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Friday, July 28, 2006

Is the Law of Attraction Exempt from War?

I've noticed a few people taking shots at the Law of Attraction and the Science of Manifestation.

More than a few are asking, "Are we attracting war?" or "Are we manifesting global warming?"

Let me address this with a story.

A few months ago a dear friend of mine had some personal problems. Rather than address them within himself, he lassed out at his friends, attacking some of them mercilessly.

It was not pretty.

After a few weeks passed and his inner thunder dissolved as he expressed it, he apologized to everyone he had hurt. Most of them accepted his apology. But one person didn't, and she took her time in leveling him with a tirade of her own.

It wasn't pretty, either.

That night my friend, shaken from being attacked, asked me, "Why am I attracting this abuse?"

Wasn't it obvious?

He had caused it to begin with.

What he received was what he attracted, and he attracted it because he first gave it.

This is how wars start, at least from the inside out.

Yes, we attract them.

Yes, we manifest them.

And yes, we did it with our own unconscious and conscious anger, hatred, frustration and more.

The end result in the outer world isn't pretty. But it didn't start there. It started inside.

Global warming is the same. So many angry people in the world have "heated up" the planet.

I'm aware that these concepts may seem more psychological than practical to you, but for me, it's exactly the place where everything begins: inside.

It's all about working with the "shadow" side of yourself. This is why I love the work of Debbie Ford, Jung, and the Hawaiian system called ho'oponopono. It says if you truly attracted everything in your life, then what you experience -- including the news of war or global warming -- is something you helped create, too, at least on some internal level.

I know a lot of people over simplify the Law of Attraction. They basically say if you think it, you get it. Well, we all know that isn't true. If it were, I'd be dating Lindsay Lohan by now.

The deeper truth is that you co-create your life.

I explain this in depth at the site.

Face it. You do not have total control over your life.

You have choice but you do not have control.

There are other elements at play, from the intentions and mindsets of others, to the intentions of the divine (whatever that energy field is called that is larger than both of us). You tend to attract others to you, and situations for yourself, by your thoughts, which lead to your actions. You're very much a central player in everything in your life. But you (and I) are far from consciously aware of what we are doing on virtually any level.

I'm sure at some point we will have more control, and can better consciously create what we prefer, but most of us are babes in the woods at this manifesting stuff. We're still learning, and s-l-o-w-l-y, at that.

This whole subject deserves more than a blog entry. But in this whole area of attraction, I see far too many people making these two fundamental mistakes:

1. Thinking they have all the power.

What an ego trip. You don't have total control. You aren't God. You can't just think something and manifest it. You have to take action, too. And you have to clear yourself of anything in the way of your deserving what you want. You have more power than you ever imagined, but you don't run the show. You barely run the projector.

2. Thinking they have no power at all.

This is worse. It's where you blame the president, the terrorists, your family, your past, the neighbors; anyone other than yourself, for what occurs. I'm sad to see so many people dismiss the Law of Attraction and Art of Manifestation because they feel powerless or look at the news and feel depressed. Blame is the worst crime of all. Right behind despondency. And when you think the outer world proves you have no power, then you've attracted exactly that: powerlessness.

I'm no expert on this subject. Yes, I'm in the movieThe Secret. Yes, I wrote the book, The Attractor Factor. Yes, I teach weekend workshops on the subject of Beyond Manifestation.

But I'm in kindergarten or maybe first grade when it comes to how all of this works.

I just know that there's more power in working with theLaw of Attraction than there is in dismissing it. I've seen a friend or two give in to the dark side and let their life dry up because it's so easy to give in to the doom and gloom reported by the media.

But the real winners and achievers in the world are the ones who think they have power and who take action, working with the Law of Attraction and not against it.

If you don't like war or global warming, do something about it, beginning by clearing the inside of yourself.

But don't blame the Law of Attraction for it.

That's what caused it to begin with.

