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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My New Direction: The Complete Story (and how it affects you)

Here's something you know...and something you don't.

As you probably know, I originally had 1,500 sets of my master home study course, Hypnotic Selling Secrets produced.

Then I went and lost 80 pounds. I truly reshaped my body and my health. The new me just couldn't stand looking at the picture of my old fat self on all of those courses any more.

So I went and did this crazy promotion to move the last of those 1,500 "Fat Joe"courses out the door. I included everything and the kitchen sink, even some brand new bonuses that I had never released before.

And we sold all but a small handful of sets that I had set aside only for past customers of mine.

Or so I thought...

Much to my dismay, I got an email yesterday from my production company. As it turns out, they discovered 7 copies of the Hypnotic Selling Secrets course in a corner from a production overrun.

And then my customer service manager told me there were 3 perfectly unopened returns that came back last week. Seems there are always a few tire kickers that buy courses, and return them without ever even opening them to see how good they are. (!)!

So that's 10 copies.

Add to that the 3 sets we had on hold for people that were supposed to submit their payment by 5/29 but couldn't come up with the funds.

That's 13 copies.

And then we have 4 customer only sets left.

So all told, there are now only 17 special collectors edition Hypnotic Selling Secrets courses available anywhere in the whole world.

And I want every single one of these last 17 sets that resurfaced to fly out the door today (May 31st) to 17 lucky people. I want them out of my sight forever.

Now here's what you may not know:

If you haven't noticed, my teaching has evolved towards sharing what I have learned about universal laws and manifestation. The movie The Secret and my Manifestation Weekend and my book The Attractor Factor prove that I'm going in a new direction.

I may or may not ever put out a Hypnotic Selling Secrets home study course like the one I did a couple years ago. If I ever do, it certainly won't be the same information.

Heck, as of right now, every Hypnotic Marketing product that I have is off the market indefinitely. The only way to get your hands on any of my Hypnotic Writing and Hypnotic Marketing products is to secure one of the last 17 copies of Hypnotic Selling Secrets.

This will probably sell out very quickly, so go here now before someone else gets your copy:

I'm excited about my new direction in life. I'll never stop marketing or teaching Hypnotic Writing and Hypnotic Marketing, of course, but I'll probably never do another event like the one that created Hypnotic Selling Secrets

Ao Akua,


PS. Have you heard the rumor that I'm retiring? With all of the buzz about me closing off ordering of all my other Hypnotic Marketing products and with selling off the last copies of my giant course, some people are saying that I'm retiring. No way. But my teaching has evolved. If I do produce more Hypnotic Marketing products sometime, they will be higher priced and will not include the same information you can get today. This is your last chance, don't forever miss out on being one of the Elite 1,500 that has all of my business and marketing secrets. If you haven't claimed your copy yet, get it now ...before someone beats you to it.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Your Brain's 10 Year Rule

A few weeks ago I was stuck at the San Jose airport, waiting for the airline to find a safe plane to get me back home to Texas.

I sat there for nine hours.

While a lot of other passengers kicked and moaned and otherwise had a fit, I and maybe a dozen others went with the flow.

I used the down time to write, read, and relax. One of the books I had stuffed in my bag was good for my mind, was a delight to read, taught me a few things, and prompted me to write this post.

According to Richard Restak, in his book, The New Brain: How the Modern Age Is Rewiring Your Mind, your brain is plastic.

You can teach your brain new tricks, skills, languages and more with repetition, intention, awareness, and patience.

He says there is a 10-year rule stating that virtually anyone can become a genius -- or at least a superior performer -- in a niche if they apply themselves in that area for a decade.

As I think about how I became an author, then a copywriter, then a publicist, then a speaker, and then an Internet marketer, I can see I spent decades learning those subjects and honing my skills.

I read books. Studied authors. Bought courses. Invested in weekend seminars and trainings. I put myself through a relentless and disciplined self-study and home-study quest to learn and grow.

I still do this today. I was stuck at the San Jose airport because I had flown there to attend a weekend seminar. And just last weekend I held the world's first Manifestation Weekend where already successful people came from all over the world to see how much more successful they could be.

