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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Grip Success

A few months ago I bought a Captain of Crush hand gripper.

This exercise tool helps build strong hands, wrists and forearms. I've used them before, but they were always of minimal strength resistance.

The kind you can buy at the local store is nothing compared to the kind muscle builders and old school strength trainers use. Some of the "captain of crush" hand grippers can only be closed by two or three men on the entire planet.

I decided to take on the personal challenge of increasing my own hand strength by getting a truly hard to close gripper.

The first one I bought was a challenge for me to close even once. But I left it out on the kitchen counter and every day I would pick it up and squeeze it. After a few weeks it was a snap to close ten or twelve times.

I then bought a more resistant gripper. When it arrived, I had the same challenge. I couldn't squeeze it shut at first. But I left this one on the kitchen counter, too, and every time I walked by it, I picked it up and squeezed. After a few weeks, I could close it multiple times.

I then bought an even more powerful hand gripper. When it arrived, I couldn't even budge it. I couldn't squeeze it at all. But I left it on the kitchen counter and every day picked it up and tried again. Today I can budge it a little, and soon I'll be able to close it.

The point of this story is that you can succeed at anything challenging if you work at it just a little every day.

Ao Akua,


PS - The best place to get hand grippers and learn more about hand, wrist and forearm strength training is at The site is run by the incredibly prolific (and I bet strong) John Wood. Tell him I sent you.

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Tom Justin said...

Joe, this is a great analogy for us all. Many in your audience are made up of marketers or those who want to be, especially online. It can be so daunting sometimes that even those who are otherwise strong, weaken and wilt away.

As someone once told me, "Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people will not do;" even if it's just strengthening your grip a little every day.

Write on!

Tom Justin

1:33 PM  
Blogger Zach Even - Esh said...

I love the COC grippers :)

I did the same thing..I have a pair in my office and I tear into it several times a day

Plus, steel cord forearms look great in short sleeves Joe! ha ha



PS - Happy Birthday!!

11:57 PM  

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