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Friday, March 09, 2007

After Larry King and The Stinking Rose

Whew. Flying from Austin to LA and back again for five minutes of national TV air time is exhausting and exhilarating.

I loved the show and loved how Larry asked honest even skeptical questions. I really enjoyed being with him. I could get used to this. Judging from the emails I'm getting of praise for how I appeared on the show, I think people liked it.

I still can't believe my limo driver took me out to eat at the Stinking Rose. He's the same driver I tipped last week and wrote about. I didn't request him but there he was, taking me to CNN to meet Larry King once again.

The Stinking Rose is a garlic themed restaurant. They have garlic martinis. And chicken cooked with forty gloves of garlic. Even garlic condoms.

What a great evening. Even a young lady saw me and said she loves my book The Attractor Factor. Ah, fame.

Right now I'm having a drink on a deck overlooking Hollywood. Its a cool wonderful evening.

Ao Akua


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(I could be anywhere) :)

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Frank said...

We watched the show and it looked great! It was wonderful to hear the responses to critics, because I know I've used The Secret in my own life and am living proof that it works.

I look at my car, my books, my loyal readers who are so grateful, and now my move to beautiful Newport Beach in a mere 3 days - something I've wanted since I first visited there in 2003 - and have to laugh at how easy using The Secret really is, when you believe in it!!

Gonna have to check out 'The Stinkin Rose' while in LA, another city I love and will be very happy to be only an hour from it ... I envision many more evenings at The Magic Castle :-)

Frank Rumbauskas

12:34 AM  
Blogger whereimcallingfrom said...

Isn't it "The Stinking Rose" and "garlic"? You may want to consider thinking a little less positively about your spelling. After all, you are an author of "too many books to list here."

Maybe if you think positively enough I'll click on the little "buy me something on Amazon" link and send you Strunk and White.


1:04 AM  
Blogger Attraction Hacker said...

Great job on Larry King! Lots of wisdom from all parties involved. And while we may not be CNN, I'm pretty proud of our little interview we did with you:


3:24 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

Hi Joe,

I have just finished watching you on Larry King, we get the show a few hours later down under.

You were fantastic! It was very pleasing to see you answering the questions honestly and in line with the laws of the universe.

You're a great teacher - keep it up!


5:17 AM  
Blogger Jim Hollis said...

Hi Joe,

The people emailing you are correct; the show was fantastic and Larry did a great job allowing the guests to respond to criticism in a positive manner.

I see so many articles that seem to be calling all the people who purchase The Secret as suckers. Larry seems to respect the fact that you are discussing The Secret "because" it is so successful. You're discussing a book called "The Secret," not "Why The Secret Is a Load of Crap."

Okay Joe, here's the part of this message where I talk about how great you were...

You were great!

With millions watching, you stuck by what you believe. This is what people want. While the show asked tough questions, some of answers are not always easy to understand in a 5 minute segment. It's very difficult giving an answer that both makes sense and doesn't offend other people when you're on national television. Despite this difficulty, it's very important to stick by what you know to be true.

The very best response to a difficult question was James Ray's answer as to why his his seminars cost $995. He began is answer with the fact that they were actually $997! The rest of his answer was wonderful and it was taken right out of his book "The Science of Success."

My point is that people are ready for truth. Let the truth be told and people will listen.

Okay, I've rambled a bit. One last think I want to share is an article from Bob Doyle titled "How to Make Self-Improvement WORK Every Time!" It's a great insight for those asking the difficult question of why doesn't this Secret stuff work.

(To find the article, just copy and paste the title into Google.)


Jim Hollis

5:50 AM  
Blogger kwhmarketing said...

