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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Signs, or, The Man Who Rode a Unicorn

When I was a kid in the late 1960s, I used to see the famous yin-yang symbol everywhere.

It haunted me.

What did it mean?

Why was I seeing it all the time?

I'd be out with my dad, working on the railroad tracks, look up, and a railroad car on another track would chug by with the yin-yang symbol painted on the side of it.

What the - ?

I'd reach for milk (for my growing bones) and see the company symbol on the side of the carton looking a lot like the yin-yang symbol.


I'd pick up a paperback book and see the publisher's logo printed on the spine looking almost exactly like the yin-yang symbol.

What's going on here???

It happened too many times for me to dismiss.

What did it mean?

During those confused teenage years, I used to reach out to Al G. Manning, prolific author and playful mystic, who ran the E.S.P. Lab out of Dallas, Texas.

I think he used to charge two dollars to answer a question.

I think he used to channel some "one" called Professor Rhinehardt. (You know, to be sure his answers were accurate.)

Anyway, I lived in Ohio at the time, and would write him about perplexing questions, like why the heck was I seeing a yin-yang symbol everywhere?

Al wrote back, saying the symbol was a sign that my spirit guides were with me.

Spirit guides?

Right or wrong, it sure made me feel better.

There's nothing like going through life thinking you have invisible support around you.

From then on I began to look for the symbol.

Now that I'm a proud owner of a 2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM race car for the super rich, I'm learning all I can about the company. I just discovered something fascinating about their car and company symbol.

Turns out Danny Panoz, the owner of the company, designed the crest himself.

He wanted the red, white and blue colors in it to show his company is all American.

And the swirls in the symbol itself?

Yep. They're based on the yin-yang symbol that haunted me as a kid.

I guess this means my spirit guides are still with me (and they're waiting for a ride).

But the signs don't stop there.

Lift the hood of the Panoz and you'll see a plate containing the names of everyone who built the car. Above those names is the phrase, "Dare to share."

That's darn close to my own motto, "Dare something worthy."

Couple these signs with the other fact that "esperante" -- as in Panoz Esperante GTML -- means "spirit and hope," and you have a few signs telling me this is THE car for Joe Vitale to drive.

Good thing, too, as I'm picking up the car today.

I can't help but wonder what signs you've been getting lately...

Ao Akua,


PS - How can you, too, attract a new car? Well, is a good place to start. The movie, The Secret, is another. And is yet a third. Dream big.

PPS - I just did a Google search and learned that Al G. Manning, the author who helped me when I was a teenager in the 1960s, passed away a few months ago. He was 78. I never got to meet him. I'm sad to hear he left us. He wrote over 20 books and helped a lot of people in his lifetime, including me. I wrote him a few years ago by email. He sent me a nice note, saying he remembered me. He also said he was old and my website was hard to read. He was still giving advice, even when I didn't ask for it. You can see a picture of him riding a unicorn (yes, a unicorn) at He's on the other side now, and maybe today someone is channeling him. Whatever the case, I think of him with love. Thank you, Al. Continue riding those unicorns. It's a good sign.

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Blogger dr.alistair said...

joe, i just watched the secret last night and this morning the proof came in the first thing that happened to me.
i found the perfect place to live and run my business as i had seen and decided in my mind as i watched you talk on the screen.
yeah, i`m grateful.

8:56 PM  
Blogger divyasaurabh said...

Hello Joe,

Congratulations for your new car and for your unique style of putting mystery even into most obvious things. I remember once you created a mystery with your unique mermaid.
Me and my Fiancé Saurabh both are big admirer of you. We have a Blog on Bloggers and having our many websites under making.
We have learnt much from you and the way you work..
Thanks for all great stuff and helping many to achieve their success.
Though we would love to gift you Amazon gift certificate but oopps whenever we are Amazon we cant resist buying for our self. You have given us a costly addiction Joe.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Dave Rachford - CPA Marketer said...

Joe - Thanks for calling my attention to this phenomenon. 8 months ago, I started publishing a newsletter for Accountatnts and CPAs to send to thier clients - called: Dollars & $ense.

Just this morning - I was re-reading There's a customer born every minute, and you refer to PT Barnum's book with the same title.

I named the newsletter well before I had ever read your book, or any other information about PT Barnum.

Spirit Guides are watching? Hmmm - maybe they are pulling me towards a powerful intention...

9:47 AM  

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