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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Everything You See Is Yours (including the following spiritual punchline)

In Maui, a realtor drove us around to look at houses. Along the way, we did a lot of talking about healing, spirituality, the movie The Secret, and personal growth. It was all interesting, but something enlightening took place on one segment of our drive.

The realtor had read my now famous article on Dr. Len and the ho' oponopono Hawaiian healing process he used to heal an entire ward of mentally ill criminals. (The article is the most recent one posted at

Like everyone else, the realtor found the article inspiring.

Like everyone else, he didn't quite understand it.

As we drove around the beautiful island of Maui, I listened to the realtor complain about a house he couldn't sell. The buyer and seller were fighting over it, causing a lot of anger, resentment, and more. Plus the sale was caught up in their bickering, and wasn't going to close any time soon. The realtor was obviously frustrated by their actions.

I listened for a while and then felt inspired to speak up.

"Would you like to know how Dr. Len might handle this situation using ho'oponopono?" I asked.

"Yes!" the realtor exclaimed, obviously curious. "I'm definitely interested. Tell me."

"This ought to be good," Nerissa said.

"Well, I'm not Dr. Len," I began, "but I am writing a book with him and I've trained with him. So I think I know how he might handle this."

"Tell me!"

"What Dr. Len does is look within himself to see what is within him that is sharing the experience he sees on the outside," I began. "When he worked at that mental hospital, he looked at the patient's charts. Whether he felt repulsion at their acts or something else, he didn't deal with the person, he dealt with the feelings he experienced. As he cleared what was within him, they began to get clear and heal."

"I like this," the realtor said.

"Most people have no idea what responsibility means," I continued. "They are into blame. As they grow and become more aware, they begin to consider that they are responsible for what they say and do. Beyond that, as you become even more aware, you can begin to realize that you are responsible for what everyone says or does, simply because they are in your experience. If you create your own reality, then you created all you see, even the parts you don't like."

The realtor was smiling, nodding his head.

I kept talking.

"It doesn't matter what the buyer or seller does in this situation," I said. "It matters what you do. What Dr. Len does is simply repeat 'I love you,' 'I'm sorry,' 'Please forgive me,' and 'Thank you.' He doesn't say it to the people, he says it to the Divine. The idea is to clear the shared energy."

"I'll do this," the realtor said.

"But you don't do it to get something," I went on. "You do it because it's how we clear the shared energy so no one has to experience it again, ever. It's a cleansing, and you never stop doing it."

I paused.

The realtor seemed to get it. His eyes were wide and his smile was big.

"If it comes up in your awareness," I continued, "then it's up for you to clean and heal. Since you brought this situation of the buyer and seller to my attention, then I have to clean on it, too. It's now part of my life experience. If I'm the creator of my experience, then this is something I'm responsible for, too."

I let all of this sink in as we continued our drive to look at other homes in Maui.

A few days later I received an email from the realtor. He said he was continuing to use the Dr. Len process.

That's how it works.

It's all love.

It's continuous.

And you're totally responsible.

Finally, consider this spiritual punchline:

Since the story of the buyer-seller disagreement is now part of your experience, that means it is up for you to heal, as well.

After all, if you create your own reality, then you had to create this situation, too, as it is now part of your reality.

I suggest you use the "I love you" statements to heal this. To help you, the picture above is to the house being held up in the sales process. It's beautiful. We've seen it and been in it. You'll note the door is open for you to enter into it.

Why not walk through, spread love, and make yourself at home?

I love you.

Thank you.

Ao Akua,


PS - If you want to absorb this way of thinking at a deeper level, see

PPS - If you want an easy way to hear the Dr. Len ho'oponopono mantras, see

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger said...

You are writing a book with Dr Len!?!? Oh! I want that! Hope it comes out Soon!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

It's called "Zero Limits." Look for it next summer. i'm writing it right now.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Dionysius said...

Hi Joe,
Thanks for this article, I'm interested in anything related to Dr.Len, yourself and Ho'oponopono.

Also, I downloaded the audio music file, and really love it.. thanks for this! I've been playing it many times a day and it's great..

Dean P.

8:16 PM  

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