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Monday, February 05, 2007

Did I Attract Emergency Surgery?

A reader sent me this email --

"Well I’m sorry to hear about your appendicitis, but I’m really perplexed – how can the genius who wrote The Attractor Factor attract such a drastic experience??? According to your teaching, you DID attract it, but why?? I suppose you must have slipped up somewhere …. I hope you explain it to us, when you discover your mistake, so we can avoid similar consequences."

I'm surprised more people didn't ask this question.

After all, I'm the author of The Attractor Factor and I'm in the movie The Secret.

If I'm so smart, how come I have a scar now?

Here's how I see it:

Yes, I attracted this.

We attract all of life.

No exceptions.

The thing is, we attract it un-consciously.

We have no idea what we're doing, consciously. We're pretty much bumbling through life.

Myself included.

When doing research for my next book, Zero Limits, I discovered that our conscious mind isn't aware of much more than 15 bits of information in any one moment. The un-conscious, however, is aware of billions of bits of information. Our larger operating system is obviously the unconscious.

The point of life is to awaken. To become fully conscious. We want to clean the unconscious of all limiting or negative programming so we can be in the divine flow that brings us magic and miracles.

But how do you do that?

In mid-January I co-led an intense and life-altering weekend called Zero Limits. It's based on the forthcoming book, Zero Limits. Dr. Hew Len did most of the talking and led the adventure into our soul. The entire focus was on cleansing ourselves of what blocks us from our connection to source.

What I discovered is that there is an unimaginably huge amount of cleansing for all of us to do, myself included.

But I did the cleansing, and am still doing it.

After that historic weekend, my main computer stopped working.

So did my laptop.

And all my main sites, stemming from, went off line.

Nothing was connected and yet all broke down the same weekend.

At that very same time I began to feel stomach problems.

By last Monday night, I was on the way to the emergency room to have my throbbing appendix removed.

What happened?

I'd say my body and life were being cleaned of everything weak or not working.

I'd also say it was an enforced vacation.

As Nerissa pointed out, I have been going and blowing at warp speed, taking on numerous projects, travelling, and barely (ok, never) stopping to relax and refresh.

My unconscious decided to stop me. By stopping my computers, and then me, it made me go on vacation.

But that's not the really important part of this story.

Now please get this:

I didn't see the experience -- any of it -- as negative.

I was never angry, upset, fearful or any other negative emotion.

I was at best curious.

I saw the unfolding of these events like an interactive movie with me the star player.

Believe me, I wouldn't wish an emergency appendectomy on anyone, but this was not the "drastic" experience you might imagine it to be.

Throughout it all, I kept saying "I love you" and the other cleaning phrases.

I simply continued my cleaning.

And it all worked out fine.

I also want to confess that I remember thinking, just weeks earlier, that it seemed odd that I'm now 53 and I've never been in the hospital or had surgery.

I had also written a blog post here that had the headline, "I No Longer Exist." (I've since changed it to "I Am Alive and Well.")

Well, my unconscious decided to deliver the experience to me.

By focusing on it, I began to attract it.

I basically asked for it.

So, did I attract my emergency surgery?

As Rocky would say, "Absolutely."

The Bottom-line: You need to maintain constant vigilance over your mind. But since you can't yet be aware of what the larger operating system of your mind is doing, you must continue cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

How can you do that?

1. Get support. Miracles Coaching can be the ticket. You can change anything if you have help.

2. Reprogram your unconscious. The Subliminal Manifestation DVD can help.

3. Keep using Zero Limits methods to clean. For now, the best way to do that is to keep mentally chanting....

"I love you."

Ao Akua,


PS - Right after surgery, when three nurses were transferring me back to my hospital room and reviewing my chart, one of them said, "Joe Vitale? That sounds like a movie star's name." I was groggy but alert enough to say, "I am in a movie! I'm in The Secret! And Oprah is doing a special show on it this Thursday!" Just then Nerissa showed up and with her eyes told me to quit flirting with the nurses.

PPS -- Manifestation is a dance of energies. Nerissa created this emergency experience, as she will openly admit, because she wanted to feel needed and because she strongly felt I needed to stop working for a while. You may have created this experience to have a new insight into the law of attraction and how to co-create your own life. We're all one, folks.

PPPS - Watch Oprah this Thursday.

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Blogger Cathy Thorsen said...


