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Monday, April 30, 2007

Booking Success: LOA Works #2

The other day my personal trainer, Scott York, asked me for a favor.

Scott is a certified personal trainer and is also one of the top fitness, figure and bodybuilding marketing experts in the world.

He works behind the scenes with Pro Body Builder Lee Priest, IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Monica Brant-Peckham, and IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor, Adela Garcia.

Scott wanted to know if I could give him an extra copy of the book by Steve Siebold, titled 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class.

Siebold's book is a masterpiece; a work of genius. I've purchased the book by the carton and given it out to friends, including Scott. He wanted the extra copy for Lee Priest, the popular bodybuilder I met last year (see picture).

Lee is already a world class performer, and so is Scott. But, like me, we're always interested in exceeding our personal best in all areas of life.

So of course I agreed to give Scott the extra book for Lee.

But I couldn't find one.

I looked all over the house, my office, and everywhere I could think of.

I have books piled up everywhere, so it's easy to overlook one.

While I had the clear intention to find a copy of the book, and wanted to engage the Law of Attraction to help me locate it, it didn't seem to be in the cards.

I emailed Scott and told him I couldn't find an extra copy of the book.

But then an odd thing happened.

The next day -- the very day Scott was coming over to work out with me in my gym -- I felt inspired to look in the back seat of my BMW 645ci.

I did and found a pile of music CDs, a copy of The Attractor Factor, and -- you guessed it -- a copy of Steve Siebold's book.

When Scott arrived, I gave him the book.

That's how the Law of Attraction works: set your intention, do whatever it takes to achieve it, let go of any attachment, and act on the inspired nudges you get from within.

Ao Akua,


PS -- The May '07 issue of News You Can Use is now online. You can see the current and all past newsletters (8 years worth) by going to and clicking on the "Past Newsletters" link on the left. Enjoy.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Belting Out Bags: LOA Works

Last weekend my chiropractor, Dr. Rick Barrett, saw me carrying a soft leather bag, something of a stylish saddle bag, and said he wanted one just like it.

The thing is, I bought the bag over a year ago for $150 and didn't think I could get another one.

The man who sold me the bag specialized in selling belt buckles and belts. His bags were a one time offer.

But I mentally told myself I would see if I could attract one for Dr. Barrett.

I would think about the bag every day, at least for a moment or two. I would tell myself that I want to find the man I bought it from and ask him about the bag. But I kept letting it go and doing other things.

But then yesterday I received an email, out of the blue, from the very man who sold me the bag.

He was checking to see if I had received a belt and belt buckle he had sent me as a gift.

I thought it was amazing that he wrote me, as I hadn't heard from him in well over six months. But I seized the opportunity to reply and to of course ask about the leather bags.

He instantly wrote back, saying he doesn't sell the bags anymore.

But he looked in storage and found two bags there, of different sizes.

He offered to send them both to me, for free.

He said, "You are such an Attractor Factor guy that I feel like just giving these to you."

I was stunned.

But I also knew this is how the Law of Attraction works if you are clear: you state what you would like to have, but without any attachment to the outcome. You just playfully put it out there. When the universe puts the opportunity in your face, you take action. That's it.

And notice the win-win-win here:

Not only will Dr. Barrett get to choose the bag he wants from two different size bags, but I'll get the other bag to use as I please.

And the man who gave me the two bags?

I'm sending him a box of gifts -- such as The Missing Secret DVD set, my Humbug DVD, and my new book Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing, and a few other surprise goodies.

And he's also getting some publicity, as I'm giving you his name and website: Rob McNaughton of

Ao Akua,


PS -- Last night the famous action-packed movie Die Hard 2, starring Bruce Willis, was on television. The lead character, who barely survived terrorists in the first movie, is again barely surviving bad guys in the second movie. At one point Bruce Willis says, "Why do these things keep happening to me?" I said out loud to the screen, "It's the Attractor Factor, bro." Until he gets clear, he'll keep attracting the same stuff, and never realize he's the magnet. Not being clear makes for a great movie but a lousy life.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to Attract a Million Dollars

I have a theory:

I believe the Universe (Divine, God, or whatever It is for you) sends an idea into the mental world to several people at the same time.

