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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How to bring "The Attractor Factor" to life (by March 31st, anyway)

I remember it well...

The magic.

The people.

The breakthroughs.

It was the first ever Spiritual Marketing Super Summit in Austin, Texas, and lives would be changed.

Including mine.

How often does Mark Twain speak to you?

He spoke to me at this event.

The entire transformative weekend was captured on DVD. I somehow forgot about the DVDs but just learned that there are 200 sets left. They are available right now but will be taken off the market on March 31st.

It's called "The Attractor Factor Blueprint."

I just reviewed the website that describes the set. Looking at the pictures, seeing the happy faces, reading the all made me re-live that loving, magical, unforgettable experience.

Go see for yourself at --

Remember, there are only 200 sets in stock and Nitro Marketing, the company that sells the program, wants to take it out of inventory and off the market on Friday -- this Friday.

If I were you, I'd grab one for yourself and another for someone you care about.

Heck, you could probably buy a few sets, hold them a while, and list them on eBay later.

Hey, maybe I should do that!

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS - If you liked my book The Attractor Factor, then you will love this DVD set of the event that brought the principles to life. See

PPS - I believe the site is worth study because it contains all the elements of a persuasive website. So even if you're not interested in the set, I suggest you go study the site. After all, it costs nothing to look...and by looking, you can learn.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

How I ended up in the movie "The Secret" and other true stories (all caught on video)

My friend Pat O'Bryan (that's him with the hat on and yes, he's holding a cigar) snuck a video camera into my private talk at the Wimberley Village Library last Saturday.

He let me see the footage and asked if I would let him share it with his email list. I took a look, liked the way he edited it down to some nice behind the scenes high-lights, and agreed.

You can see it online at no charge at


Ao Akua,


PS - In the video you'll see me reveal some cool stories about my books, my life, my philosophy, my marketing, and about how I magically ended up in the movie The Secret. I think you'll like it. Go to

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Answers concerning "The Secret" movie (and an embarrassing deal for you)

I'm not sure why people keep asking me questions about the movie The Secret --- as there is contact info, a genii, and a support system right on --- but here are some common ones I've received, with my answers:

"Will it be shown on TV?"

Yes, eventually.


Beats me.

"Is there an affiliate program for it?"

No. I and others are promoting The Secret because we love the message in it.

"Do you make any money from being in it?"

Not a dime - and that's fine with me. I even bought multiple copies of the DVD, to give as gifts, and didn't get a discount. Didn't ask for one, either. I'm not doing this for the money.

"Why are they charging $5 to watch it online?"

Why shouldn't they charge $5 for it? This is a full-scale Hollywood-type movie. The expenses would make your head snap. Pay the five bucks. Or buy the DVD for $20. This could change your life. Twenty bucks (or five) is worth that. Isn't it?

"When will it be shown in New Zealand or Australia?"

I have no idea.

"Is the movie guaranteed?"

Normally I would say every product needs a guarantee. Not here. If you still need a guarantee after watching the free movie trailer at, then you shouldn't buy or even watch the movie.

"My life has changed since seeing the movie, but how do I explain my bliss to others?"

You don't. Send them to They'll either get it, or not.

"What was it like to be filmed for The Secret?"

Extraordinary. I've never been with a group of people so focused, in alignment, so clear and so happy about their one goal: to make a movie that elevated humankind. They treated me like royalty. I love them all. Rhonda, the key woman behind the movie (she's in the opening and ending of it), and her sister are parents of the film. They are straight from heaven. Angels.

"Who's all in the movie?"

I don't remember everyone's name. I'm in it (yes, I remembered my own name), as well as my friends Esther Hicks (Abraham), Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle, Bill Harris, Bob Proctor, Mike Dooley, John DeMartini, Hale Dwoskin, and a long list of other gurus, authors, speakers, and self-help teachers of today, including Denis Waitley, Rev. Michael Beckwith and more.

"Who are the heavies in the film?"

I'd say the "heavies" in the movie are Esther Hicks or Abraham, Bob Procter, Jack Canfield, and maybe me. (I'm too close to know that for sure, though.)

"Isn't the movie based on the Hannel and Wattles books?"

No. It's more closely akin to my book The Attractor Factor

"What if I see the movie and I don't like it?"

What if you see it and it changes your life forever?