Regardless of the reason you and Nerissa attracted this experience, I am grateful that 1) You are alive and well; 2) You are blissfully human - it gives the rest of us hope when someone who has progressed as much as you have expresses his humanity (we don't have to worry about 'arriving', just continuing on the journey). Some of us tend to think that since we have so much to learn, we don't have much to offer to others. But, as you said, we are all one. And we are all learning. And we can all help one another along regardless of where we are in our journey. I love you. Thank you.

Cathy Thorsen

9:41 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Thank you, Cathy.

And remember, since this event is in your experience, too, then you also helped create it.


PS - I like your handle: Possibilist

9:43 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

This post is great, and another sign to me that we really do attract everything.

Yesterday in my meditation I kept hearing 'I attracted Joe attracting Francine'. Over and over again.

When I was done I thought how wonderful. To attract such variety in my life.

Glad to hear you are doing well and enjoy the forced vacation.


9:47 AM  
Blogger Barbara Casey said...

A counselor friend gave herself acute appendicitis a few years ago by not clearing the "client energies" between sessions.

She recognized this (after landing in the hospital) and created a daily ritual where she mentally "emptied" all the emotional "stuff" into the canal behind her house at the end of every day. No carryover to live in her body and accumulate.

Great lesson on clearing energy, Joe! Scary way to teach, maybe.

Barb Casey

9:55 AM  
Blogger Larry said...

hi Joe;

Abraham says that we do not create unconsciously - that if there is no emotional charge to the thought - it's not cause for concern - as it has no 'juice' to come into fruition.

But you were obviously a vibrational match to the appendix thing - just keep clearing.....

thanks for all you've contributed - and remember - while the power of influence is strong, we CANNOT create in anothers experience - if it's in your experience - you created it - as it matched your vibration at that time...

Blessed be


9:56 AM  
Blogger Romance Novelist said...

to Joe "Blog" Vitale


could it be that you decided at one point in time to become a "blogabble example" for your readers to see and understand and now execute that program (and part of it was your ER experience?)

Romance Novelist

10:04 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Yep. Very possible indeed.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Kathreen Saab said...

I wish you total healing Dr. Vitale.Thank God you are doing well!
I also wondered about the 'Oprah'-
show- I seem to remember that was one of your big dreams. It happened yet you were not available to be there.
Also curious!
For some reason when I think of it the saying....
'Rejection is protection' comes to mind. Not sure why.
Thank you for your consistent openness and allowing us to peek into the windows of your experiences.
I Love You.
Thank You.
Kathreen Saab

10:07 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Larry, what you might be overlooking is that your experience of another is what YOU created. This is advanced thinking and way beyond my old friends Abraham. I've studied Abe over twenty years and know there are steps beyond their limits. Stay open. Blessings.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Hi Kathreen. i'll be going on Oprah with Dr. Len later in the year. That will be far better for me, him, you, and Oprah. It's all good.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Larina said...


As always, an honest, thought-provoking, and powerful post. Thank you for this.

In one of my recent newsletters I discussed you, The Secret, and The Attractor Factor, and I got a question from a therapist that perhaps you can cover in a future post. She said, "I work with people who have PTSD and have experienced extremely traumatic events such as child abuse, domestic violence, rape, abduction, assault, and prisoners of war. I'd love to teach them about The Law of Attraction, but I'm afraid they could take the ideas to further blame themselves for the horrible things that have happened to them. How would you present it to patients like mine?"

Again, thanks for stretching our hearts and minds to embrace the Law of Attraction.

10:19 AM  
Blogger kate loving shenk said...

Dear Joe,

Rather than figuring out what your illness means or why it happened, (I have my own stuff to figure out and work out!!) suffice to say that in the great expanse called life (not just this one), the cleansing you describe is one of the most important aspects of your experience.

Forinstance, after I saw "The Secret," I felt a tremendous energy shift--then I got an intestinal virus where I felt like I was going to die--

And consequently, a re-birth occurred--

And great things are happening as a result!

Good health to you and Nerissa,

Kate Loving Shenk
Nursing Career Transformationohz

10:26 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Hi Larina. Thank you for your warm message. I understand about the abuse thing. What I write about in my next book, Zero Limits, is that we are totally responsibile but we aren't at all to blame. Again, we create things un-consciously. We are barely aware of a drop of what is happening in life. To think otherwise is an ego trip. The idea is to take full responsible for our situation right now, no guilt, no blame, and move forward into healing.

10:26 AM  
Blogger docwat said...

Hi Joe,
Pay attention to your message!
Really doesn't matter about the details (that's all history now)...
No surgery involved with me, but I, too am learning to pay better attention to my body! I know my lifestyle has now been changed (and all for the better), but only after a mishap that makes you recognize your mortality! Let's both get healed and REMEMBER our
lessons !
NGH Buddy,
Ray W.

