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Thursday, August 24, 2006

What I'm Doing These Daze

A friend just asked me what I've been up to lately. As I jotted down some of my activities, I thought you might want to know of them, too. Here are some bulleted points, in no particular order:

* New book "Meet and Grow Rich," the definitive guide to masterminds, with Bill Hibbler, is an Amazon bestseller this week

* Next book "The Successful Coach" with Terri Levine and Larina Kase comes out in September (it's in stores now)

* "Zero Limits" book with Dr. Len on ho'oponopono is being written now. See excerpt at

* Paperback version of "The Attractor Factor" hits in December. It's being translated into numerous languages, such as Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian.

* "Life's Missing Instruction Manual" picked up by Wal-Mart and featured in Bottom Line Secrets newsletter.

* Audio versions of "Life's Missing Instruction Manual" and"The Attractor Factor" will be out early 2007.

* "Hypnotic Writing" comes out in Dec as a hardcover published book.

* Just completed "Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing" for 2007 release. Early reviewers are calling it "genius" and "a masterpiece."

* Next "Beyond Manifestation" workshop will be Nov 11-12 in Austin. Audios from past one at

* "The Secret of Money" one day event with Mindy Audlin at Unity in Wimberley October 21.

* I'll be speaking at Pat O'Bryan's next "Portable Empire" event end of Sept.

* Started my own business-and-fitness contest with Scott York at

* Working on nutritional formulas with Dr. Marc Gitterle and Jeff Sargent such as cholesterol lowering one and a bodybuilding, muscle building, fitness one described at

* Just became a life-time member of the Society of American Magicians, the group Houdini started in the early 1900s

* About to come out with DVD series showing "Inside the Mind of a Marketer" with Nerissa filming me meeting people, working, doing odd or human or whatever "life" things; Joe's realty TV show.

* Will be speaking in Poland in December; New Zealand, and Australia in early 2007.

* Will soon be releasing a DVD called "Art of the Humbug: The Story of the Great Powerball Lotto Hoax"

* Just completed "The Canine Concert" DVD and it will soon be at

* My appearance in the movie "The Secret" continues to make me a minor celebrity

* Completing my fifth fitness contest next week, then getting on a plane for some long awaited R & R.

There's more but that's all I can recall for now. Best way to keep up with me is to sign up for updates at

And what are you doing these days?

Ao Akua,


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If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


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