The Divine knows not all of those people will take action. In a way, It's just covering It's bet.

The person who takes action on the idea fastest is first to market, and usually the first to profit the most. The others can still act on the idea and still do well, but generally speaking, the first to come out of the gate with a new idea is the first to cash in big on it.

Here's an example of how this works:

Yesterday a friend of mine called while I was busy. He left a message saying he had an idea for a million dollar product. He left me a quick summary of the idea.

Now here's the punchline:

While he was leaving his message, I was out creating that very idea.

In other words, the Universe sent the same idea to him, me, and most likely a few others. But when the idea entered my world, I acted on it. Fast. I was actually creating the idea while the others, including my friend, were still thinking about it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: money likes speed; the Universe likes speed.

When you get an idea, act.

That's what I said in the movie The Secret, and that's what I'm reminding you today.

"The Universe likes speed. Don´t delay. Don´t second guess. Don´t doubt. When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there,­ ACT."

Ao Akua,


PS - The new product I filmed yesterday with Mark Ryan will be released in a week or so. Meanwhile, check out The Missing Secret and of course the popular DVDs Subliminal Manifestation Volume 1 on Love & Forgiveness and Vol. 2 on Increasing Sales. These are tools to help you manifest the life you prefer. Expect miracles.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Compared to Whom?

Thought for today...

"If you think you're doing well, ask yourself this critical thinking question: Compared to whom? The average person? The middle class? The world-class? Whom you compare yourself to will help you identify your current level of consciousness."

-Steve Siebold, author, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

How to Change the World

If you want the world to be a better place, begin by transforming one person into a happier, healthier, wealthier individual: you.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Take 5

Thanks to my friend Mark Ryan you can now see a 5 minute excerpt from my new two-DVD set called The Missing Secret by clicking below.

If it doesn't work, then go directly to:

You can learn more about the two talks on the DVDs here: The Missing Secret.

I truly believe these presentations go beyond the movie The Secret but of course see the movie first to get a foundation for the material I deliver.

Ao Akua


PS - Expect Miracles!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Thresholds: Is it serving or selling?

Most people complain that they don't have enough money.

They look at their bills, they look at their wants and needs, they look at their checkbook, and then they look terrified.

How will they pay their bills?

How will they feed their family?

How will they attract more money?

I'm sure you know the feeling. We've all been there. You may be there right now.

Now what's really curious to me is this:

The movie The Secret and many of the teachers in it offer proven ways to attract money and other material things. This obviously works, given the thousands of testimonials from people who now have money when previously they couldn't find it in a bank with the vault door open.

But some people are complaining that the focus of the movie is only on money or material things. They say it's self-serving. They say it's egotistic.

Do you hear the cultural programming at work?

"Money is bad."

"Taking care of yourself is bad."

"Material things are not spiritual."

Please note the discrepancy: when you want money and at the same time say focusing on it is bad or selfish, you are pushing it away.

Even the fans of the movie are doing this.

Some of the very people who use the Law of Attraction to get out of debt or attract a new car, at a later point only attract so much money before they begin to think they are being selfish. At that point they unconsciously turn off the flow and wonder what happened. They then begin to criticize the movie, too.

It's a strange thing to see.

First, people scramble to find money and worry and fret about it.

Then, they actually learn how to attract it, get some, and begin to complain that money isn't spiritual.

Wait a minute.

Weren't these the same people who wanted money in the first place?

Why was money good when they didn't have it and bad when they finally got it?

All of this is because of people's beliefs.

They hit their threshold of deservingness.

My father plays the lottery. But when the lotto gets to a hundred million dollars, he quits playing. He says that amount is "too much" and "that much money will ruin you."

Winning ninety-nine million is OK but one hundred million isn't?

Again, we're dealing with beliefs.

We're dealing with thresholds of deservingness.

I was at an event once when a fellow called his wife and handed me the phone. He wanted a star of The Secret to surprise her.