Ao Akua,


PS - You can see the August issue of my News You Can Use newsletter and all past newsletters (7 years worth) by going to and clicking on the "Past Newsletters" link on the left. Or just go to Enjoy.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

How to Make More Money by Writing Less

In 1988, Richard Armstrong was a young freelance copywriter who charged about $2,500 for a direct-mail package.

A few years later, he was one of the highest paid copywriters in the business, routinely charging $22,500 per package.

What made the difference?

It wasn’t royalties.

It wasn’t inflation.

It wasn’t because Richard suddenly became a better copywriter.

It happened because of one little change Richard made in how he MANAGED his business. It was a tiny tweak in policy that YOU can make today. (And by the way, it applies not just to copywriters, but to any kind of consultant or marketing professional.)

To celebrate the publication of his new novel – “God Doesn’t Shoot Craps” (a novel about a direct-mail copywriter!) – Richard is giving away an instant PDF download of his special report, “Make More Money By Writing Less.”

To download your complimentary copy, please go to and click on the navigation bar that says, “GIFT FOR COPYWRITERS.”

No charge. Nothing to buy. No email address required.

Go get it.

Ao Akua,


PS - About that Tesla Roadster all electric sports car. I decided not to buy it. A $100,000 car that contains 6,000 batteries and requires 4 hours to super-charge sounds like a different kind of energy drain than energy saver. Guess I'll wait for a solar powered one.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Fit Business Also Means a Fit You

You can see me meeting famed bodybuilder Lee Priest on the July 2006 DVD episode described at

Brace yourself, though.

The language is rough, Lee's comments about religion are blunt and controversial, and the tone is one of locker room sharing.

Still, there is thought-provoking material, some marketing thoughts, and, of course, Lee Priest and me.

If you want to order the DVD, ask for the July 2006 one.


Ao Akua,


PS - You can win $150,000 in services and get global publicity for yourself and your business by entering the world's first fitness and business contest. For details, see

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I wonder what Henry Ford would think of this...

I just moments ago found some insider photos of the Tesla Roadster, that sexy all electric sports car I am considering buying.

You can see them at

Ao Akua,


PS - Amy Terrill won a day with me a while back.If you want to know what it was like (she holds nothing back) go see

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Four Online Marketers Disappear During Last Night's Internet Blackout

Last night for about four hours the Internet experienced a blackout.

It was a small one, but some people felt it.

A few people even disappeared during it.

Bill Hibbler, Pat O'Bryan, Scott York and myself stepped away from our computers and went to see blues-rock guitar-slinger Joe Bonamassa tear down the walls and shoot chi through our veins.

During the rip-roaring concert none of us checked our email.

Nor did we do any online promotions.

We let it all go, trusting the Internet would survive without us, at least for a few hours.

Apparently it did.

No one sent out a missing person's alert looking for any of us.

No one even seemed to notice the blackout.

Joe Bonamassa was fantastic. I haven't been this excited about a guitar player since Stevie Ray Vaughan. I've seen (and met) Kenny Wayne Shepherd and other guitar slingers, but nobody puts it all together and belts it out with blistering speed and contagious energy like Bonamassa.

I'm telling you this partly to promote Joe's music, but also to remind you to take a break.

I don't take enough breaks. Except for my time in my gym, some time watching movies with Nerissa, and an occasional meal out, I basically sit in front of my computer all day and work online. I love it, of course, or I wouldn't do it.

But the Internet will survive without me if I took a few breaks.

And it would survive without you, too.

At least for a few hours.

Now and then, step away.

Get out.


Get some fresh air.

Smoke a cigar.

Go swimming.

Or listen to some Joe Bonamassa.

Nobody will notice the "blackout" and you'll return more refreshed.

Try it and see.

Ao Akua,


PS - I just discovered an online marketer you should study and watch. I don't know him at all but I'm now a fan as well as a customer. I'm talking about John Wood. The guy has a niche you won't believe: Hand strength. That's it. He offers products focused on developing your hand and wrist strength. He sends out hypnotic emails virtually every day. Every one is muscular. Many are downright wise. I wrote him to say how much I love his work. He wrote back to say he's been studying my methods for years now. You never know who you influence, do you? Check out John Wood's site at He doesn't know I've posted this here, so let's surprise him with a sudden surge of traffic.