The point:

If you want to become a marketer, or copywriter, or author, or anything else, you should expect to invest time, energy and money to learn the craft. You should expect it to take longer than a weekend. You can start the process in a moment, with a decision, and you can see progress very quickly, but mastery will take a little longer.

Maybe even ten years.

But if you don't start now, where will you be in 10 years?

Ao Akua,


PS - Speaking of starting right now: I can easily train you in my Hypnotic Marketing Formula, and I can teach you how to go Beyond the Attractor Factor -- and I can do it while you sit right where you're sitting now. All you have to do is watch me on your monitor, talking direct to you. The technology that makes this possible is called M2S, which means Multi-Media Seminar. You can see it explained and demonstrated at or Go see.

PPS - If you haven't seen my Hypnotic Selling Secrets course - the giant definitive DVD, CD, and e-book collection on Hypnotic Writing, Hypnotic Selling, and Hypnotic Marketing, which now includes virtually all of my previous e-material listed below - then zip over to right now. The last 39 sets go off the market tomorrow night at midnight. In fact, you currently cannot get any of my products listed below --

The only way to get them is revealed at If you're ready to train your brain, then invest in Hypnotic Selling Secrets right now. Go for it.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Truth about How to Attract a New Car (or anything else)

Some wonderful soul sent me a blunt email saying I didn't manifest or attract my BMW Z3 or my BMW 645ci luxury sports cars.

He said, "You PAID for them!"

I was a little stunned.

What was he thinking?

Of course I paid for them.

Then it dawned on me that he was confusing the means with the source.

In other words, money, cars and other stuff always come from someplace -- they don't just appear in front of you in a cloud of white smoke (though I won't rule that out) -- but where they come from is the channel, not the source.

This is a biggie.

I first heard this truth from my friend Bob Proctor, who is in the movie I'm in, The Secret.

Bob said, "You think money comes to you from your job, but it comes to you through your job."

As soon as I realized that wealth could come to me in a wide variety of surprising ways, I was well on my way to learning the art of manifestation.

It's the same with attracting a car or house or spouse or whatever you want. When you start using the 5 steps in The Attractor Factor, or you start practicing the message in The Secret, you activate new thoughts within you, which will lead you to surprising new ways to "manifest" or "attract" what you intend. But if you over analyze the new ways, you could dismiss the magic behind them.

For example, in my book The Attractor Factor I explain how I desired a BMW Z3. Out of that desire came something brand new to me and the rest of the world: the idea of a high-ticket eclass, or coaching by email.

The idea came from inspiration. It was triggered by my intention. By my following through, I received the cash I needed to buy that car. I still have the car and I still love it.

But if you look at the car and say "You PAID for it!," then you miss the magic of how I received the money to pay for it.

The same thing happened when I attracted my BMW 645ci luxury sports car.

I wasn't looking for a new car. I was teaching others how to attract a new car using some of my ideas at As I went through the process of playing with possibilities and thinking about a new car I might enjoy, I chose one, just for funsies, with the rest of the class.

But as I completed the teleseminar and later offered people the chance to buy the audios on how to attract a new car, I received enough money from the sales to buy my BMW 645ci. So I did. And I love it, too.

Again, if you look at that new car and say "You PAID for it!", then you miss the magic of how it all came about.

The important lesson is to look to the source, not the channel.

Source is supplying everything.

If you want something, go to source.

Source has everything.

Ao Akua,


PS -- The recent Manifestation Weekend explored all of this in great depth. If you haven't checked out, you might want to give it a look. But remember, the product there isn't ready for sell yet. If you want to know when the next Manifestation Weekend will be held, or if you want to be notified when the audios of the last event are ready for purchase, just send a blank email to Thank you.

PPS - If you're trying to attract perfect health -- you know, so you can enjoy driving arround in all those new cars you attract -- you might enjoy knowing about this: If you or someone you know is worried about high cholesterol, send them to You'll find a free e-book there that is very eye-opening. And the natrual product is a breakthrough in this area. It can help lower bad cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, and help prevent heart attack and stroke, too. Go see.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ut Oh! What is Joe Vitale REALLY like?