See for yourself at

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS - This is embarrassing but here goes: You can help me out and get a great deal, too. As you probably know, I've lost 80 pounds and am so hot Lindsay Lohan and Sophia Loren and Terrie Hatcher are all fighting over me. (Or not.) Well, my old fat photos are still on some of my products. If I can move the last 72 copies of my Hypnotic Library, we can then make a new production with my new "Charles Atlas/Steve Reeves/Joe Vitale" picture on it. See my before and after pictures and check out the deal at Note: The site will only be live for 24 hours, though. Better go look right now. You know you want to. Lindsay Lohan wants you to go look, too. How can you say no to her?

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

You can now watch "The Secret" movie!

Great news!

You can now watch the movie The Secret right online at

You can pay a small fee and watch it on your monitor, and/or you can buy the DVD.

Me, I'm buying multiple copies of The Secret movie on DVD and sending them as gifts to family, friends, libraries, schools, hospitals, and more.

As I've said before, I've seen the movie and think it's an inspiring masterpiece. It's far better than What the Bleep.

I'm in it, as well as my friends Esther Hicks, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle, Bill Harris, Bob Proctor, and a long list of other great gurus and self-help teachers of today.

The movie has little to do with Charles Haanel's Master Key System. Instead, it brings to life the principles in my book The Attractor Factor.

Actually, why are you still reading this post?

Get over to

Go see the movie for yourself.

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,

Joe Vitale

PS - Why are you still here? Go watch The Secret at Go! Go! Go!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Clever marketing strategy - $5 for 5 tips for first 5,555

Last Saturday I had dinner with friends. The subject turned to diets.

I mentioned five books that are current best-sellers, each promoting a special diet, and each contradicting the other four books.

What's a health conscious person to do?

I am always looking for a good way to simplify my food plan, burn more body fat, and still have a life outside the kitchen and gym.

This is a challenge any dieter faces...until now.

There is a great little "5 Step Handbook" you can pick up that literally works with any diet on earth.

Five steps.

That's it.

And it will work for YOU.

You will discover how to make eating for health and fat-loss easier -- and much more effective at the same time.

Go see --

The author read over 500 books in his career on the subject of fat-burning. He worked with thousands of people as a nutritionist and fat-loss expert. From all that, he narrowed it down to 5 fool-proof steps that you can apply with his eating system (or any other) to get the results you are after.

These 5 Steps are what every successful food program have in common. Every single one.

These insider secrets were enough to inspire me to help spread the news. I love them.

Since I've lost 80 pounds and know the joy of being fit and having the energy I need to accomplish all the goals I have, I wanted you to know this, too. Go see - (affiliate link)

Note his clever marketing strategy:

He's selling the first 5,555 books for $5 each.

There's a live counter right on the site, so you can see the books selling.

Also note the hypnotic headline on the site.

I love this!

Expect Miracles.


P.S. One step in the 5-step book is so breakthrough and yet so simple...well, let's just say you will never "count calories" again after reading it.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sophia Loren's Secret to Longevity

Consider this Part Two of my post on How to Lose Weight the Celebrity Way.

I picked up a recent copy of Sly Stallone's magazine, called Sly. Sharon Stone is on the cover. It's the December/January 2006 issue. I have no idea why it's still on the stands in late March.

There's a section in it with photos of hot older women. Older meaning over 40. Since I'm 52, most of them are younger women to me. But no matter.

Sophia Loren, for example, is now 71. What a beautiful woman she still is. She's been in 90 films and is as gorgeous as the first time I saw her on the big screen.

Her secret?

From Sophia herself:

"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. "

And from the Sly magazine article:

Loren wakes up every morning at 7 a.m., puts on her make-up, and then works-out.

I don't know why she puts on her make-up first, but that's how Sly reported it.

Anyway, note that this babe is 71 and still works-out every morning.

Working-out helps me with my thinking and creativity. I often get breakthrough marketing ideas while in my gym.

It doesn't seem to make me any better looking, but I'm no Sophia Loren to begin with, either.

Ao Akua,


PS - When Nerissa and I were in Italy a couple of years ago, we drove right behind Sophia Loren's villa. We would have stopped to say hey, but I wasn't working-out back then. Next time, Sophia?

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

How to Lose Weight the Celebrity Way

People still keep asking me how I lost 80 pounds and became the Charles Atlas of the Internet. I'm going to release my secret method for achieving health and fitness later in the year. For now, I can give you some clues based on what movie stars have done to gain weight.