I loved the Larry King show last night. You did a great job, as did all the "cast" from The Secret. All of you defended The Attractor Factor in a first-class manner, despite some unfair, short-sighted comments from the critics.
Larry can be a real stitch sometimes! My favorite part though, was when Bob Proctor was on. You could tell he visibly made Larry feel old! The guy's amazing and a model for any of us to be like when we're 73.
Just a few general comments...
I think some of the questions/comments from callers and even Larry indicated a lack of understanding of The Secret, in some ways. They were looking for the Secret to explain absolutely everything that happens in the world. You may disagree, but I believe that there is a "random factor" or luck part of the equation that sometimes results in events happening in people's lives that they really didn't attract. It may only be 10 or 20% of what happens, and the other 80-90% being due to the attractor factor. It's just hard for me to comprehend that people sitting in the 80th floor of the WTC attracted that event to happen to themselves.
I didn't think the psychotherapist was credible in some ways, since her profession thrives on people having problems. If everyone applied the Secret to their lives, she and her colleagues would be out of a job!
Keep up the great work! All of us look forward to the Sequel!
Kurt Hagemeister
Ann Arbor, MI

8:11 AM  
Blogger Millionaire Kendra said...

I LOVED YOU JOE! YOU were OPEN HONEST AND REAL! I cant believe that the word luck was even used. There is no such thing and The Secret is CLEAR ON IT! You seems to be the most POWERFUL ONE! You did not sway to the RIGHT OR LEFT!


9:58 AM  
Blogger Millionaire Kendra said...

I LOVED YOU JOE! YOU were OPEN HONEST AND REAL! I cant believe that the word luck was even used. There is no such thing and The Secret is CLEAR ON IT! You seems to be the most POWERFUL ONE! You did not sway to the RIGHT OR LEFT!


9:59 AM  
Blogger ----- Alison Mewer Cowan ----- said...

My husband and I taped Larry King from last night, and watched it this morning. You ROCKED! We love what you had to say! Thanks for all that you contribute.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Shannon Baldwin said...

Joe...check out this cool video from The Science of Getting Rich - the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to create The Secret movie.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Thank you for all the great feedback. It means the world to me. And thanks for putting up with my mis-spellings. It's tough to type on a Blackberry but I'm too excited not to do it. With love.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Patricia Koehler said...

Hi, Joe,

Great Job on the show last night... wish that you specifically had a little more time.

I watched LK last night and admittedly specifically wanted to watch it for the critics because my belief is that the critics (under the auspice of being MORE socially responsible for humanity) are the people who want something like a single DVD or book like "the Secret" to be the solid end all answer to everything without considering that "one" person's attraction ability or energy and the "Human collective's" attraction ability or energy would be acting independently of each other all the time. And that people can get something for nothing by thinking positively.

I was a little disappointed with the answers from some about "children attracting cancer or abuse" as the question or reason that this doesn't work. Some said, no OF COURSE A CHILD DOES NOT ATTRACT CANCER, but that isn't really the message of "the Secret" and in the time allowed on mainstream TV, instead of really addressing the individual vibrational energy and seeing that there is a larger collective human energy that those of us who live on this planet recognize.... well, some may have taken a "politically correct short answer" for "no children don't attract their own abuse or disease."
You, Joe, actually started to discuss Yes, you do attract everything, as you also did in the movie version. Important not to gloss over or ignore the constant ebb and flow of Law of Attraction and that a person might as well as people might.

I may not be articulating exactly what I mean but after watching LK on Thurs, I watched Real Time Bill Maher on Friday where people that I respect and laugh with were trashing "the Secret" without having actually read or seeing the movie. Bill Maher was actually dismissive said it was just about visualizing.

Everyone (except those that want a magic bullit) knows that action and feelings and reframing, relearning, breaking old assumptions, growth and breathing are also Laws we live with and therefore are also part of the real Secret and seperate secrets and may not have been given enough time in one movie. DUH!!

Even Deepak Chopra on Real Time said that just "being positive" all the time is simply hard work. And if that is all that some people took away from having watched or knowing only a little about the Secret, then that is all they will get but they don't get to criticize. Those same people probably missed the message in City Slickers about "it" is one thing and that one thing is different for everyone. Why bother to criticize the Secret for trying to make people feel good and in control and exercising his or her own power?