Amy Grant attended the now famous Manifestation Weekend last Sat and Sun.

She's been posting her views of the event on her blog, and revealing what marketers like Pat O'Bryan and Craig Perrine are really like.

She teased her readers a few days ago, saying she would reveal what Joe Vitale is really like one day soon.

I've been checking her blog ever since.

Now I know what people feel like when I tease them with my blog posts.

Amy has become quite the little hypnotic marketer.

Anyway, she finally spilled the beans about me today on her blog at

I have no idea what to say.

So I'll shut up and let Amy do the talking.

Go see her blog.

Ao Akua,


PS - If you want to know when the next Manifestation Weekend will be held and where (I'm thinking San Diego right now), send a blank email to or see and fill out the form on the page. You'll be notified when we have the date and place.

PPS - I love you. (Well, I do. So get over it.) :)

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Better Way to Save the Internet

I just got the below emails.

I need your help to resolve this in a win-win way, for the highest good of all concerned.

Since this concerns you and everyone else on the Internet, I think it's important.

Please see below.

Thank you,



Hi Joe,

Realizing that you're probably quite busy and may already have a full agenda for today, I want to ask a favor.

Last year when the hurricane after Katrina (Rita?) was threatening Houston and much of Texas, you sent out an email to the effect that we could potentially avert much damage and hardship if we could collectively hold an image and expectation of a positive outcome rather than going into fear.

My favor is to ask you to send a message today, or very soon, regarding the current COPE Actlegislation, encouraging people to hold an image and expectation of the highest good for all as an outcome. I hear people going into fear and gloom and doom and suspect if we all go there, we'll get exactly what we don't want.

I'm approaching you for this favor because I suspect you have access to quite a large audience and we've seen positive results before.

Thank you for considering this.



Now here's the background story. - Joe

> "Congress and Internet service providers like
> the cable and telephone companies are conspiring
> to turn the Internet from a freee, wide-open
> smorgasbord of information into a very limited
> and expensive format that resembles cable TV."
> -- Bill Hibbler,
> If the COPE act passes, smaller websites like yours
> and mine could be blocked or loaded so slowly that
> nobody would bother to visit.
> If you're in the USA, you can contact your Congress
> member by simply signing an online petition. Your
>email vote will be sent directly to your local
> Over 730,000 have already signed, but it's not enough
> to halt the progress of the COPE Act.


I urge you to visit the site and let your vote and voice be heard.

I also urge you to look at this in a different way:

There's no conspiracy.

There are simply people trying to do business online.

You can't blame them for that.

Hating them for trying to make money online is mirroring your own inner hate for desiring to make money online.

This is a psychological loop you'll want to heal in order to make a living anywhere, and to be comfortable with more money.

Rather than hating them, or calling them conspirators, how about if we love them, accept them, bless them, and yet choose to not side with them?

In the Manifestation Weekend that I just held this last weekend in Austin, Texas, we all learned that the simple three words "I love you" can transform any trying or even "impossible" situation.

Since you probably weren't at the Manifestation Weekend, the short version of the story is this:

Mentally saying "I love you", whether you feel it or not, will transform your inner experience and send out a different signal to the world, which will attract new results.

Nerissa saw this because right after the weekend she attracted a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid -- after wanting one for months.

Craig Perrine saw this when on Monday, right after the magical weekend, the doctor gave their three-year old a clean bill of health -- after a year of trying operations and deep concerns.

You can hear "I love you" spoken by the Manifestation Weekend attendees on the second video clip at

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

As I asked you to do when Hurricane Rita aimed itself at Texas, I suggest we all hold higher thoughts about the legislation. You can certainly vote against it and voice your words, but I believe we'll see a win-win result if we do it from love.

If you remember, Rita dropped from a terrifying category 5 hurricane to a category 2 by the time it hit land. It changed direction, too. It never hit Houston, which had panicked and evacuated. It never hit here, either.

We can do this.

I love you.

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS - It might be helpful if you also held a vision of how you would like the Internet to work for the highest good of all concerned. You don't need to be a robber baron to make it online. In fact, I've found sharing, win-win arrangements, and benevolence to be the yellow brick road to the gold in cyberspace. "I love you" works.