Sly Stallone packed on weight for the movie Cop Land by not working-out and by eating pancakes every morning at Denny's.

Robert De Niro added 40 pounds for the movie Raging Bull by not working-out and eating pasta every day.

For the new movie Find Me Guilty, Vin Diesel added 35 pounds to his normally athletic frame by skipping working-out and eating a quart of ice cream every day.

Need I say more?

Don't exercise and eat pastas, breads and creams and you'll gain weight.

By the same token, start working-out and avoid the stuff Sumo wrestlers eat (beer, pasta, cream and breads) and you'll start to lose weight and get fit.

Consider: Each of the above actors gained the extra weight for their movie roles, but they also took it off after the final shoot.

What do you think they did to get back in shape again?

Let me give you a clue:

When I was in LA to train with T .R. Goodman, I met actors Ray Liotta and James Caan. Both men are in great shape.

Gee, I wonder why.

Liotta was doing sit-ups on a big rubber ball when he stopped to shake my hand.

James Caan had just finished working-out when he playfully gave me a hard time about the Muscle Milk I was drinking and jokingly said he wanted paid to have my picture taken with him. (He was very friendly and even gave me a private tour of the TV set for Las Vegas.)

Where did I meet both?

In the gym.

Need I say more?

Maybe I do...

I know you may not want to work-out.

The thing is, you don't have to want to, you just have to do it.

There are plenty of days when I would rather not exercise.

I exercise anyway.

Whatever you may think about Nike, they have it right when they boldly state...

Just Do It.

Note: This goes for your marketing, as well.

Quit avoiding; start doing.

Just Do It.

Ao Akua,


PS - Lindsay Lohan probably has something to say about losing weight, too. I'll ask her when she calls me. Meanwhile, see

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Finally - News About "The Secret" Movie - Will Air March 23rd

I just learned that the long awaited movie, The Secret, will be released to the world on Thursday, March 23rd.

You'll be able to watch the movie right online, using new technology called Vividas that will work on any computer. Vividas will let you see full screen, broadcast quality video right on your screen via the web. I'm told Disney, Dreamworks and Universal Studios are using it for their movie trailers.

Vividas is for broadband users, but you'll also be able to buy The Secret on DVD, too.

Believe me, you'll want to buy this movie.

I am very excited. I've seen the movie and think it's an inspiring masterpiece.

It's far better than What the Bleep.

I'm in it, as well as my friends Esther Hicks, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle, Bill Harris, Bob Proctor, and a long list of other great gurus and teachers of today.

Yes, it brings to life the principles in my book The Attractor Factor but it also goes way beyond it.

If you haven't seen the movie trailers for The Secret, go to

The people behind my Executive Mentoring Program saw the movie in February, at a private screening I held, and they all loved it.

Mark your calendar: March 23rd is the day for you to see it.

Ao Akua,


PS - Lindsay Lohan still hasn't called me. I hope she's ok. Maybe she didn't see my blog entry about her from a few days ago.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Choice of Choice, or, How to Save the World (At No Charge, Either)

I was just interviewed on yet another national radio show, partly to celebrate the success of my recent #1 bestseller, Life's Missing Instruction Manual and partly to see if I would fold under direct attack.

The host began the show with a doom and gloom speech that I'm sure appealed to the majority of people in America, if not the world.

He simply spoke what they were already thinking:

  • Poor economy.
  • Intense competition.
  • Skyrocketing gas prices.
  • Shipping charges raising.
  • Pessimism about the future.
  • Skepticism about the Internet.
You get the idea.

The world is a sad, sad place - at least according to him.

I listened to his dark opening remarks and wondered what he was talking about. I vaguely remembered that I once lived in the world he described. But I left it long, long ago, on the spaceship called Choice.

When the host introduced me, I began by saying --

"I just heard your description and I have to say that I don't live in the world you described."

"What world do you live in then?"

"I created my own world," I said. "There are countless others like me who are making a nice living if not a record-breaking luxurious living by using the Internet, being creative, taking risks and having a blast."

I went on to tell him how I just made my latest book a #1 bestseller by leveraging the Internet. I told him about the online marketing strategy behind and explained that others have used the same "ethical bribe" formula to sell books and other products.

I went on to tell him about my friend Pat O'Bryan, a once struggling blues guitar player who stood on my front steps one day and with an angry red face said, "All I want is to make enough money to pay my frickin rent."

