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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My New Direction: The Complete Story (and how it affects you)

Here's something you know...and something you don't.

As you probably know, I originally had 1,500 sets of my master home study course, Hypnotic Selling Secrets produced.

Then I went and lost 80 pounds. I truly reshaped my body and my health. The new me just couldn't stand looking at the picture of my old fat self on all of those courses any more.

So I went and did this crazy promotion to move the last of those 1,500 "Fat Joe"courses out the door. I included everything and the kitchen sink, even some brand new bonuses that I had never released before.

And we sold all but a small handful of sets that I had set aside only for past customers of mine.

Or so I thought...

Much to my dismay, I got an email yesterday from my production company. As it turns out, they discovered 7 copies of the Hypnotic Selling Secrets course in a corner from a production overrun.

And then my customer service manager told me there were 3 perfectly unopened returns that came back last week. Seems there are always a few tire kickers that buy courses, and return them without ever even opening them to see how good they are. (!)!

So that's 10 copies.

Add to that the 3 sets we had on hold for people that were supposed to submit their payment by 5/29 but couldn't come up with the funds.

That's 13 copies.

And then we have 4 customer only sets left.

So all told, there are now only 17 special collectors edition Hypnotic Selling Secrets courses available anywhere in the whole world.

And I want every single one of these last 17 sets that resurfaced to fly out the door today (May 31st) to 17 lucky people. I want them out of my sight forever.

Now here's what you may not know:

If you haven't noticed, my teaching has evolved towards sharing what I have learned about universal laws and manifestation. The movie The Secret and my Manifestation Weekend and my book The Attractor Factor prove that I'm going in a new direction.

I may or may not ever put out a Hypnotic Selling Secrets home study course like the one I did a couple years ago. If I ever do, it certainly won't be the same information.

Heck, as of right now, every Hypnotic Marketing product that I have is off the market indefinitely. The only way to get your hands on any of my Hypnotic Writing and Hypnotic Marketing products is to secure one of the last 17 copies of Hypnotic Selling Secrets.

This will probably sell out very quickly, so go here now before someone else gets your copy:

I'm excited about my new direction in life. I'll never stop marketing or teaching Hypnotic Writing and Hypnotic Marketing, of course, but I'll probably never do another event like the one that created Hypnotic Selling Secrets

Ao Akua,


PS. Have you heard the rumor that I'm retiring? With all of the buzz about me closing off ordering of all my other Hypnotic Marketing products and with selling off the last copies of my giant course, some people are saying that I'm retiring. No way. But my teaching has evolved. If I do produce more Hypnotic Marketing products sometime, they will be higher priced and will not include the same information you can get today. This is your last chance, don't forever miss out on being one of the Elite 1,500 that has all of my business and marketing secrets. If you haven't claimed your copy yet, get it now ...before someone beats you to it.

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


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