10:44 AM  
Blogger said...

that is something else how you had just been saying how you're 53 and never a hospital/surgery stay and !POOF! there you are. I did the same thing PRIOR to watching the secret but understood it afterwards. Now, although it was merely a cold that I had told myself... "hmm... I haven't been sick in a LONG time... i'll probably be getting sick really soon then" and sure enough 2 days later I was sniffling, stuffed up, and sneezin' and coughing. I bet we'll be REALLY careful about the words that come outta our mouths now huh? Thx for great words, Joe.

Myke G.
Denver, CO

10:52 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Glad you are getting better!

I have been watching a little of the American Pop Idol which is aired on UK tv. Here you have these obviously seriously deluded individuals who think they can sing desperately trying to attract their 'dream'. They live it and sleep it. But, they will not achieve it because they can't sing! Surely therefore, not everything can be attracted if the tools aren't there in the first place. Thank you for your comments.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Jeff, oh, you can still attract success, even without "talent." Look at the oriental fellow who couldn't sing a tune and the world laughed at him -- yet he landed a record deal! ANYTHING is possible.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Tony said...

Joe Joe Joe!

I am going to have to disagree with you my friend.

I think either one of two things happened: 1) You unconsciously repeated the patterns of your father by having your appendix removed. You said it yourself, you were saying to yourself how odd it is that you are 53 and haven't had surgery yet.

2) And it pains me to say this, you sabotaged your success. You were on the way to a huge colossal success with Oprah which would have catapulted your life to the next level. For whatever reason your subconscious wanted to keep you in your comfort zone and stopped this.

All bodily injuries are negative thoughts manifesting themselves in the body. Something negative in your head brought this into your body.

Regardless, I am glad to see you are doing okay and handled it very well.

If you want to learn more, I can send you some books on Concept-Therapy.


11:29 AM  
Blogger Tony said...


This is something I posted on another blog but I don't think it went through.

First, I am glad to see you are doing better. You are one of my favorite people and I wish you all the best.

Second, I would really love to introduce you to Zone Healing and Concept-Therapy. Zone Healing is the balancing of the body's major zones to achieve health. The whole thing takes maybe two minutes and the results really are amazing.

I don't know if watch Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) but a large number of their champions come in for the incredible results Zone Healing helps to produce.

Concept-Therapy is the healing of the ideas in the subconscious. Concept being ideas and therapy being healing hence the name Concept-Therapy. Why is this important to know? BC whether people realize it or not, their concepts are manifesting themselves at all times! Some of these are good, while others are not.

Somewhere in your subconscious was the concept of getting your appendix removed. Whether that was from your Dad having his removed or you being told that things like this are hereditary, either way, that concept manifested itself. Concept-Therapy shows you how to take these negative concepts and replace them with their positive counterparts, so that these new concepts will now manifest. It is the best way I know of to create the life of your dreams.

I would like to invite you to our upcoming seminar on February 11th. You will get a great chance to interact with people of a very high vibration, learn about the metaphysical laws of the universe, and also receive a Zone Healing adjustment. We will have you physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

I hope to see you there. Below is the information about the seminar.

Seminar of knowledge

Sunday, Feb 11th
12 Noon until approx 7pm

Dr. Peter Goldman, DC
Dr. Mike Fitzgerald, DC

Topics covered:

--Application of the Laws of the Body, Mind, and Soul and the Laws of the Universe.

--How to properly work with the world of ideas and thoughts to manifest positive things.

--Proper relationship with the mind.

--The One and the many.

--and a lot more

Best Wishes,

Tony Naemi

Goldman Healing
T. (310) 595-4501
8950 W. Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Mon/Wed - 6:30-8:30PM
Tues/Fri - 11AM-1PM
Sun - 9-11AM

11:36 AM  
Blogger Joe Vitale said...

Tony, you're drawing conclusions from limited information.

For example, Oprah was not going to have me on this show. It was decided a week or so ago. Didn't matter if I had surgery or not. I'm going on later in the summer.

My father's experience was over 70 years ago. Good lord, it's quite a stretch to think I'm just getting around to duplicate (which I didn't do anyway) his childhood exprience.

Thanks for your two cents.


11:38 AM  
Blogger Tony said...

Good good good!!!!!! I am very glad to hear it =)


11:42 AM  
Blogger Silvia said...