PPS - Oh! If you missed the info-packed free call where I and others talked about the marketing methods we learned from Internet legend Mark Joyner, you can still access the audio at If I were you, I'd go get it right now.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

What Would James Bond Drive Today?

I've been a BMW groupie for a decade now.

I own two of them: my Montreal Blue 1999 BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster and my Mystic Blue 2005 BMW 645ci.

Both are works of art.

Both are loves of mine.

But I'm about to cheat on them.

Yesterday Tesla Motors announced a sports car roadster which looks like a sexy road rocket, flys like a stealth missile, and costs like a high-end BMW -- but runs entirely on electricity.

I want one.

I've run out of room here at our estate for all the cars we already have, since Nerissa recently got a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. We even had to build a special carport to house my Z3.

So we're crowded.

But I want this electric car.

I was fascinated with electric cars back in the 1970s. (We went through gas shortages back then, too.) But the joke then was you could only drive as far as the cord allowed you. You had to keep the thing plugged in, and the cars were ugly and slow. No wonder they became golf carts.

But this Tesla Roadster is as sexy and fast as anything James Bond ever steered. And the added fact that it uses no gas at all is very appealing.

The car was officially unveiled on July 20 (yesterday). Tesla Motors claims prototypes have been able to accelerate from 0-60 mph (100 km/h) in about 4 seconds, and reach a top speed of 130 mph (210 km/h). Also, the car can travel 250 miles (400 km) on a single charge of its lithium-ion batteries with an equivalent gas mileage of 135 mpg (57 km/l).

All pretty impressive.

And that's why I want one.

After all, more and more conscious consumers are going green. They want luxury, but they also want to respect the environment. They wouldn't mind saving money at the gas pump, too.

I'm in that category.

But I also want the car for marketing reasons.

If I get one of the first 100 of the cars made, I'll probably be the only one in Texas to own one.

I'll certainly be among the celebrities who may own one, such as George Clooney or maybe Lindsay Lohan.

From a marketing and publicity standpoint, getting one of these winged plug-in batmobiles would be wise for me.

Still, I haven't decided at this very moment to order one.

I'm wondering if wanting this car is just another "hungry ghost;" one of those silly addictive desires that comes from your monkey mind. I talked about this at the Manifestation Weekend. I don't think this is a "hungry ghost" desire, but I want to be sure.

But I have a few other concerns, too:

Tesla wants $100,000 up front to order it. It's refundable if I don't like the car, but still, that's a handful of money.

They don't have any service spots in Texas. While the car is designed to not need service (no oil changes, ever, for example), sooner or later, it will need it. At that point it may need shipped to California, or a tech shipped to me.

I still haven't heard how you recharge the battery in the car if you drive 250 miles away from home. You get a special plug to put in your garage to recharge the Tesla Roadster at home. But what do you do once you've left the house?

Once these minor concerns are addressed, I'll start working on attracting the car (I'll order one painted electric blue).

I hope my BMW's won't mind.

Ao Akua,


PS -- If I order today, I'll have the Tesla Roadster by Summer 2007 -- about one year from now. Talk about making me wait. Doesn't Tesla know we live in the instant gratification Western world? Alas. I must learn patience. And fast.

PPS - Does Tesla have any competition? You bet. All good ideas do. See

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

DUMB FUN, or, How to Find a Money-Making Idea Fast

Where do the best money-making ideas come from?

From being silly.

From getting drunk.

From a stupid joke almost no one gets.

From taking a chance and trying something new, just because you believe in it, even if it seems like no one on earth will tell you it's a good idea.

Want proof?

Go see

Those 10 "dumb" website ideas made and are making their creators very, very rich.

So, what dumb idea haven't you acted on lately?

