practicing the attractor factor will make the process QUICKER. it doesn't guarentee to get it done. but if it is going to happen - it'll happen quicker.

(hope i got that right)

agree on that fully. and honest to God.. i got no counter-intentions. i dnt let negativity influence me for even a minute.

am 100% positive that i'll get what i want.. if not now than later. if not this way, that way.
but i WILL get it.

what i don't agree or don't understand is this:

"It won't seem like work at all then, either."

or about your private island you said: "I'm not making it happen." "I'm 'doing' but without effort."

the reason you got investors & all.. is because you worked up to this stage in life where people look up to you.

imagine announcing at any event that you're going to create Manifestation Island - back when you were homeless.

forget investors, you won't even have people listening to you! and nothing would HAPPEN then.

you've worked up hard to a stage that it makes work seem easy. or it doesn't seem like work anymore.

it's like when johny depp announced he wanted an island.. and he had tons of people contacting him with the best island & killer offers.. & things working out easily within months.

coz he's celebrity. people who like him WANT to help him. be close with him.

you are a celebrity too - & you know that.

that's why you just annouced your intention.. and people were ready to help you out with it. it may seem effortless at your stage. and that's natural because of your past success.

but it does seem work at my stage. (or when you were at my stage)

when am working 8-10 hours straight on my pc.. and when my butt aches & my eyes hurt..
it sure as hell feels like work!

maybe it won't feel like work when i'm at your stage of success. that i can understand.

and i look forward to being a success so work doesn't seem work.


if i showed you my "pictures" folder.. you'd be wide-eyed.

coz i save pictures of exotic cars, the best private islands avalaible, pictures of successful people in the world (btw joe, i got your pic in there), luxirious private jets & most expensive homes around the globe.

so it's not that i don't do the attraction method you taught or am against it.

thing is..

when am checking out this stuff.. being inspired.. visualizing it.. puttin it on my dream board..

and then i go back to the adwords campaign i was running and see that the project am working on ain't working out (after all the efforts)..

i realize it's time to get to work. coz no matter how much i like & visualize myself flying in a private jet.. if i don't get my business right - nothing of that sort would happen.

see i can't DEPEND on luck or winning or someone giving me a jet. if it happens - good.

but i can't DEPEND on it. i gotta make it happen on my own.

i can't DEPEND on surrendering myself and waiting for a miracle to happen. (i've done it and failed badly 5 times)

i can't DEPEND on the clouds parting, stars aligning & angels singing & making my wish come true.

i did follow your whole method 5 times. (yes i've seen 'the secret' twice & read your books)

but when i still didn't achive what my goal was. it broke the trust that i had in the system.

it all snapped me back to reality. time to get more 'practical'.

now i can't depend or trust the invisble part anymore. sure i still value it. and i don't work against it. but can't DEPEND on it.

so no i don't think life has to be hard.. or God forbid - i want it to be.

i just learned from experiance that i gotta depend more on DOING than the invisible stuff i can't control.

you believe in the opposite. and you're pretty successful - so there is truth to what you're saying - for you & for those that it worked.

just my experiances didn't prove them right - for me.

but am still learning & doing. dunnu what my mindset will be 5 years down the road.

even though now - i "wish" less & "do" more.. i wish myself success & more success to you :-)

thanks for your thoughts & thanks for listening..


4:15 PM  

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