I am glad that you are well. Concerning our unconcious mind, sometimes it "comes" in to protect you. You needed the vacation urgently, so your unconcious mind puts out signs for you to take a break (the appendix), wether you liked it at this moment or not. Also the unconcious mind often has a lot of positive energy, which often was burdened during childhood or with life experience. Knowing that can give us more energy and courage to look at our unconcious mind with more openess.
Good luck with your next book "Zero limits". Take it easy

Silvia Noll
Wellness Coach

11:44 AM  
Blogger Carole Friesen said...

Dear Joe,
I asked the same question. What's going on in Joe's inner world? What's he letting go of from his past reality? or from mass consciousness?

I am a Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy! So what does it mean in the Causual Body?

Appendix: An aid to the immune system, the appendix is a filter connected to the intestinal tract. Appendicitis indicates the breakdown of the ability to filter incoming reality, and to protect ouselves from that reality. As it is in the pelvic area it is primarily to do with our relationship to our relative world and our ability to cope with that reality.

More Power to You!
Carole Friesen

11:50 AM  
Blogger said...

Glad you are on the mend from your emergency surgery... and that your acceptance of responsiblity for your personal karma is so complete and absolute. This can only expand and enhance your life.

Good for you, Ellen
Ellen of

12:14 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

Hey Joe,

I went back and reread this blog as it really got me thinking and I think you're right about your unconscious putting you on a forced vacation.

I am very glad to see the master of the attractor factor has this universal law down right =)

PLUS! I got to grow in the process of reading these recent blogs as they had me thinking about the great things I am attracting.

Thanks for the updates and I am looking forward to what happens with you next.


12:29 PM  
Blogger FunkyMonk said...

Hi Joe!!
Holy Smoke!!!! After everyone's comments i'm not sure what more to say. Other than i am glad you covered this topic on your blog for us and am happy you are healing well. From Louise Hay's book her affirmation is 'I am safe. I relax and let life flow joyously.'

BTW glad you loved Poland so much, i am Polish born in London UK, but my aunt lives round the corner to where you were filmed by Nerissa, was great to see. Amazing how i made all the record breaking cold winters there and you had a nice warm trip. Glad you had a good time.

I am doing a multitude of clearing work on myself at present, as a Hypno Gold member i have enjoyed the comments on some of your audio files & getting over my how-to belief also. I have been angry at myself and subjected to the lethal claws of my lovely kitten Mookie.

I guess i have a question too. As Jonathan isn't available and just from all your comments in Attractor Factor made my belief in him quite strong. If i was to use an external person to help with any clearing (main issue stems back to Self worth with me). Could you recommend someone.


12:42 PM  
Blogger Mr. Positive said...

Joe, What a great explanation. I wish you a steady recovery and remember you can take breaks from work without "surgery"... ;-)

Always my best, STAY POSITIVE!
Dave Boufford
"Mr. Positive!"

1:06 PM  
Blogger livefully said...


I too am clearing from the weekend with Dr. Len. A few days after the event my fan motor went out on my heater. The next day I got in my first car accident in 35 years. I was not injured, the impact was such that the air bag did not even go off, my friends saw the accident and pulled off behind me. The other vehicle barely had a dent on the bumper. I was surprised when the insurance agent totalled my car and I am getting a check instead of my car. I am now shopping for a new car that matches the new active lifestyle I have been picturing over the last few months.

I hope you enjoy your vacation and me my new car and lifestyle.



1:15 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Hi, Joe,

I'm new to knowing about you, but not new to your concepts. A freind sent me your e-link to your site today and after reading your article, I thought I'd send a little FYI, but it looks like you've been receiving an awful lot of FYI's - - - - so, I'm sending mine anyway (hm, hm!).

I was curious if you were familiar with Louise L. Hay's Work (Heal Your Body) - if so, I'm sure you looked up appendicitis. I 100% agree with what you teach - we are 100% responsible for manifesting whatever is showing up for us, and I also have come to my own personal conclusion (regarding health issues in particular) that much can also be a result of past experiences and thought patterns. Yet, it is always interesting how they (illnesses) seem to show up in timely manner in the present also!

Anyway, I look forward to becoming a new fan - I saw you in the Secret and intend to invest in your material.

LOVE your personal story, by the way!

Take care,

1:18 PM  
Blogger Pen Name: Brenda Freo` said...


shorter so you get the whole URL:

1:20 PM  
Blogger Elliot said...


I agree we are all responsible.

When I read your Jan 27 blog post with the original headline I immediately began to worry. Just the thought of that concerned me deeply. If I was worrying about it other people reading it all over the world were probably worried also.