Ao Akua,


PS - The Canine Concert was a dumb idea, too. But four news crews covered it and it will soon be a DVD you can buy. If you want to make money online, think FUN DUMB. That seems to be the ticket. It's dumb to most people but fun to a select few, and that select few can make you wealthy.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How to Get $1,000 for Only $99

This just in:

Pat O'Bryan's course on how to build your own Internet Empire (in 30 days) is currently available for just $99.

You gotta go look.

He so believes that you can get your "portable empire" up and making money fast that he is loaning you the money to get his course on how to do just that.

It's all explained at his site.

See -

Ao Akua,


PS -- Rumor has it some people are calling me "The King of Manifestors." I don't know if Lindsay Lohan started that rumor or not, but if you want to know my personal secret, go see

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Friday, July 14, 2006

What May Be the Greatest Hypnotic Website of All Time?

Take a good look at that image...

That has to be the greatest example of a hard-hitting, clear, concise and truly hypnotic irresistible offer I've ever seen online.

The graphic grabs you because of the beaming smile, the in-your-face business-card size memo, and the finger pointing to it.

And the words say it all --

"Set up your own portable Internet empire in 30 days or less - Guaranteed!"

Lordy, you can't get much more focused than that.

I applaud Pat for creating one of the best direct-response sites of the year.

Go study it.

You'll find the hypnotic graphic, video testimonials, story oriented sales copy, social proof, and an offer that most people would be nutty to ignore.

This is the kind of website that makes me proud to be an online marketer.

And even prouder to know Pat.

It's at


Ao Akua,


PS - Pat's site offers the DVDs and CDs from his Portable Empire Un-Seminar. It was a terrific event. Newbies came and learned how to get online and make money fast. This is the real deal and the information is bankable. I know. I was there. I spoke three times. Get all the details at Or You should really get this set. Like today.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Did a Rabbi Teach Me About Hypnotic Writing?

I just received a copy of Steal This Book! Million Dollar Sales Letters You Can Legally Steal to Suck in Cash like a Vacuum on Steroids.

While you can't really steal any of the letters -- not word for word, anyway -- you can certainly "be inspired" by them.

As I've said many times, professional sales letter writers are called copywriters because we copy.

That's why they keep "swipe files" of proven letters, to refer to when they need to write a new letter of their own.

This is why my Hypnotic Writing Wizard software comes with a swipe file in it. It's an essential tool for anyone serious about writing hypnotic letters.

Well, a great new book/swipe file to get and "copy" is this one.

It's by Harlan Kilstein. Harlan is an ordained Rabbi. He once ran one of the largest hypnosis centers in the US. He learned copywriting after learning story-telling and hypnosis, which means his foundation of learning was different. Most copywriters learn how to write sales letters and then learn language methods.

Not Harlan.

And as a result, his letters scratch out your eyes in terms of going for the sale. He doesn't let go. He keeps you riveted to the page with long copy until you cough up money for the product.

And that's why I love his book.

Every letter is passionate, persuasive, and muscular.

Harlan's sales letters have gotten rave reviews from David Garfinkel, John Carlton, T. Harv Eker, Michael Masterson, Jay Abraham, Kenrick Cleveland, Stephen Pierce, Rich Sheffren, and many more.

Pretty impressive.

I'm going to "steal" his stuff.

You should, as well.

His book is available from

Get it.

Ao Akua,


PS -- I'll be speaking at the National Guild of Hypnotists convention next month in Marlborough, MA. I'll also have a booth there. Stop by and visit Nerissa and me. For details, see

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What Do Hog Guts, SRV, and a Red Paper Clip Have in Common?

Two quick news bits for today --

1. If you haven't heard about the guy who traded a red paper clip for a house, it's worth a few minutes of your time to take a look at his story. As far as I know, it's very real. See

2. Someone sent "Mr Fire" a surprise gift box with a bag of chitterlings in it. I had to Google "chitterlings" to discover what they are. Now that I know, I'm not sure I want to ingest them. See


Ao Akua,


PS - If you want to send me a gift, please don't send food. Remember, I like nothing better than Amazon gift certificates. I don't need lobsters or chitterlings, though I am grateful for the intention behind the gifts.