Pat was more colorful in his expression then, but today he's got a following, a mailing list, a catalog of products at , and he will be hosting his first "Portable Empire" seminar in May - an event that sold-out six hours after he announced it.

I went on to tell the radio host about the clever college kid in England who raised more than a million dollars selling tiny pixel ads on a blank webpage.

To his credit, the radio show announcer listened with an open mind. He asked me skeptically based questions, but I'm sure he was thinking of his audience, and what they were thinking as they listened to me rant on with a fiery plea for people to be inspired rather than depressed.

I did my best to continue to tell hypnotic stories that would awaken the positive in people. Just the day before I read a wonderful brief article in Ode magazine about how the world needs more positive stories.

It pointed out that the media makes us think the world is bad off when in fact we're doing pretty darn good. Yes, we can improve. But we're not going to hell in a hand basket, either. It's up to media to help us focus on the positive. They need to tell us more stories about heroes and heroines, about the problems being solved rather than the problems we still have.

The radio show I was on is simply one of many that focuses on the darker side of the world. The truth is, this focus attracts more of the very thing it's focusing on. Obviously, this is pure "Attractor Factor" at work.

I know the media may not change. They know it's easy to grab listeners if they focus on negativity. It works. It sells.

So what can we do?

Maybe we as guests on radio shows -- or as marketers promoting our products -- can turn the focus to the positive by what we say, think, and do.

I went on that show and turned on the light.

I could have played into the hands of the host.

I didn't.

You can do this, too.

It's simply a choice.

When Hurricane Rita aimed itself at Texas, I took a deep breath and wrote a plea for people to think positive. I didn't want everyone to fall into victim mentality. Myself included. The media painted a worse-case scenario. I didn't.

When I write sales letters, I do my best to focus on the positive. I want to share my love, my excitement, my passion. An example is my article on "Evil Marketing? What a Bufflao Rancer Taught Me About Selling."

If you don't believe the world is actually getting better and better, then read Paul Zane Pilzer's book The Next Millionaires. I interviewed him for my program and think he's an inspiring genius. Read anything by him.

The point is, you have the power to make a difference.

The world doesn't have to change before you do.

In fact, when you change, the world changes.

The next move is yours.

Ao Akua,


PS - I'm worried. Lindsay Lohan hasn't called me yet. Didn't she see my blog entry about her the other day?

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

How Lindsay Lohan and I Discovered the Fountain of Youth, or, The Psychology of the Second Interest

Last night I dreamed I went on a quest into a dark jungle to find The Secret to health, wealth and happiness.

When I returned from my travels, glad to get to my tent, tired but excited by what I had dug up, famous singer/actress/model Lindsay Lohan was waiting for me.

I was a little surprised, but I just figured I attracted her.

After all, 7th Heaven actress Jessica Biel loves my book The Attractor Factor and actor James Caan accepted my book when he and I hung out together on the set of Las Vegas.

So having Lindsay Lohan in my tent wasn't too surprising.

So I said hey.

She wanted to hear about my trip into the wilds. She seemed excited and fascinated, her hypnotic eyes locked on mine as I told her my tale.

I told her that weeks earlier I stumbled across a rare plant that could be turned into a tea that helped people start youthing rather than aging.

Despite her young age, and her wealth, and her fame, she was smart enough to know this could be a huge money-maker.

She wanted to know more.

I reached for my dirty burlap bag, and pulled out the root of the plant I had found.

She sensed this was something historic.

"This will help people lose weight and grow younger?" she asked.

"I'm sure of it," I said. "Look at me. Don't I look younger already?"

She stared at me as if I were a talking car, but she nodded.

"You look great!" she said.

Nothing like having a sexy movie star compliment you.

She added, "You won't even need to bribe people to buy this stuff like you did at"

"I'm not so sure," I told her. "People don't take action unless they are motivated to do so. An ethical bribe gets them to get off their butts. They may not even buy the Fountain of Youth in a bottle without some added incentive. We in marketing call it The Psychology of the Second Interest."

I explained to her that even though my latest book, Life's Missing Instruction Manual, is good for people, they won't buy it right now unless something extra moves them to do so.

That's why I'm offering more than $13,000 in bonuses when people get the book at

And it's that very bribe that caused my book to rocket to #1 at Amazon and stay there for four days.

It's still a Top Bestseller right now.

Lindsay seemed impressed.

She moved closer to me.