What we focus on expands (even if it is written) and with all that worldwide energy focusing on the original headline is probably one of the reasons.

But it is really all for the good like you wrote. This a time for cleansing and relaxation.

You are alive and well, healing and cleansing yourself. That is something we are all grateful for.

Healing thoughts,
Elliot Hanson

1:20 PM  
Blogger Joshua & Angie said...

Dear Joe,

Along the idea that you mentioned to Larry about advanced thinking...

We wanted to share something from a friend, Gurumayi. She is a highly advanced being taught from a lineage of Gurus. We receive lessons from her monthly and we wanted to share an eastern idea for everyone who may come to this blog. I'm sure you are alredy aware of this idea. Allow us to make a couple of Sanskrit definitions for everyone's benefit.

Shakti: The cosmic power which projects, maintains, and dissolves the universe; the power of God or spiritual power.

Karma: The universal law of action and reaction. The effects of past actions determine the nature of our present experience.

Samskara: Anything that is accepted as truth makes a subconscious impression. This impression remains and continues to influence us even after we've changed our mind or learned that what we once believed isn't true. These Samskaras are like a tint on our vision, distorting our perception and experience.

Ego: The sum total of all the Samskaras.

The Samskaras contain the Karmic design of our lives. All circumstances, situations, events, and relationships are manifestations of certain Samskaras.

When we begin to purify or cleanse ourselves, the Shakti goes to work immediately to burn away the Samakaras, freeing us from the limiting Ego. A Samskara that ordinarily would have caused many years or lifetimes of a certain kind of Karma is taken over by the Shakti and worked out in a totally different way. Instead of working itself out through years and years of Karma, the Samskra may be expelled through a concentrated series of experiences, known in Sanskrit as Kriyas.

Kriyas are a quicker and much more pleasant way of of working out the Samskaras than if they were allowed to manifest fully as Karma. In this way, what may have taken years or even lifetimes is finished whithin a very short time. It happens through grace.

Joe, we feel this experience of your computers, website, surgery may have been a Kriya due to your extensive cleansing. Truly a blessing when you consider years and years of a certain Karma!

Deep Love,
Joshua & Angie EFT-Adv

1:42 PM  
Blogger enlightenme said...

Hi Joe,
Happy Healing! I experienced the Law of Attraction in a huge way. I recall exactly the words I told myself as I was standing at my living room window enjoying the magnificent view of Puget Sound in Washington. I was enjoying several vacations and financial abundance. I told myself, "I've lived such a great life. No diseases in my family, everyone is healthy. No one should be able to live such a wonderful life". Oh-Oh! Didn't know about the LOA then. Well, there I go running smack dab into fertility issues with my then-husband, my breast cancer, my dad's lung cancer, my husband quadruple bypass surgery and then our divorce, all within a year and a half. Our body's hold tremedous intellegence, we just need to trust and listen. I've heard that, loud and clear.
Take care.
Your friend in Houston
Anna Barbosa

1:55 PM  
Blogger vicki said...

Wow, what an assortment of viewpoints and comments.

My message, written with a wry smile, is simply from a been there, done that stance. Shortly after watching The Secret, I was on a major roll, Mz. Positivity, so excited at all the possibilities coming up 'round the next corner.

Then one very cold evening playing tennis, second point of the game, I received a very hard serve, dodged to the side as it came whizzing by my head, and as if in slow mo, still "went for it," trying to hit that ball. Well instead, I cracked mySELF, landing the racquet frame right across the bridge of my nose! Don't know how I didn't knock myself out--it was loud enough our opponents on the other side of the court heard the crack and came running. Bottom line, it never bled, I don't think I broke anything (it may have chipped the ego), and I'm not acting any goofier than before. Because it was so cold, the nose was already on ice (which I'm sure ultimately helped lessen the ensuing black eye).

But I remember thinking even then, wow, it's like I've knocked a few cobwebs loose, haven't I? I'm on such a roll, this is just clearing out room for MORE good stuff! Upon learning I had survived, I was actually pretty pleased with my not being upset with myself, nor feeling sorry for myself, but simply viewing it in the most positive light possible, much as you are doing with your appendectomy.

I admire and applaud your grace therein--and indeed, all is well.

Vicki Ligon

2:43 PM  
Blogger The Highlighter said...