Probably singing to the choir as well as being part of the choir with this post, but people seem to want to attach way too much to one DVD about social responsibility, all encompassing, spirituality "one answer fits all" when in fact, (for example,) there have been 6,? 8,? 60? movies made about stories in the Bible with different interpretations or 6, 8, 60 movies about the Law of Gravity and how humans can manipulate that by staying firmly on the ground, yet able to jump or building a flying machine above the ground or even the gravitational pull of the stars way out where we don't technically "feel" each of these ebbs and flows daily or up close. I also loved Carl Sagan's book and movie "Contact" with his VERY graphic depiction of the Secret without the marketing genius of calling it the Secret, years ago.

I appreciate that Rhonda made an interview style movie to help people feel good and share knowledge. I appreciate all the teachers (you, Joe) and the marketing genius for these uncommon sense and momentum NOW efforts and seminars. The world does need this now. Mulitplied and Squared. This movie and LK appearances are catalysts, not silver bullits and that is the point to dwell on.
We use the Law of Attraction as part of the collective whole of the human condition AND as individuals -- I who has absolute "parking karma" everytime I need a space, the Law of Attraction works everytime all the time, but obviously not in a vacuum with no other activity nor is it the only Law.

I am happy and grateful to share positive, thoughful and thought provoking, actionable "information" and "the Secret"(s) of the Universe with my 4 year old rather than some of the other junk and "news information" she could be exposed to and she's not attracting cancer or abuse by my doing this. I've had an appendectomy too and my daughter may get one someday, so what?. I'm really glad that we can attract that particular appendectomy in a time and place where it is not tragic or life ending most of the times. Why is it that the critics think practicers of the Law of Attraction makes us somehow perfect or above other human conditions?
The Law of Attraction doesn't give permission to be perfect or to take one self out of the whole human self. Who knows, perhaps our surgeons were attracting more easy routine surgeries in our vicinity that day.
The Secret is everywhere, just not marketed as well as this movie. We listen to "I have a Millionaire Mind" songs (t.harv eker's music production) and watch old Star Wars (may the force be with us all) and believe Oprah when she says [paraphrase]"yeah, this is the stuff that she's been talking about all along and glad that people are finally noticing and getting it."

The guy on Real Time that really was offended by the Secret, said [paraphrase] "why don't we just call it what it is, giving a spiritual attachment to greed." I guess I am spending too much time on trying to understand the reasons for the criticisms when the critics haven't really seen it and they are trying so hard to "skim" and say they have the gist, when in fact they're not really talking in whole about the whole truth.

I'm hoping you don't actually make a "sequel" as you said last night. The education that people need and crave (even if they don't know it) is the get out of their own way and practice good feelings in order to mulitply those. In organizational development, there is a relatively new field (thought developed in early 80's at Case Western University) called Appreciative Inquiry. Not really new because it is yet another retelling of Law of Attraction but for Business.

Way too long of a post to be interesting late tonight, sorry for the 3 am thoughts but thanks for the space. If you do do a "sequel," I am sure I will enjoy and use it too.
See you soon.

Thank you Thank you.
Patricia Koehler,

2:05 AM  
Blogger Tim Welch said...


My Mom was so excited that you were on Larry king, she dropped everything that she was doing to call me and tell me. Alas I was driving and I was nowhere near a T.V. I did see the interview on your video blog.

I will be waiting with baited breath for the secret#2.

I like how you quite emphatically stated that the Law of Attraction is as real as the law of gravity. So true. People don't argue about the law of gravity but they want to go 20 rounds with you on the law of attraction. There is no disputing it.

Thanks for sharing this with the world. I have been practicing Ho'oponopono ever since I watched the subliminal manifestation dvd's and it has made an amazing difference in my life.

I did increase my sales too. The first day i watched the dvd I got 2 new customers, people who I had lost their contact information too. They both contacted me out of the blue. I am convinced that because I healed myself first, they came to me, I attracted them. More Proof!

9:39 AM  

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