I held my breath, not sure what she wanted.

"Joe, can I ask you a question?" she seductively whispered, almost like one of her songs on her new music CD

"," I replied, stiffening.

I wasn't sure what she was going to ask.

Finally, she spoke:

"Can I go with you on your next trip into the jungle?"

Hmmm. Lindsay Lohan wants to put on a backpack and take a trip into the darkness of the forest with me.

What should I say?

I know what my beautiful Nerissa would want me to say.

That's about when I woke up.

If I were a student of Jung or Freud and better understood dream interpretation, I might know what this dream was really trying to tell me.

Do you have any idea?

Ao Akua,


PS - Despite what you might be thinking about hypnotic stories and hypnotic language and other hypnotic secret things found in, the above was a dream I really had last night. I'm not making it up. Really.

PPS - I wonder if Lindsay Lohan had the same dream? In one of her songs the lyrics could be speaking about me: "I can't live without you...Can't breathe without you...I dream about you..."

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Amazing "Free The Lobsters!" Campaign

Back in December I wrote a post about gifts.

I openly informed everyone that the best gift for me and probably anyone else with a book addiction is an Amazon gift certificate.

But not everyone reads my blog.

A well-meaning friend who I absolutely love and admire sent me an email a week ago, saying he was sending Nerissa and me a surprise.

He asked if we would be home, because he didn't want the surprise to perish sitting on the front steps.

I figured he was sending fruit, which I love, or a plant, which Nerissa loves.

I was pretty sure it wasn't an Amazon gift certificate.

Then the other day Fed-X brought the big white box.

I carried it inside, called Nerissa into the kitchen, peeked at the return address, and shuddered.

"I think it's live lobsters," I mumbled to Nerissa.

She whipped around, angry, and said, "You're messing with me! Nobody would do that to us!"

I opened the top flat, careful not to open the inside of the carefully packaged box, and saw a recipe on how to cook live lobster.

I also heard a scratch from inside the box.

You can't imagine how nauseated we felt.

Sending two animal loving people live animals to cook is not the right gift for us.

I'm sure some people would relish the idea of receiving live lobsters. Not us. If we had to kill animals to eat, we'd be vegetarians or we'd starve.

The point of this blog isn't about whether it's right to eat meat or not, the point is about what do you do when you make a mistake?

I wrote the friend who sent the gift to us, thanked him, and said it wasn't right for us. I was loving and polite in my note to him, careful not to hurt his feelings, but I wanted him to know this gift missed the mark.

If you were him, what would you have done?

This dear friend wrote back, apologizing, letting me know how terrible he felt, and asked me to Fed-X the lobsters back to him, saying he would take them to the ocean and free them.

That was a brilliant answer.

Not only did he know enough to ask for their return, but he knew that we would love knowing he freed those critters.

I sealed the package, gave it back to Fed-X, and the two lobsters with the most frequent flyer miles in history went back home.

But this beautiful turn-around story doesn't stop there.

My friend sent us the above picture of him freeing the lobsters, and wrote the following email (which he gave me permission to share with you):

"Attached is a photo of me about to release the lobsters.

"Below zero with the wind chill out there yesterday. Also recorded it on video, but having trouble uploading video to my computer.

"I had a crazy idea to launch a "free the lobsters" website, put out a bunch of press releases, put fliers up around towns on the seacoast, etc.

"Would have tons of videos and photos about how "A Crazed Couple From New Hampshire Are Buying Up All Of The Lobsters In New England And Setting Them Free Back Into The Ocean."

"The site was going to sell tee-shirts that said, "Free The Lobsters".

But due to the cold, the amount of pictures and video that we were able to take without getting frostbite wasn't enough. That is something that would have been in ALL of the newspapers around here. Would have been known as the great lobster hoax.

"Oh well. At least they are free and happy now. Again, I am sorry."

In my book, The Attractor Factor, I talk about TIISG.

That means "Turn it into something good."

My friend who sent the live lobsters turned the negative moment into something good.

Remember TIISG.

And "Free the Lobsters!"

Ao Akua,


PS - I still prefer an Amazon gift certificate over just about anything else you could name, unless you're planning to send me a 2006 Bentley Continental GT. Then, I'll make an exception.