PPS - Actually, the subject of gift-giving is worth a comment: When you want to give a gift to someone, find out what they like, not what you like. The other day someone sent me a rare music CD of Stevie Ray Vaughan. That got my attention. The giver did their homework. They discovered I love Stevie Ray Vaughan and went out of their way to impress me. They did.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Go Public Domain and Grow Rich

You've probably noticed that several of the e-books I offer weren't even written by me.

There's the recent "Intention is for wimps" one over at

Then there's the long lost "Pelmanism" one over at

They are both works in the public domain.

"Public domain" means the copyright for them has expired and anyone can sell them -- any one who knows how to find the lost gems and turn them into online riches, that is.

It's a smart, easy, and proven way to find gold online and turn it into residual income.

If you want to know how to do this for yourself, see

Ao Akua,


PS - Being in business for yourself can be tough going. If you're interested in mentoring, coaching, or getting any sort of advisory help in your business, consider my Executive Mentoring Program. Details are at

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Now THIS is outrageous!

Some people don't know I have a best-selling audio program with Nightingale-Conant.

It's called The Power of Outrageous Marketing.

You can read about it, and hear excerpts from it, right online.

I'm very proud of it. Even today, maybe six years after I recorded it, I stand by everything in it. It's a great tool for repeat listening. Fun, too. My interview with P.T. Barnum is one of my favorite sessions in the whole program. Others like the stories about Houdini, the Swedish Bikini Team, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Tom Thumb, and so on.

Check it out.

Ao Akua,


PS - Why do I say "Intention is for wimps"? See

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

What is the Secret to Money?

I hear from people all the time who want to know "the secret" to having more money.

For me, the answer is an inside job. As I said in my book, The Attractor Factor, you have to take care of the mental aspect of money inside you before you'll receive the bankable kind outside of you.

With that said, here are three ways to reprogram your brain to start attracting money to you:

1. Get the hot new audio set from Dolf de Roos called The Wealth Magnet. I don't know de Roos. I bought his audios because I'm interested in more money, too. His definition of wealth tells you where his head is at:

"It's reaching a point where you have so much money that if you were to spot a deal, invest a million dollars into it, and for whatever reason, the deal goes sour, it wouldn't hurt your lifestyle at all."

If you can't drop a million bucks on a loser and be okay about it, then get his package. (Now you know why I bought it.)

2. Get the audios from Catherine Ponder called The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Seminar. These are rare, and old, and only come on cassette tapes, but they are worth gold.

Ponder is the author of numerous prosperity oriented books. Her classic is The Dynamics Laws of Prosperity. She is an old-school metaphysician and a living legend. The first tape alone ought to get you so inspired you'll feel like you can manifest a railroad to the moon.

As far as I know, the only place to get this wonderful set is from (I like it so much, I bought two.)

3. Watch the movie The Secret. I've heard from people who watch this inspiring movie every day. If they can watch it seven times a week, you can at least watch it once. It's entertaining and inspiring. It includes everyone from Bob Proctor and Esther Hicks to Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, and me. The preview and more details are at

There you have it.

Three ways to get into your mind and begin to turn it into a money magnet.

But wait a minute...

Let me give you a final bonus tip:

Give money away.

That's right.

Give money away.

Give it to wherever you receive spiritual nourishment.

I wrote about this in my book, The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History.

If you want more money, start giving it away.



This very minute.

While I know the power of giving, I doubt that even one person reading this will do it today.


Because they are in fear.

And it's that very fear that prevents them from receiving more money, or acting on new ideas, or taking chances, or much of anything else.

Think about it.

This very fear is why you need de Roos or Ponder's audios, or to see the movie The Secret. It's all in your head. And your head is what stops the flow of money.

Ok. Now you have three tips and a bonus.

The question I have is this...

Which will you act on first?