PPS - Invite others to read and spread the message of this post. The time is now. I love you. Pass it down.

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This is a test

The program that changes lives and improves the bottom line in every business

I invest in many programs, but the one I hear the most good things about is that one.

Ao Akua,


PS - Not sure what to say here today. Guess I'm tired.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Texas Woman Beats Google to the Punch

Today's top news --

Texas Woman Beats Google to the Punch, Marries Video to AdSense Ads

Google, Inc. is planning to release a new version of their popular AdSense ads that include video ads, but a Texas woman released her software at earlier this month that marries video to Google AdSense.

Video Code Maker "marries" your Google AdSense ads directly to your video clips that you post online. Viewers watch videos uninterrupted but with AdSense ads clearly visible to the viewer the whole time. Advertisements can be placed to the right of each video for generating sales or company branding. These ads are clearly visible --yet-- do not interrupt the viewer's video enjoyment Affiliate marketers can sell their products with enhanced entertainment like free viral video clips.

Marrying Google's ads to your videos complies with Google's user agreement because it's merely a web design choice the user is making -- getting their ads closer to the location the web visitor is looking.

"This is really the easiest way to monetize your personal videos, company videos, and free viral video clips", says the creator of Video Code Maker, Nerissa Oden of Wimberley Texas.

Video Code Maker gives video content creators a way to generate sales by hooking up with related products that can be sold as an affiliate. If video creators don't want ads near their videos then they can place a cool image of themselves, their company logo, or any image they want and still achieve effective market branding.

Visit to learn more.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A video with three words that change lives

Nerissa just posted some new short videos on my video blog.

These are brief clips, fun, and very revealing. The top one done at the recent Manifestation Weekend is worth the quick visit to see it. Listen to these people say just three words that can transform your life.

Turn on your speakers and go to

Ao Akua,


PS -- Also note that my new Cafe Press store has new items in it, again thanks to Nerissa. There's a link to it off the top video clip at or just go to

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Whew! Going "Beyond Manifestation" in The Manifestation Weekend

Take a look at this picture --

What do you notice?

You probably can't tell by just looking at the picture, but maybe you can feel something of the ecstasy these adventurers felt as they boarded the Manifestation Weekend jet with me this past Sat and Sun.

I was the first officer on this flight and something greater than all of us was the pilot.

More than twenty-five people came from all over the world, from Mexico and Australia to all points within the USA, all to buckle up and learn how to go past their limits and onwards and upwards to things they may never have imagined before.

These people were no strangers to inner growth. All had read my book The Attractor Factor. All had completed other events and trainings. Some were healers and therapists. All knew how to co-create their own reality using the principles in my books or in the movie, The Secret.

But they all came to go past all of that.

They were ready to learn how to turbocharge their ability to manifest.

They were ready to go beyond what they knew or thought they knew.

I was moved to tears. So was everyone else. I got a standing ovation at the end of the event. But I didn't deserve it. All I did was act on an inspiration that told me to host something called The Manifestation Weekend. From there, I was winging it.

But the funny thing about winging it is that you have wings.

And when you have wings, you can fly.

And when you fly with the type of energy that was among these noble and open minded leaders, you soar as if you're wearing a jet pack and you're cleared to land anywhere you can imagine.

I wish I could convey in words the overwhelming divine power of the weekend. We were in a non-stop moment-by-moment state of exhilaration.

The buzz of high energy was thick. People shared and connected and supported in ways I have never seen before, and I've been around the block when it comes to self improvement, personal growth, spiritual and marketing matters, meditation, and more. I've written about a lot of my own personal journey in the book, Adventures Within.

But this weekend was off the charts. When I asked the group to rate the event on a scale of 1 to 10, all gave it a 10 and most said it was a 15 or even a 20. It went way beyond their expectations, and even mine.

In fact, the entire weekend was about how to go Beyond Manifestation.

I'll soon create a site for you to hear the audios and read the transcripts for the event. It will be up at in a few weeks.

For now, take another look at that picture and see if you can sense just a little of the passion, energy and bliss we all shared.