PPS - My latest book, Life's Missing Instruction Manual, is still an Amazon bestseller. Was #1 for four days. Still in Top 10 on bestseller list right now. You can still grab $13,000 worth of bonuses for getting the book. See Tell friends. They'll love you for this news. It's the deal of 2006. It's sure better than live lobsters in a Fed-X box.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Three Gifts

To celebrate my latest book, Life's Missing Instruction Manual, hitting #1 at Amazon and staying there for four days, I want to give you some more gifts. To wit --

A short but upbeat Business of Success interview with me is at -

An hour-long "hypnotic" interview by the mesmerizing Wendi Friesen is at -

A longer interview with Simpleology founder Mark Joyner carefully probing into my early years of struggle, and learning my three secrets to success (inspired by blues-rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan), is at -

All of the recordings are free for you to listen to right at your computer.

If you somehow missed or mis-placed the offer to get my new book and claim $13,500 in bonuses, it's still up (for now) at -

Thank you for your support.

Ao Akua,


PS - A few seats remain: If you haven't heard about my Manifestation Weekend, read about it on my blog at -

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How to Create a #1 Bestseller While a Hippo Eats a Dwarf

My latest book, Life's Missing Instruction Manual, shot up the Amazon bestseller list within hours yesterday -- despite some unexpected bumps in the road. For example --

We offered an "ethical bribe" to get people to buy my new book. We sent them to where the offer is explained.

Basically, get a copy of my new book and you'll get 59 original bonuses - worth over $13,500.

Good deal, right?

The thing is, my web guy didn't finish the site. He had the landing page done at but he didn't finish the download page. He was struggling with personal issues and gave up and quit. He left me an email saying he'd talk to me in a few days.


My promotions were in full swing. I couldn't turn them off. Yet the download page where people collected their bonuses wasn't ready. They would buy books, go to collect their bonuses, and see -- nothing.

I started to panic.

About then I received an email from Mark Joyner, Internet legend and dear friend. It was 2 AM in New Zealand, where he lives now, but he just "happened" to be online.

He said some wise words about how people will forgive me and how there is always a way to turn any negative into something good.

I felt better.

We then exchanged a fury of emails as we searched for a solution to the download page.

But then my computer died.

My main pc, the life blood to my business, just quit.

And this is all while I'm doing radio shows and answering emails and otherwise working on my book promotion.

What would you have done in this situation?


I took a breath and decided to get centered.

Since I had just spent several days with Dr. Len, learning his updated ho'oponopono Hawaiian method for healing, I decided to practice it.

I kept thinking of my web guy and how I wanted to send the police to his door.

But then I thought of how he and I are connected and how I have to take total responsibility for his and my actions.

This is not easy.

Blame is far easier.

But total responsibility is the door to freedom.

I then asked for forgiveness and sent my request within myself to the Divine (whatever you want to call that force bigger than all of us).

I did this for twenty minutes.

I kept saying "I love you" and "I forgive you" to the world, not to myself or even to my web guy, but as a general tonic to all that is.

I ended up feeling total peace.

When I checked my email (on my Blackberry phone) there was a message from my web guy.

I thought he was out of action for days?

He apologized, said he was back on his feet, owed me his life, and would work to get the site at done.

What a relief.

Oh. My book hit #1 on the Amazon bestseller list last night and is still there today.

This is the fastest I've seen any book become a bestseller on Amazon.

We even nudged Wayne Dyer off the throne.

And left Harry Potter in the dust.

And my book hit #1 at Barnes and Noble online, as well.

But this opera ain't over.

You've seen nothing yet.

Stay tuned.

Ao Akua,


PS - I am reading a riveting book about all the modern day hoaxes online and off. This thing is eye-opening. It blows the whistle on "facts" you accepted as true, and makes you wary of everything brought to you by the media or an email. Covers eBay auctions, ads, politics, food, birth, death and more. Get this book. Get it! It's Hippo Eats Dwarf by Alex Boese, who also wrote The Museum of Hoaxes. See and I'm hoping my Great Lotto Hoax, reported on this blog yesterday, will make it into the next edition of one of Boese's books. Or maybe I shouldn't wish for that...

PPS -- Thanks to my friend Bill Hibbler for sending me the screen capture above. Bill and I are coauthors of a book you'll want. But beg all you like, I'm not telling you what it is -- yet.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Great Lotto Hoax Revealed, or, Why P.T. Barnum and Benjamin Franklin Love Me Now

If you heard my recent podcast/teleseminar on Invincible Marketing , then you know my little secret.