Ao Akua,


PS -- If you want to truly soak up the real secrets to attracting money, register for the one-day event I'll be co-leading in October on "The Secret of Money." For more details on it, see Seating is limited. (It really is, too, unless you want to sit on the roof.)

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why my heart is throbbing right now...

My heart is throbbing as I write this.

Just moments ago I received a booklet from EAS, the company that sponsors the yearly Body-For-Life fitness contest started by Bill Phillips over ten years ago.

This booklet reveals the 2005 finalists, as well as their stories, pictures, and amazing transformations.

I entered the contest twice in 2005. While I didn't win any prizes, I did complete the 12-week challenge both times, which 98% of the applicants don't do. As a result, my name is listed in this booklet of 2005 finalists.

I am beyond words happy.

Just to have my name listed, in tiny print, on the two single pages of 2005 Body-for-Life Challenge finishers is an honor, an award, and a reward.

I've had my name in print many times, in magazines, newspapers, on the cover of my books, and so on.

That was easy compared to this.

Any fitness contest takes time, energy, focus, dedication, and sacrifice. I did it five times. I'm doing it again right now. I've lost 80 pounds and went from being the Buddha of the Internet to the Charles Atlas of the Internet. I'm striving to become the Hercules of the Internet.

Anyway, I just had to share.

Ao Akua,


PS - I am in the 2006 Body-for-Life contest right now. But I'm going to sponsor a contest of my own next. Scott York and I will be announcing the world's first body and business contest. Details to come soon. If you can't wait, send a blank email to In return you'll get a free Special Report on Invincible Marketing, and you'll be on the list to be the first to hear about our special body and business contest.

PPS - While today is P.T. Barnum's birthday, I feel like I just received the best gift by making the EAS list.

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Happy Birthday, Phineas!

Consider --

How would you handle your marketing without the Internet?

Or radio?

Or television?

Or the telephone?

Or any of the other bells and whistles we all take for granted these days?

How would you handle your business if all you had was -- your own creativity?

One man left us the answer.

He lived in the 1800s and used his wits to create an empire that is still alive and well today.

He was such a marketing genius that he made an unknown little boy the world's first superstar.

His peers called him the "Shakespeare of Advertising."

His friends called him "Reverend."

He was so confident that his marketing ideas would work for you and me, that he made this promise on his deathbed --

"If you faithfully follow my methods, you cannot fail."

His methods were fun, practical, creative, and proven to get results.

He impressed President Abraham Lincoln, as well as Kings and Queens.

He knew Mark Twain, and almost wrote a book with him.

He was so famous that a letter addressed with nothing but his last name on it would still make it to his mansion.

I'm talking about P.T. Barnum.

Today is P.T. Barnum's birthday.

Today he is giving gifts to anyone who buys a copy of my book about him, There's A Customer Born Every Minute.

Everyone in business needs this. If you Barnumize your business just a little, you can stand out from the crowd.

Barnum used his ten business secrets to turn unknown little boys into mega-rich superstars, and to promote everything from mermaids to opera singers.

He never said, "There's a sucker born every minute."

Give the guy some respect.

Learn from his wisdom.

Get the book today.

Happy Birthday, Phineas Taylor Barnum!

Ao Akua,


PS - To see a brief Barnum event, visit the now famous Canine Concert.

PPS - The picture is of P.T. Barnum and General Tom Thumb. The duo travelled the world, entertained royalty, and made themselves millionaires -- in the mid-1800s. How did they do it? See

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A reminder about how I feel about you...

We all need to hear this message once in a while.

Who am I kidding?

We need to hear this every day.

Turn on your speakers and click on the image below:

Happy July 4th!

Ao Akua,


PS - The video clip is from the secret weekend. Aren't they a happy bunch?

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Spam Filters for Your Brain

Nerissa just told me about a health site at

I found the mind-boggling amount of information there on health to be encyclopedic.

I also admired the fact that there were links to books and other sites all around the free information. This is the way to market online: Get people there for the content, and then offer them things to buy relevant to that content.

It worked on me.

I clicked on one of the links, for Truth Publishing, and got so excited by what I found that I dropped everything I was doing and instantly ordered several of their books.

