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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Question: Prosperity or Problem?

When it comes to money, most people are full of limiting beliefs they don't have a clue they have.

But not everyone is like that, of course.

This morning I spoke to an old world craftsman who makes high-end, unique, rare, collectible wooden cigar humidors.

The people he caters to don't care at all about price. They simply want what they want.

From a marketing standpoint, I admire the woods craftsman for serving a niche. That's always a smart move.

From a consumer's standpoint, I love to hear of people who have transcended their money worries.

Not enough people let go of their concerns about money. What they don't realize is that it's their concern that is causing their concern.

You don't have the problem first and then get concerned.

You get the problem because you were concerned to begin with.

When you worry about money, your focus is in the wrong place.

Your worry attracts something to worry about.

I'm not saying disregard your bank balance. I'm saying focus more on what you want -- on your passions and your love -- and keep an eye on money but not a concern about money.

I'm also saying that the more you get clear inside of your money issues, the less you have money issues.

If you want some help in this area, consider the audios Mindy Audlin and I just put online at

They're called "The Secret of Money."

Ao Akua,


PS - The picture above is of a large cigar humidor made out of hypnotic cocobolo wood by artisan Arlin Liss. Arlin knows the secret of money. And so do his clients.

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger L.O. Niskasaari said...

I love the line you wrote:

"When you worry about money, your focus is in the wrong place"


But it ain´t always easy to keep your focus on the things you want.

For example if you are deeply in dept, hate your job, lost your home, have low self-esteem etc.
It has became a habit to focus on what you don´t want.

Unfortunately your "don´t wants" keep showing up all the time.

now, If we suddenly turn our focus on things we would like to have and we declare and intent we will have what we want it may not be so first!

It´s like going to the gym for the first time: most of the people go to the gym and after a week or two they say:

"this isn´t working out, I don´t see any results. I want to quit this"

No matter If it´s about working out in gym or wanting more prosperity this is the fact:

You may not see the results in a week or two and it really doesn´t matter!

"If you have a clear picture of what you REALLY want and you keep your focus on what you want and take action to have it you will ultimately get what you want -Guaranteed!

There may be some resistance and sometimes there´s a LOT of resistance and nothing seems to work out. So what! not a big deal!

Keep your focus anyway!

People try to bring you down from saying it´s impossible to have what you want---So what!

Keep your focus anyway!

All kinds of strange "accidents" come your way---So what!

Keep your focus anyway!

Never, ever, give up!

Ask Lance Armstrong; How many people believed he would win tour de france (after all It´s a three weeks long race!) after surviving cancer?

And after he actually won people said it´s only a luck...

Just to prove it´s not a luck he went to win tour de france six more times in a row!

Ask him and he´ll say "it´s not about the bike"

The point is:

No matter what you would like to have you can have it!

Just decide what you want, intent to have it, Do as your inner voice tells you and never ever give up!

It may take a day, a week, a month, a year or even ten years to have what you want but if you keep your focus you will finally have what you want!

Thanks for your post Joe!

-L.O. Niskasaari

12:54 AM  
Blogger Dimitri said...


Just wanted to say hello after rediscovering your redesigned website, blog and podcasts in the last few days. It's been about 18 months since visitng (I've been happily busy reinventing myself from corporate attorney to executive coach to executive/legal recruiter...)

Reconnecting with your material has been a revelation; and it feels like 'coming home' since what you write and teach is so congruent with my own personal philosophy of success.

And thanks to you, I am now also utterly fascinated with ho'oponopono. Your 10/9/06 podcast - Secrets of Ho'oponopono revealed - blew the lid off my mind. I now eagerly await the release of your new book on the subject, Zero Limits.

Joe, I was very happy to learn that you overcame your recent health challenge and wish you nothing but continued good health, fame and fortune going forward.

Thank you for all you do.

All the best,

Dimitri Mastrocola

P.S. I was inspired to rediscover your online world after joining LinkedIn 2 days ago, connecting there with Terri Levine and noticing that you were connected to Terri.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Bryan said...

that's a good one Joe! I have been so consumed with trying to make ends meet each month that it happens over and over. Well the spell is broken and I'm over that! So much is coming to me now that I am clear abundance is here.

10:18 AM  
Blogger David S. said...

Transcended is the perfect word...

I used to let myself fall victim to "poverty thinking" but learned to focus on what I want - visualizing abundance raining down upon me, and rocketing to higher levels of abundance - while transcending the "current state" scaricity.

Soon, many things began to happen, ideas became better, opportunities became abundant and at higher levels. My energy improved, and I believe my ability to handle the "currency" of the universe improved.

I began to perform Psycho-Cybernetic exercises visualize the feelings of victory and joy pouring into the pictures of future success I see.

Here's an example:

I used to buy cheap sunglasses- and had maxed out with an $80 pair of Ray-Bans...I cringed when I'd buy sunglasses because I might lose them, and feel like a fool for spending more than $5 on a pair of shades.

Last year, I dropped $140 on some nice Maui Jims. I still have them.

On Tuesday, I celebrated a big victory and went into a sunglass boutique on the spur of the moment.

I asked the sales assistant to "make me look famous" and she went straight to the Gucci case. My heart fluttered like a butterfly - because I thought the price might sting like a bee...

After trying on several pair from various makers, I came back to the Gucci's. They make fee feel famous and they were ONLY $300!

The feeling I get when I open the beautiful leather case is fantastic.

They'll go great with the Ducati!

I'll post some pics on my blog :

David Rachford

P.S. I'm going to send you something Monday - keep an eye out for it!

11:29 AM  

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