Dear Joe,

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

I am happy and grateful that you are getting well. I am happy and grateful that the Universe brought you, Tom Pauley, and his daughter Penelope into my life when I asked the Universe for healing and hope last year. I felt like I had one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peal, after I got whacked by a stroke (I WAS 53; I'm now 54). The Universe first brought the Pauley's to me with a not-so-subtle nudge to tune into a local talk show. I very seldom ever have time listen to the radio, so that was unusual. I heeded the call and turned on my car radio. At that precise moment, the Pauleys were wrapping up the show. The few words I heard the Pauley's say touched off another prompting of Spirit to check out their website. To make a long story short, I followed through with all the promptings. Step by step the Universe took me by the hand and lead me from the Pauleys to a transcript of a teleconference call with you. I practiced what I was learning and a physical "healing" event stormed into my life. That event also introduced me to a gentleman who heard my Law of Abundance rantings. One day, he brought me DVD and said, "Here! I don't know if I believe this stuff. But it sounds just like what you are always talking about". The DVD was The Secret. As I watched The Secret unfold on my TV screen, a familiar name cropped up in front of my eyes. I listened intently and was struck with awe and inspiration. So, this is Joe Vitale. I have watched and watched and watched The Secret over, and again. I am impressed by all of the Talent featured on that movie. I have been drawn like a magnet to you, though, Joe.

I want to express my Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I am now enjoying the Attractor Factor, E-Code, and Hypnotic Writing that I obtained from I am also looking at purchasing your Hypnotic Wizard and Swipe File.

I am happy and grateful that you are well, Joe Vitale. The world needs you. I need you. I look forward to meeting you in person some day in the near future.

Steve Thompson
The Highlighter

3:34 PM  
Blogger Little Moon said...

Dear Dr Joe,
I appreciate your attitude of curiosity during this experience. Who truly ever knows why things happen except for the Creator. But I do notice that when people get sick, good things can happen, unexpected blessings. Like Lance Armstrong, he won the Tour de France 7 times in a row after getting cancer. I like to view sickness as getting inocculated, weakness leaving your body.

I should also mention that your story of Dr Len healing a whole ward of criminally insane patients has had a profound effect on me. It beautifully illustrates our connection to everyone and that if you want to heal the world, you have to work on yourself. Another way to clean your unconscious is to clean out your closets, the garages, the basements. Carl Jung viewed the house as a metaphor for the psyche, and cleaning out "stuff" is a refreshing process.

I thank you and love you for sharing your insights and wisdom.

In Oneness,

3:35 PM  
Blogger John Wood said...

Dear Joe,

I have read all the comments and noted them. My take is a little different. You have created a world for yourself with adequate money, fun, work, friends, so many friends that genuinely follow your life and care. The currancy you use is your positive outlook, your way with words and of course your very own brand of love.What a marvelous creation.Everyone breaks, even the strongest. That is nothing to fear. It is how you heal and the blessings you accept that makes life sweeter.
I am recovering from a crisis myself, of disconnection with my spirit that nearly cost me my life. Now I see it was the only way that, with the tools and attitude I had, that I could convince myself my feelings of isolation and persecution were what I had to blame for my unhappiness. So, now I am learning some things that you can help me with. I read your thoughts and buy your books and hope sometime we might share a conversation. That would be fun. Happy people are the ones to watch. Not unlike a rich but lazy salesman they surely know the secret of wealth without unreasonable sacifice. Please enjoy your time at your personal life. It will make coming back into the public world that much sweeter.
Best wishes
Another friend

3:38 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Dear Joe,
My dear Rev. Tom introduced me to your work, so rest assured you have many prayers of well-being. No doubt you are making time for contemplative thought during your recooperation. May I suggest you review your diet? If you have experienced weight lose, you may have changed the way you eat. I know first hand that may not be good for you (I landed in the Hospital after eating oranges!)May I recommend the 4 Your Blood Type
Diet as a safe way to change the way you eat. Best wishes, Margaret

5:01 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Joe: I totally agree that the cleansing process is so critical. The unconscious state of our soul is but events waiting to manifest in our present life. Bridging the gap between conscious and unconscious is the victory of our journey.

We manifest events of thoughts in the past into the present each day. Cleansing is a daily ritual I go through to protect my body and soul from my wondering thoughts that could very well manifest into illnesses or misfortunes. Perhaps better stated is to eliminate the negativity of the words "illness" and "misfortunes" and use "challenges" and "opportunities."

I take ownership to all events in my life and that includes those that could very well be preceived as negative. However, they are but lessons I present myself for my personal growth. Each of our life journey's are different and respectifully so, as we come into being for unique purposes, joint forces to share and learn from one another.