In short: I am directly responsible for the recent national hoax where a man claimed to win the largest lottery jackpot in American history -- and for a while convinced the media he found the lucky numbers while reading my bestselling book, The Attractor Factor

If you haven't figured out why I financed this event, here's the inside scoop: The entire publicity stunt was an Internet Marketing Strategy.

Let me explain this to you --

Since I wrote the only business book on P.T. Barnum in There's A Customer Born Every Minute, I know the value of a good hoax, humbug, or publicity stunt. Not only can they be fun, but they can lead to enormous publicity. Barnum did them all the time, and people loved them. Humbugs were the entertainment of his day.

But founding father Benjamin Franklin did them, too.

For example, he never flew a kite to discover electricity. According to Tom Tucker, in his book, Bolt of Fate: Benjamin Franklin and His Electric Kite Hoax, it was a stunt created by the dear Franklin. As a writer and printer, Franklin knew the value of getting the public's attention.

One of the greatest hoaxers of modern times is Alan Abel, who I now call a friend. After reading his books, interviewing him for my membership program, and wishing I was like him, I hired him to pull the greatest lotto hoax in modern history.

He orchestrated a smaller version of the lotto hoax once before, in New York City in 1990, when he made an unknown actress by the name of Charlene Taylor famous overnight.

I wondered if he could do it again -- but on a national scale.

He could, and did.

When the Powerball Lottery announced a winning ticket for the largest lotto jackpot in history -- a delirious $365,000,000 - Alan and his team put on warm clothes, grabbed copies of my book, and caught a plane.

They then staged a show worthy of an Oscar. Bob Pagani, a radio DJ and cohort of Alan's, used the name Bob Pagano and pretended to be the lotto winner. He carried my book and said he found the winning numbers in it.

Pandemonium broke out. TV cameras were everywhere. They covered every moment of this event. So did the press. Even Good Morning America reported the story. So did the Associated Press. One headline said "ABC Duped By Lotto Hoax."

Radio stations called me for interviews.

Newspapers ran my name, my book title, and some even printed my book's cover on their front pages.

Reporters wanted to know why I did this.

I jokingly said, "I tried to win the lotto for real. It was just easier to fake it."

It was all in fun -- but there is a master Internet Marketing Strategy behind it all, too.

After all, I am a marketer.

All of this publicity is only Step One in our grand strategy.

Step Two is to leverage all that publicity - now caught on video - into book sales. There's quite a lot to that step, and it hasn't begun yet. Alan is still doing interviews for such notables as Howard Stern, so the publicity machine hasn't cooled off and may not for a few more weeks.

So Step Two will be book sales. I can't talk about this step because it isn't activated yet. But you might want to watch sales increase for my recent books, such as The Attractor Factor and Life's Missing Instruction Manual

In fact, I am implementing part of the book sales step today, with the largest "bribe" in Internet history Some of the publicity generated by this lotto hoax will drive people to that site, where book sales will kick in.

Step Three will be to create products to sell, such as a DVD about The Great Lotto Hoax and a book about The Making of the Great Lotto Hoax.

Just as there is currently a documentary about Alan Abel's life, there will soon be a documentary about this event.

And a book.

And a Special Report.

And T-shirts, an audio program, and a seminar.

And -- who knows?

This publicity stunt will net a lot of mileage over the years to come.

My friend and mentor Paul Hartunian got publicity for selling the Brooklyn Bridge back in 1983 -- and he's still milking that story today.

Obviously, this lotto hoax will have legs for decades, and will lead to bottomline profits in a variety of ways over the years ahead.

My small investment could potentially turn into millions of dollars in sales.

Few people in business have the guts to pull something this huge in order to get attention for their products or service. But in this day -- in any day -- you have to do something to stand out in the crowd.

For example, two weeks ago I had breakfast with Andy Dallas, the next president of the Society of American Magicians He told me about his stunts to promote his magic act - such as hanging upside down from a helicopter while struggling to escape from a straight jacket.

He, of course, was simply upgrading an old stunt Houdini used to do to get attention for his magic shows in the early 1900s.

Again, you have to do something to get noticed today.

I admit I was nervous about hiring Alan Abel to create this stunt for me.

But I'm a disciple of him, and Barnum, and knew that many successful authors did outrageous things to get attention, such as Robert Allen, who promoted his real estate book by challenging the media with --

"Send me to any city in the United States. Take away my wallet. Give me $100 for living expenses. And in 72 hours I will buy an excellent piece of real estate using none of my own money."