It was truly miraculous.

Ao Akua,


PS -- In case you are so curious you can't stand it, the Manifestation Weekend covered everything from how to heal yourself and others with a simple three word statement (!), to my psychic power awakening at the hands of a Hawaiian shaman, to a powerful new ho'oponopono meditation method, to some surprising and revealing pointers about marketing and list building, to new ways to clear and clean the limiting beliefs and energies within yourself, to metaphysical copywriting (?!), to how I let my soul guide my business decisions, to personal confessions about what works and what doesn't in my marketing, to the inside story about the movie The Secret, to the all encompassing blunt truth about what it means to take total responsibility for your life. (You've never heard this definition before!)

PPS - Oh! We also played with what we would welcome if it came "out of the clear blue sky," we had two surprise guest speakers, I revealed what I secretly did with a pencil eraser to make my book Life's Missing Instruction Manual a #1 bestseller, and I gave everyone a stack of mystery bonuses, including a special hand-made, hand-painted magic journal from India blessed with a power to bring wealth and success to the owner of it. I also wrote a manual just for this event, but the event itself was so filling, almost no one cared about the manual. There were more surprises and insights and discoveries than I can remember right now. I'll have to listen to the audios of the event, too. Be looking for the opening of the website at Whew! What a weekend!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Mysterious Gift

Famed bodybuilder Dave Draper -- or maybe his wife, who I know reads my marketing books -- just sent me a brand new DVD of Dave Draper and Bill Pearl in a private seminar.

It's billed as 75 minutes of Bill Pearl and Dave Draper answering a broad range of questions from IronOnline Bash attendees. There's also a dozen minutes with Ed Corney, as he joins in the conversation for the fun of it.

Two muscular slide shows are included on the DVD, plus a 32-page booklet outlining a subsequent private conversation between Bill and Dave.

My copy of the booklet is signed by Dave, which makes this collectible even more important to me.

You won't find any female bodybuilding fitness pics mpegs
or pictures venice beach bodybuilding or any arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilding secrets but you will find two bodybuilding living legends sharing their wisdom and experience straight from the gut.

I'm not sure just who sent me this gift, but I'm sure loving it.

From a marketing standpoint, giving something like this to an "influential" is very wise. If the influential likes the product, he or she will tell their followers - like I'm doing right now.

Get the DVD from

Ao Akua,


PS - Bill Pearl's site is at and Ed Corney's site is at I've only bought from but I trust any of these guys to keep their word. Check them all out. They're heros.

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An Audio & Video Report on the Canine Concert

Mark Joyner interviewed me about the Canine Concert. To hear the story, follow this:

1. Set Up Your Free Simpleology Account here:

2. After You Log in for the First Time, Look for the"Recordings"

In the left hand menu, you'll see a link for "Recordings," click on that and you'll be able to listen to my interview instantly.

If you want to see a video clip of the Canine concert publicity stunt, do this:

1. Visit each website ASAP (if you don't see video on front page, search with words "canine concert")

2. At each website do this:

a. click on video to watch

b. rate video

c. leave comment (if you can)

3. Refer your friends, family, email lists to do this list, 1,2 and 3.


Ao Akua,


PS - I was stuck in the San Jose airport for seven hours yesterday. I'm home but tired. The weekend workshop with Dr. Len was life transforming, though. More to come.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Richard Branson says "Screw It, Let's Do It!"

I just received Richard Branson's brand new book -- his first in seven years -- Screw It, Let's Do It: Lessons In Life.

It's bite size at barely over 100 pages but it's oh so filling and delicious.

I'm a a loyal fan of Sir Richard Branson - have been for decades. Wrote about him in my book on P.T. Barnum, There's A Customer Born Every Minute. Called his office once and worked with his key assistants on a project that never got born. But hey, I got close to the great Sir Richard. I have an auotgraphed copy of his earlier book, too. So there.

I think Branson is like Barnum: loveable, admirable, and fun loving.

Turns out fun is a key to the Branson success formula. If it ain't fun, either find a way to make it fun or stop doing it.

Branson says have fun and the money will follow. His exciting stories attest to the fact that the fun formula sure works for him.