I am thankful that you are ok and starting your healing process. I have been down the road of medical emergencies and it was a dark and long journey. It took me a very long time to understand that my body would shut down if I did not listen to the inner voice who is the caretaker and guardian of my well being.

Interesting how human ego rushs pass logic and ignores sensability at times.


5:32 PM  
Blogger Lisa Cameron said...

Hey Joe

What a great blog! It came at the perfect time for me. I was at home meditating and picturing myself being joyous and loving and saying 'I love you' Then I could feel a healing coming on and started to feel a bit nauseas. Suddenly I felt this strong urge to turn my computer on and check my e-mails (not something I usually do whilst meditating) and I was thinking to myself why do I need to check my e-mails, and there in my inbox was an e-mail from you and know I now why I needed to check them, because I am cleansing too and now I feel peaceful that I am on the right track.

Thank-you for sharing
Lots of Love and Laughter to you
Lisa Cameron

6:05 PM  
Blogger Bob Christie said...

Thank goodness you cleaned that up. You had me confused. Mind you I am often confused. But we are in the process of selling our house and the sale fell through, and your explanation gave me an insight into how I attracted that into my life. As you say on the Secret, this really is a hard thing to believe.
To your recovery
Bob Christie

7:18 PM  
Blogger tim said...

Hey Joe! Holy Roto-Rooters!

This post is insanely similar to my recent plumbing problem!! Here’s my discovery. Robert Anthony explains how people work best with “mental pictures” (You know what chapter I’m talking about Joe) Without wasting a bunch of explanation time here, I’ll get right to my story. Joe, I think you’ll understand my point so email me for the rest of the story. OK people, get out your screwdriver and pipe wrenches and get ready…

Joe told you he has been “clearing” himself out lately right? Well, Joe, we all may ask, “Why did your computer crash and how did you end up in the hospital undergoing emergency surgery if you have been “clearing” yourself out. Hey, you’re even promoting a new book about this “clearing” stuff. If it works so well, what’s going on?? I’ll tell you…

A few months ago, I had an issue with my bathtub drain. It took forever for the dirty water to drain out. I noticed that as I washed my dirty body...the water was taking much longer to drain out and then a week later it actually started filling up as I was showering. This was getting nasty man! Ok...I finally called a plumber friend and told him about it. My house is old and so is the plumbing. He told me that over the years, the drain had become built up with all the dirt, rust and sediment that had continuously gone through it. He said it was too old to replace but it could be cleaned out. He said it was really easy to do if I didn’t mind the mess and explained how to do it. I just had to disconnect the pipe and scrape out the old crud that was causing the blockage. He said the only thing was it would be messy and take a while. OK, I thought..maybe I can just deal with all that crud in the pipe cause I really don’t feel like making a big mess. A month went by and the issue got worse. It’s like the dirt, rust, and crud was just building on itself and that’s just what it was doing. I knew exactly how to clean the pipe and fix the problem but I didn’t want to deal with the mess or take the time to do it. I was just too busy.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore! I was showering off all my dirt and grime but it was just sticking to my feet down at the bottom of the tub thanks to the huge pool of water that was barely draining out! I decided once and for all to do it! I didn’t need any special tools. I picked a day and set aside time to get this project done. I took off the pipe and my God you should have seen the crap in that pipe! I dug in and started scraping and rinsing and it made a mess alright! That junk got everywhere! Funny thing was…I just kept cleaning until that pipe was as clear as the day it was made! I put it back on, sealed it all up and cleaned up the mess. Sure, cleaning out that pipe made a mess but the funny thing was, I cleaned the mess up too like it was never there!

What do I have now? I can get in my shower and wash off the day’s grime, dirt and roughness and watch it flow down my drain in seconds. My pipe is clear now and the crud flows out just fine! The pipe’s so clear, the dirt, grim and crud don’t have anywhere to stick so they just flow right on down the drain! What did it take? It took a little work and I had to clean up a little extra mess. Was it worth it? Heck yeah!

My point? Imagine your mind or inner-self as being the dirty pipe. There are years of dirt, grim and build up in there. Good thoughts can’t pass through because they are being clogged up by the junk. The beauty is you can clean yourself. Will you make an extra mess when you start clearing? Yes…you will, BUT you can easily clean that up too. Once it’s all cleared out and cleaned up…you’ll have a pipe that’s wide open for a continuous flow!

Like Joe said, in the process of his clearing…he broke loose some other crud. When you completely clean something…you find ALL the hidden dirt that you couldn’t see on the surface and you take care of it too. Joe’s mess was the computer screw up and appendix issue among other things He’s cleaned them up and I suspect now he’s becoming so open to all the good things he’s gonna shine like the sun!

