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Monday, March 26, 2007

Attracting the Great Lotto Publicity Stunt

Unless you get a little uncomfortable now and then, you're probably playing it safe.

That's fine, unless you have a big dream you haven't fulfilled yet.

That's when you may have to leave your comfort zone.

Here's what I mean...

In 2006 I made a decision that changed my life. It involved hiring one of the most notorious media pranksters in the world.

I hired him to create one of the largest publicity stunts in modern history.


To do what?

I knew my book, The Attractor Factor, changed lives. I had and have hundreds of stories from readers to prove it.

But I also knew there was a whole world that never heard of it, despite it being a bestseller twice. I wanted that world to notice my book. And to reach them I was going to have to do something, well, outrageous.

So I attracted the right man to pull off the right stunt, and we attracted national media attention for my book.

This was a daring thing for me to do.

We planned to "win" the largest lotto jackpot in the history of the US.

And for a few days, we did just that.

The entire event could have backfired and led to bad publicity.

It didn't.

It was fun, educational, entertaining, and led to my book getting even more attention than ever before.

In fact, The Attractor Factor has sold out five times now, is now in paperback and hardcover editions, and continues to be a top seller at Amazon. It's that very book that got me into the movie The Secret.

Obviously, that "scary publicity stunt" worked to help attract more success.

This entire "humbug" is now a fast-paced documentary on DVD, which went on sale yesterday. It's called "Humbug: The Art of Outrageous Publicity."

It may be the scariest thing I've filmed yet.

It contains interviews with me, and Alan Abel, the zany publicist I hired (who wrote the above pictured book, How to Thrive on Rejection).

It also contains juicy background stories about famous people who used outrageous publicity in the past, from Mark Twain to Edgar Allan Poe to of course P.T. Barnum.

It also shows you the outrageous publicity event as it happened, complete with actual news footage, newspaper headlines, and media interviews.

On top of that, I explain why you need to consider using publicity for yourself and your business, whether you're online or not.

And then there are the bonus features, including one with me sitting in Francine (my Panoz exotic sports car), and telling you why taking a gamble sometimes is the wisest thing you can do.


And I also unveil the mermaid I own.

There's more, of course.

You can get details and even see a short video excerpt from it over at

If you want some educational entertainment, and if you want to be informed and inspired, then go take a look.

Success goes to those who dare to dream.

And sometimes you have to take a little "scary action," as well.

Ao Akua,


PS - The Attractor Factor book is in all book stores or of course at Amazon. Or see It'll soon be out on audio Cd's, as well.

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Mr. Spin said...

Abel is quite an interesting guy -- creative too. Why haven't you used him more often?

5:26 PM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

I do most of my own publicity - like the canine concert, elvis mermaid, britney spears epic - so don't need Alan's help all the time. But I told him I'd hire him again in a nano second if he had the time and inclination.

5:22 AM  
Blogger Mr. Spin said...

I was looking at his website, the books he's written -- he's an intersting case study.

As a graduate student in the communication studies department at IUPUI, a former journalist turned PR pro (hence, Mr. Spin) I also do a good deal of cultural writing.

Do you know of Elbert Hubbard? I've written essays about him and framed his work in the culture of the day and demonstrated parallel links of his influence today.

I also think PR can get too stuffy sometime and needs a little pizzazz, so a study of Abel's work may prove to be an interesting book. Would you agree?

Also, and I'll admit to not having googled this, but people call you Dr. Vitale. Could you tell me where you earned your Ph.D. or MD?

7:07 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Joe this isn't relative to your most recent post, but I thought you might be interested in my thoughts on how Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow have manifested their cancers. It is another rock in the wall you could use to explain how you believe we attract and manifest our illnesses.

My post about it is here: Elizabeth Edwards & Tony Snow - Manifesting Illness.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Mikel said...


My comment is a little off topic but its about attracting.

I've never written a testimonial before, and I have to say I've known of you for years till the Secret when I got a closer glimpse and got re-ignited again.

Then I went on to read the sales page for 'attract a new car' I found a reference to Neville Goddard. Wow, I never heard of him.

So I searched high and low and found some of his old teachings and spent a few weeks absorbing.

It was not a panacea but wow, it was like the final piece in a jigsaww puzzle that I've been building over the years.

Finally the way I'm attracting is making sense, and feeling right and more importantly getting me real results real fast.

I wanted to thank you for your part in my puzzle.

After years of EFFORT and TRYING, in the last week I've tweaked my approach, and attracted our "next step up" dream home and one of my dream cars - she's a Dodge Durango HEMI Ltd and I'm fetching her this Saturday :). My first of many dream cars vs. must-rides.

Thanks again for your good work,
- Mikel
Manic Reality

10:28 AM  

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