If you're looking for the Richard Branson Management Philosophy, "Screw It, Let's Do It" may be as close as you'll ever get to it.

I'm loving the book.

I think you will love it, too.

Get it at or of course from

Ao Akua,


PS - If you're looking for P.T. Barnum pictures and photos, ads and letters, Richard Branson stories and more, you really should see

PPS - Mark Joyner interviewed me tonight about the story of the world's first Canine Concert. As soon as he gives me the link to the audio, I'll share it with you. I breathlessly told the entire exciting story of how a group of people came together and made history. You can see a few pictures at I think Sir Richard Branson would love it.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Step Right Up! P.T. Barnum returns today!

P.T. Barnum lives!

He's alive at

He's on stage at

And you can get a circus tent full of original bonuses when you get one or more copies of my new book on him, There's A Customer Born Every Minute! from

Do it today and P.T. Barnum will bless you.

Do it right now and a mermaid will kiss you tonight.

Do it this very second and P.T. Barnum will reveal his ten Rings of Power for fame, fortune and immortality.

Tell three other people and expect checks in the mail.

Go get the book already.

Ao Akua,


PS - Someone wrote Mark Joyner and asked him for a copywriter he'd recommend. Mark suggested Gary Halbert, one of the legends in the business. The person wrote back saying, "I hear he's one of the best, right up there with Joe Vitale." I am soooo flattered. I'm pretty sure Gary Halbert isn't, though.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

May I appear on your monitor and talk to you?

If you'd like to learn from me personally, one way to do it is right where you're sitting.

All you do is watch me on your monitor, talking to you.

I can train you in my Hypnotic Marketing Formula, or I can teach you how to go Beyond the Attractor Factor, while you sit and take notes and eat peanuts.

The new technology that makes this possible is called M2S, which means Multi-Media Seminar.

You can see it explained and demonstrated at and

The videos were shot almost a year ago, so I've lost more weight and lost more hair since then, but it's still me and I think you'll find the mentoring interesting.

Take a look.

Ao Akua,


PS - If you're interested in long term and in depth mentoring, consider my Executive Mentoring Program. See

PS - Tomorrow is the big top day for me and P.T. Barnum at and Tell the world. Tell the media. Tell your pets.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Stunt that Made the Dogs Dance

This Tuesday (May 9) at noon in downtown Austin, Texas a wild event will take place.

It's the first ever Canine Concert.

It's a live rock show played at a sound level only dogs can hear.

No, I'm not kidding.

The band is (a hypnotic commanding url if there ever was one).

The event is a publicity stunt to promote my latest book, There's A Customer Born Every Minute, on P.T. Barnum.

But the Canine Concert isn't the only draw.

I'll also display a real mermaid.

Yes, a real one.

And famous magician Kent Cummins will actually produce P.T. Barnum himself out of a copy of my book.

And local magician John Maverick will stroll through the flash mob and entertain them with magic.

And famous stage hypnotist C.J. Johnson will entrance the crowd with his sound equipment.

And PetSmart will be there to accept donations for animal shelters.


And I'll be there to sign a few books.

If you're in the Austin area on Tuesday, or know someone who might be, tell them to go to Wooldridge Park, 900 Guadalupe, at noon.

Yes, you can bring dogs, as long as they are on a leash.

If you just want to hear how well this event flies -- or how badly it bombs -- tune in Wednesday night when I'm interviewed about the entire escapade.

Get details at --

Ao Akua,


PS -- I understand some cats are upset that they won't be able to hear the Canine Concert. If you're at the event and you see cats picketing, please ignore them. You know how cats can be. So uppidity and all.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Read This Right Now (because at midnight it's all over and I'm taking my stuff home)

I just spent $6,000 for a private collection of old books on hypnosis, hypnotherapy, stage hypnosis, magic, fitness and marketing.

I also spent $4,000 on a huge glass-enclosed oak bookcase to house all of these gems.

I'm telling you this to prove that even I - the guy considered the father of Hypnotic Writing and Hypnotic Marketing - am still learning.

I don't know it all. I'm still learning about hypnosis, writing, marketing, magic, and more.