Time to clear your pipes and shine too my friends! If you understand my story, you’re going to make miracles when you read Joe’s new book! I can already “see” it.

Hope this example helps. Godspeed to you and Joe!


9:40 PM  
Blogger Petur Williams said...

Occam's Razor and The Law of Straight Lines might suggest you spent 53 years glutting and gooing your way to a malfunctioning appendix and that your computers and electronics failed due to a power surge. Your blog entry and the comments that trailed it are disparately entertaining and demonstrate how little it is of which we are sure.
Petur S. Williams

7:44 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

I had an emergency appendectomy at age 8, Mr. Williams, and the simplest theory is that a blockage of fecal matter causes infection in the appendix. It is most common between the ages of 10 and 30, which I believe puts Joe in the clear of your charge of gutting and gooing. Perhaps I should have not spent my 25 cent allowance on penny candy.

As far as any psychic cause, no one really knows the answer, do they? But it is well-established that a positive attitude relates well to a patient's recovery. I have seen this in my husband recently, as he just underwent a colon resection last Wednesday for cancer, is home, up and about and exhibiting his normal good humor. Fortunately it had not spread, and I encourage everyone over age 50 to get their colonoscopy test done. He might attribute it not spreading to his visualizations before surgery, and I might attribute it to excellent medical care in insisting he get the test done, but the end result is still the same, so I frankly don't care.

Thank goodness whatever being created us, whether it is Mother Nature, God, the Universe, or a random act of cells joining together, gave us forebrains to both make mendacious observations about others, and cure ourselves of formerly mortal diseases.

I wish you all the best, Joe! I got a lot out of your phone call on the Weight Loss program. My husband, Robert Monteux, has met you once at a conference and said you are a super nice guy. I find your ability to both be open and cut through the bs to be quite refreshing and you have a good aura about you. Keep on keeping on and stay away from the hospital from now on, will ya?

~~Marie Monteux
Portland, Maine

4:33 PM  
Blogger rockcat said...

Amazing how we are so eager to tell someone else their why and how. Reminds me of Abraham's "thing in the road -- here's where it is, this is what I did, so it's what you must do, as well, in order to avoid it."

9:19 AM  
Blogger Sharelle said...

Hi Joe

x x x x x x x x Hug x x x x x x x x x x x (gentle hug of course. and you can keep some of the kisses under your pillow for spares but call the nurse when you need to get one out - that's what they therefore)* ducks as nurse throws vase at her head.

someone sent me this link saying look what happend to joe.

and i clicked and i have to say i must have already learnt important things from you - for i genuinly just thought "so what"

my first watching of the secret i had never heard of you before and you said quite clearly "im here to be in your face and tell you, you did attract it" Michael (umm forget his surname) said "whether its concious or unconciouis, thats the rub" einstien said " we only use 10% of our brain power.

so i reckon i gave you that just to show me how smart i am that i learned that lesson :D

only had enough patience to spot read through the other messages and also noticed that I like you cos you don't talk to people like this:

"Joe Joe Joe!

I am going to have to disagree with you my friend."

note to self: "get over irritation with people who address me by saying my name three times."

but i liked the the simple message from someone.

i'm more than confident that you know what you're doing. Now, back to manifesting my tea and toast... *vanishes in a purposeful twirl ...whooosh! ........

8:09 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Dear Joe,

I also had my appendix removed and spent my birthday, December 11, 2006 in the hospital.

I had done some profound energy work with a wonderful healer just weeks prior to my surgery.

Thank you for sharing the cleansing ritual from Dr. Len. I continue to use the cleansing and healing words, Thank you, I love you and I'm sorry. During my hospital experience,I focused on all of the people in the emergency room who were suffering from horrible diseases and injuries far worse than my appendicitis. I said these words silently to everyone who interacted with me. The interesting thing was that I felt completely at peace. I felt love during the entire process. I had no pain medication prior to my surgery and very little after the surgery. I was also treated with massive antibiotics because I am an insulin dependent diabetic and they were concerned about infection. I had no side effects and my blood sugars remained in the normal range throughout surgery and during recovery. I amazed everyone, even myself.

I would like to comment that even when we attract what we would label as negative experiences, we always have the choice to focus on 'what's wrong' or to choose to focus on love. Love is always present, and surrounding us through every experience.

All the best to you in your recovery.


Nancy Bishop

8:35 PM  

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