Keep in mind that I didn't go there to buy any books. I went there for the free content.

You'll want at least one of the books I bought, too -- the one called Spam Filters for Your Brain.

Is that a cool title or what?

Apparently the gent who wrote the book knows a few things about marketing and copywriting. Not only is he exposing big business manipulation methods (especially in the health field) in his book, but he's using marketing methods to sell his book.

The title alone is a clue that he knows how to get attention.

And his website is a classic direct response model of persuasion.

Take a look at

That site has all the elements of Hypnotic Writing: Great headline, graphic, bulleted points, fear motivation, bonus report if you buy now, etc.

I admire the author's ability to sell a book against marketing by covertly using marketing methods to do so.

I'm sure he has no ill intent. In fact, that's one of his points. He's not the bad guy. It's Big Business that uses these methods for evil; not you or me or the author.

Marketing is powerful, and it's your choice on how you use it.

I vote that you use it for good, much like the author of Spam Filters For Your Brain.

His intent is to awaken, not control.

I say get his book.

Ao Akua,


PS -- Top this: Pat O'Bryan and I came up with a product idea and released it in less than 24 hours. How's that for my motto, "Money likes speed"? He did the website and scanned the product. I wrote the website and urged him to hurry up. The site is now live at You should take a look. It reveals a method more powerful than the power of intention. And intention is pretty powerful. Besides, the site was created by two marketers trying to get into your brain and manipulate you, almost like the big business bad boys do, only our cause is good. Did we succeed? Go see

PPS - We had five sales within SECONDS of announcing the site went live. I guess "demand" really works. Go see the site for an explanation. You know you want to.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Amy Reveals A Great Big Secret To Success

Amy Terrill, the woman who won a day with me a few weeks ago, saw my July newsletter at and wrote the following email to me (used here with her permission):


I absolutley loved what you wrote this month. The Lesson that you talked about was wonderful, it really made me look at myself. After attending the Manifestation Weekend and getting to spend the full day with you I still had to come "home". To me that meant returning to my hum-drum life that I was living. Reading your "Lesson" made me realize, again, that I'm the only person who can change that. I was getting overwhelmed with where I'm at instead of focusing on where I'm going. The extra links that you added were also great, thank you for all of the information. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!

From the bottom of my heart Thank you and I love you!

Amy Terrill

Amy is working on her very first website at It's rough and she's scrambling, but she's trying and she's learning and she will do it.

I know she'll succeed because of the mindset revealed in her letter.

Your mindset is a choice.

Choose wisely.

Ao Akua,


PS -- P.T. Barnum's birthday is July 5th. To celebrate, he has some gifts for you. See If you haven't seen the short video clip about the Barnum event I orchestrated to promote my book on Barnum, see It was a howling success. (I'm not sure the protesting cat would agree, though.)

PPS - I'm stunned and amazed at the record-breaking sales for the audios of my Manifestation Weekend. I had no idea this thing would be such a hit. The site is pretty strong, and the videos on it are pretty cool, but does that really explain the popularity of it? You tell me. See

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

What secret hides within this ring?

I love gadgets, almost as much as I love books.

I have a camera that looks like a cigarette lighter. I have a wrist watch that takes pictures, too. I guess I wanted to be James Bond/Sean Connery/007 when I was a kid, and never got over it.

But I just learned about a covert ring that takes the cake.

This innocent looking ring has a flip top. Open it and inside is whatever you stashed, such as an aspirin, or allergy pill, or, hey, even Viagra.

Apparently the company making these rings thinks the latter is the, well, more exciting market. They openly promote the rings as places to stash your "when you need it NOW" Viagra pill.

I'm pretty sure 007 would never need a ring like this, but you never know.

He's older now.

Rings are at

Ao Akua,


PS - From a marketing standpoint, I admire anyone who caters to a niche audience and cleverly provides them with what they want. I just can't help but wonder what is next. What else is 007 missing today, now that he's a senior citizen?

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