Robert went on to become a New York Times bestselling author.

Robert's still issuing challenges. See

And besides, didn't I record the bestselling audio program called The Power of Outrageous Marketing for ?

I couldn't let fear stop me.

When it comes to having fun, making money, and making history, a good publicity stunt may just be the ticket.

Just ask P.T. Barnum, Benjamin Franklin, Alan Abel -- or me.

Ao Akua,

Joe Vitale

PS - Read one version of the lotto story at

PPS - P.T. Barnum never said, "There's a sucker born every minute." That's another hoax. For proof, read my book, There's A Customer Born Every Minute (revised version due out April, 2006 from J. Wiley, Inc.) and/or see

PPPS - If you want to know how the world's #1 book publicist gets publicity, see

PPPPS - Be sure to see You know you want to.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

What I Learned from Barney, or, The Secret Message in the Movie "16 Blocks"

Yesterday Nerissa and I went to see the new movie 16 Blocks starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def. We loved it. It's a fast-paced thriller with a positive message.

Bruce Willis, Mos Def, and Frank Nugent give command performances and Richard Donner makes the movie sing with action. I urge you to see it.

But that's not why I'm writing this.

When we relaxed in front of the television last night, which is our norm before going to bed, we decided to watch an old re-run of Don Knotts as Barney Fife. We miss Don Knotts. Watching him on TV would be a bitter-sweet experience.

The Andy Griffith Show episode we watched was filmed in 1962. It was about Don Knotts/Barney entering a choir but not being able to sing a note.

Everyone knew Barn was a lousy singer except Barney himself. The thing is, no one wanted to break the news to Barney about his singing.

The entire show was about protecting Barney's feelings.

Contrast that to the TV sit-coms of today. Most of them gain their "humor" by taking cheap shots at the other characters. The comedy comes from belittling or hurting others.

I couldn't help but feel we need more wholesome shows based on love and respect, like the old Andy Griffith/Mayberry ones.

Since television is programming our minds, at least unconsciously, it is shaping who we become. It would help all of us if it offered better role models and behavior. Barney proves that it is possible.

The Bruce Willis movie 16 Blocks has positive character messages in it, so I know there's hope for us, and for the media.

My assistant, Suzanne, saw the same movie on the same day we did. She asked me if I noticed what was on the side of the bus in the movie.

I hadn't.

I was hoping it was an ad for my next book.

It wasn't.

Instead, the bus ad conveyed something better:

"Send love."


Ao Akua,


PS - We miss you Barn.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Manifestation Weekend, or Advanced Secrets for Co-Creating Your Reality

I just announced to my email list that I am holding a "Manifestation Weekend" for 25 people in Austin, Texas on May 20 and 21.

I got inspired to hold this weekend -- which might be considered part two of my famous Spiritual Marketing Super Summitt of years ago -- after spending several days with Dr. Len, who I wrote about a few days ago, and who 75 people came to see on Feb. 25.

Everyone at that dinner with Dr. Len got something personally transformative. In my case I got a new understanding of how to create or allow miracles. This is leading-edge and mind-expanding. I wish I could tell you about it here, but it would take too long.

Since writing my book, The Attractor Factor, I learned how to accelerate the manifestation process. I want to share these insights with you in a small group setting, so you can fully experience their power.

The weekend will be about the basic 5 steps as explained in my book, as well as my new insights, discoveries, and processes.

I'm not going to write a long sales letter or send you to a website to convince you to attend, because this isn't about words, it's about inspiration.

I'm looking for the 25 people who are reading this and saying, "This feels right to me. Count me in. I'll be there."

If what I've said here resonates with you, and you feel you want to be one of the few to attend this weekend with me, here are the details --

  • The first 10 people to register get in for $1,000.
  • The second 10 people to register get in for $2,000.
  • The last 5 people to register get in for $3,000.

Obviously, if you feel the nudge to attend this private training, then I suggest you let my assistant know right now. Send her an email at

"If you can perceive your desire, it exists." -- Neville

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS -- Five people instantly registered for the Manifestation Weekend. They know that money likes speed. Action is rewarded. Miracles are possible.

PPS - The audio recording of the Feb. 25 dinner with Dr. Len will be given away with a book purchase as part of my new book promotion on March 7. Circle that date and look for an email about the big event to promote Life's Missing Instruction Manual.

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