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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ode to Joe

Anita Law just wrote and sent me the below "Ode to Joe."
She gave me permission to share it here with you.
- joe

On the day you were born
The angels they smiled wide
They saw a jewel in you
And were filled with a great pride

This marvelous creation
He’d share a lot of gifts
It started with his words
They’d initiate great shifts

Early in his years
He had a great obsession
With Barnum, sales and marketing
And metaphysical lessons

He became a copywriter
That everyone would hire
This Buddha of the internet
We aptly named him Mr. Fire

He would help save millions
And teach a million more
His words are so creative
They never, ever bore

His book became a bestseller
After years of working hard
He then made it to the big screen
And became a “Secret” Star!

You can’t quite peg this Joe Guy
His talents so diverse
He can help you grow your business
By following his wise verse

He also teaches other stuff
Like how to get a car
Become an Attractor Factor
And trust me, you’ll go far!

He wrote it for his sister
For whom he has great love
He then was asked to share it
And was given lot’s of shoves

Although he’s written many
Too many to mention hear
The underlying truth about Joe
Is he’ll help you conquer fears

It really doesn’t matter
Whatever you desire
You’ll have a resource ready
From the library of Mr. Fire!

Many have watched him grow
His business and career
From homeless to his dream home
You can’t help but shed a tear

This metaphysical marketer
He’s a funny, loving man
Now known as Atlas of the net
He sports muscles and a tan!

So Buddha became a body builder
And Nerissa caught it all
On tape that is, she captured
His transformation for them all!

But before he became a hottie again
He beat Harry at the polls
Attractor Factor hit number one
He had met his goals!

But one would never be enough
So Barnum did Return
Hypnotic copywriting
Would have another turn

And now it’s Zero Limits
Watch out world its coming!
Shed old beliefs and heal
This man the whole world’s LOVING!

Even Larry King agrees
So he had him on his show
Joe talked about our power
To create our lives as we go

He writes some real cool stuff
And posts it on his blog
If ever you are down
And are trying to lift the fog

All you need is a little Joe
Books, film or audio
He’s got everything you need
To flourish and to grow!

Vitale is his birth name
And his life is very good
Francine is his new girlfriend
With the shiny, new red hood

Nerissa doesn’t even mind
This new girl who just moved in
She even took the pictures
Of Joe’s luxury made of tin!

And so on his big birthday
The angels they did sing
And the Universe was happy
With this manifesting thing

So they gave him a big cake
And friends and family showed
Their love for Mr. Fire
This man they all call Joe

They sang and laughed a lot
And others they did smile
They toasted in his honor
To what God knew all the while

That this man was quite a special one
Who’d take the world by storm
He’d overcome great obstacles
His pages dog-eared and well worn

Even though he knew the Secret
Neville, Hill, and all the rest
He’d never keep it coveted
Cause sharing secrets is always best

So as a birthday wish
I see for you BIG things
You’ll continue on your path
As a writer with angel’s wings!

‘Cause I know your just beginning
In a lot of different ways
ho'oponopono is what’s next
And I know it will parlay

Into even more astounding feats
Barnum would be proud
So Happy Birthday our dear Joe
The whole world they do shout

Thanks for being you, Joe
And for having so much fun
Your spirit, books and inspirations
You are one of the great ones!

A lot of people love you
Most you’ll never know
But know this my soulful friend,
They are grateful for you Joe!

Happy Birthday Joe!

Love, Anita

Copyright © 2006 Anita Pathik Law

If you like the free articles on this blog, let Joe know by buying him his all-time favorite gift - an Amazon gift certificate. His email is Click Here!


Blogger Arman said...

You don't know this but i've looked up to you as a mentor for many months now Joe. i whole-heartedly resonate with this beautiful poem.

Happy New Year!

2:28 AM  

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