Just today -- after unpacking 26 boxes worth of dusty old books and looking at books, booklets, ads, and newspapers from as far back as 1803 -- I found authors and titles I had never heard of before, and am now excited about.

I think learning is an adventure.

If you're not learning, you're not growing.

If you're not investing in your education, you're not serious about your business.

Having said all that, let me remind you that the final day to get my Hypnotic Selling Secrets 14-pound package and all of the bonuses -- from the Attractor Factor Blueprint DVD's, to a special report on how I lost 80 pounds while building my online empire, to access to my teleseminar series on how to attract a new car -- is tonight.

At midnight tonight, your last chance to get the bundled works of Joe Vitale is over and out.

There were 1,500 of these Special Edition sets produced, but now there are less than 250 left in stock. If by some strange reason they don't all sell out with the insane bonuses I've added, then this offer is closed off at midnight tonight, Friday, May 5th, anyway.

This is the last chance that you will ever have for getting virtually everything that I have ever created on Marketing for one low price (and there's a payment plan if you need it).

The time to act is now.

When that private collection of hypnosis books went for sale, I didn't just send an email about it, I dropped everything, got on the phone, and bought the entire set instantly.

I know a deal when I see it.

I trust you do, too.

Ao Akua,


PS - I'm on my way out the door to speak at Pat O'Bryan's three-day first-ever Portable Empire seminar. This once struggling blues musician is now an Internet entrepreneur and an online force to reckon with. He came out with 40 products in a year. He acts fast when he sees or gets an idea. And now he's hosting his very own event, teaching others how to make a living online with their own Portable Empire. How did he get started? He studied my materials. And he acted on what he learned. Review the complete package at (You should be studying the sales letter there, anyway, just to learn how to write hypnotically.) Go see it.

PPS - Tomorrow night I'll be leading a special breakout session on Hypnotic Publicity at Pat's event. This is private training by me for just a handful of people. If you can get to Austin, Texas for it, then see

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Truth About P.T. Barnum

Judas wasn't the only one to get a bum rap.

P.T. Barnum never said "There's a sucker born every minute."

Here's proof --



My book on P.T. Barnum is out today. It's called There’s a Customer Born Every Minute: P.T. Barnum’s Amazing 10 Rings of Power for Creating Fame, Fortune, and a Business Empire Today - Guaranteed (J. Wiley publisher, 2006, hardcover, $24.95)

You can get it at Amazon or at any good bookstore.

Reading it may be more fun than attending a circus.

Ao Akua,


PS -- Visit on May 9th for a major fishy surprise.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

A Lesson in Relentless Marketing, or, How to Get Rich While Losing Weight

If you haven't been watching the relentless marketing behind my Hypnotic Selling Secrets course at then you've been missing a great lesson in marketing on steroids.

Every day for the last week a shiny new bonus has been added -- and not a wimpy bonus, either.

Invest in the Hypnotic Selling Secrets course and you get entire DVD programs, such as The Attractor Factor Blueprint (based on my famous Spiritual Marketing seminar), and even entire online courses, such as How to Attract a New Car (which helped me attract my beautiful BMW 645ci), and more.

The list of bonuses is pretty staggering, if I say so myself.

The intense marketing behind this campaign was supposed to end today. I was looking forward to it. But then someone got the bright idea to beg me to reveal how I lost 80 pounds while running an online empire.

Well, that's now the newest bonus.

And the promotion has been extended until May 5th.

Get Hypnotic Selling Secrets by then and you can get all of the bonuses already advertised, as well as the new one added today -- which explains why hotties like Lindsay Lohan and Playboy playmate Michelle Baena are wanting me BAD.

Anyway, if nothing else, go to the site and study the sales letter. I just re-read it and think it's a perfect example of hypnotic writing and hypnotic selling.


It's a free lesson in hypnotic marketing.

And all you have to do is read it to learn from it.

Ao Akua,


PS -- Nerissa filmed me for 5 minutes explaining a new bonus you will get when you invest in the hefty package called Hypnotic Selling Secrets. You can see it here -- There's a bug in the short film, but it shouldn't bother you to watch it. Go see.

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