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Monday, February 06, 2006

Confidential Report: Hypnotic SEO Strategy Results

My post titled "Hypnotic SEO Strategy Finally Revealed by Jack Bauer on 24" got more people reading this blog than anything I've ever written -- including my three posts on meeting actor James Caan or my post about Lindsay Lohan's secret lust for me.

In that "Hypnotic SEO" post I explained how I seeded my blog entries with current hotly searched key words, such as Lindsay Lohan. As I explained in that post...

I went to Zeitgeist at Google There I found a list of the latest search terms, 1. mta strike2. john spencer3. jibjab4. king kong5. dr. phil6. ny17. naomi watts8. howard stern9. rachel mcadams10. west wing11. 40 year old virgin12. uma thurman13. winter solstice14. scarlett johansson15. intelligent design From there I wrote a blog entry that used those key words.

Since then, I have done my best to write blog entries that logically utilize a current hot search term, usually a famous person.

So the natural question arises:

Does this method work?

Answer: Yes!

I've been watching the stats on this blog for weeks now. Hundreds of people visit here every day. They usually spend 2 to 3 minutes reading blog entries.

Most come expecting to be here for a few seconds (so they've personally told me) but quickly find themselves sucked into a "hypnotic" post. They just keep reading. (See, Hypnotic Writing does work.

But where are these people coming here from?

  • The vast majority are jumping over here after visiting my main site at That's natural and to be expected.
  • The next large group come here by searching for "Agatha Christie writing" or "The Agatha Code." Of course, I wrote about her hypnotic writing style on this blog, too.
  • The next group come here from the oddest search entries on Google, everything from "Lindsay Lohan weight loss" to "Lindsay Lohan before and after" to "Lindsay Lohan health."
  • Others are searching for information on Chartreuse, the French herbal liquor I wrote about at one point (and spent $166 on a bottle of private stock).
  • Many are searching for information on the movie The Secret and end up at my post where I answer questions about it.
  • There are random arrivals of newbies, too. One person searched Google for "handshake hypnosis" and came to my blog entry about that.
  • A few typed in "mental toughness" and came to my entry about the best books of 2005.
  • Of course, many search for "Joe Vitale" or "Mr. Fire" and land here.

And so it goes.

It appears that using hot search terms in my blog entries gets the search engines to spider and rank this blog very fast.

It also appears that people are typing in all kinds of word-strings in their attempt to search out something on their mind.

I find this fascinating. Trying to guess what people will search for, and supply it on your site, seems like a receipe for insanity.

My advice: Write what you are passionate about. Be sincere. Be yourself.

Then, when people find you, it will be a match.

And yes, I'm passionate about Lindsay Lohan. So writing about her is natural for me, as well as a smart SEO thing to do.

If I wanted to turn this observation into a money-maker, I might create an e-book about "Lindsay Lohan's Weight-Loss Secrets."

I'd have some legalities to deal with, of course (like getting her permission), but you get the idea: You can let the searches determine what product you create, but you also should balance that with your own passion and interests.

When you find that match of your passion and searchers' quest, you can make a very nice living.
Ao Akua,


PS -- My next book, Life's Missing Instruction Manual (pictured above), will be for sale on March 7. I'll do a giant promotion that day, complete with many bonuses, so go ahead and mark your calendar: March 7th. Tell Lindsay Lohan, too. She'll love it.

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Robin Sardini said...

Did you celebrate the Chinese New Year? Was Michelle Kwan born in the year of the Red Dog? The answers to these questions aren't exactly those that would be talked about by Oprah Winfrey or sung about by Clay Aiken, but I'll tell you what: I guarantee someone somewhere is talking about these things and you deserve to be "in the know".

This is something American journalist and anchorman Bob Woodruff lives everyday. From extraordinary events to the commonplace tidbits of life, Bob Woodruff has shared it all. For him, there is no smoking gun. This is the real deal. And now he's recovering from injuries sustained as a result of being somewhere his passion dictated that he be. He is living the aftermath of his own personal code black. He was there so we could KNOW. Thanks, Bob, for all you've done. Godspeed!
So there you have it. James Frey could learn a thing or two from Bob Woodruff: Integrity and truth will prevail.
Thanks, Dr. Joe, for sharing that link to Zeitgeist! What a great tool!
P.S. How many commonly-searched- for terms (for the week of January 30th) can you find in this post?

11:33 AM  

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