I took the call, said my name, and heard her scream.

She was talking to a celebrity. She was giddy with excitement.

But then she started asking me what I was doing to save the world.

This woman had gone from being a fan of The Secret and using what she learned to manifest a few things, to hitting her comfort zone and now not wanting anything else.

What happened?

Another example is this: many of the teachers in the movie The Secret create products and services to help you achieve your goals. When your mindset is open, you thank them for their services. When your mindset is closed, you say they are just "selling."

Well, are they selling or serving?

It's both and it's neither. It depends on your beliefs.

It depends on your threshold of deservingness.

If you think they are taking advantage of you, you call it selling (because you think selling is bad).

If you think they are helping you, you call it serving (because you know serving is good).

Again, it's all about beliefs, and particularly your belief about what you feel you deserve.

That belief creates a threshold that you won't get past without some work.

It reminds me of a question a therapist used to ask patients:

"How good can you stand it?"

Most of us can't stand it really good.

"What will the neighbors think?"

"What will my family think?"

"If it's too good, surely something bad will happen."

"I don't deserve it too good."

"If it's too good, it won't last and I'll be miserable again."

"If I'm happy, I won't do anything to save the planet."

Those are all limiting beliefs.

Your life can be fantastic. Truly amazing. But very often we hit a comfort level and won't go past it. Why? Because of our self-imposed limits.

Because of our threshold of deservingness.

You can deceive yourself with rationalizations and criticisms about The Secret, me, others, the world, etc; but the end result is, you limit your own good.

I keep reminding people that once you get clear, there's not much you can't have, do, or be.

Your goal should always be happiness, what I call spiritual awakening, but the only limits along the way are your own.

How good can you stand it, anyway?

Ao Akua,


PS - In the spirit of serving, here's some news you may like: I gave two talks on "The Missing Secret" last February. Apparently these presentations awakened a lot of people. You can see a two-minute video excerpt and read more over at I think these talks (now available on two DVDs) represent the best work I've done yet. They also include material from my forthcoming books, The Key and Zero Limits. I explain counter-intentions and beliefs in such a way, with a simple illustration you'll never forget, that these may become the most transformative DVDs of your life. Go watch the preview. Hey, it's free. You deserve that, don't you?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Top Ten Things I Do Every Day to be Successful

Aaron Potts started a great Internet experiment called “Simply Successful Secrets”.

He invited bloggers to write a post about the 5-10 things they do most days (at least 4-5 days a week) that help them be successful.

Participating bloggers then "tag" other bloggers, inviting them to contribute to the experiment, revealing their own secrets to success.

Each blog post is linked back to Aaron’s original post and to the person who tagged them.

As you might imagine, this is a brilliant way to get all the bloggers new readers, elevate all the blogs in the search engines, and help educate everyone -- readers as well as bloggers -- by revealing daily success tips they may never have thought of before.

I received Mary Ann Copson's email invitation to me to participate in this grand experiment and decided this would be entertaining as well as educational.

So, here are the top ten things I do every day to be successful:

1. Exercise.

I exercise 4 to 5 days a week. Weight-lifting is three days a week. Cardio/aerobics is two. I usually do this in the morning, after I've had enough coffee to awaken most of my body and alert it to the fact that we're about to move. Exercise is a great stress reducer as well as confidence builder. Plus burning off calories lets me consume some calories and not regret it. I work-out in my own gym, so I don't have far to walk to get there. Truth be known, I wish I didn't have to exercise. But I also know there's no healthy way around it. So I, as Nike advises, "Just do it."

2. E-mail.

I check e-mail all day long, but heavily in the morning. I do my best to answer important e-mails quickly, as if writing a short telegram where every word costs plenty. Since my business is largely Internet driven, taking care of urgent e-mails keeps me prosperous and customers happy. Since I'm in the movie The Secret, often these e-mails come from reporters or people wanting to set up interviews with me, so it's important I act on these right away. I answer most email faster than most autoresponders. I also have a couple of mentoring programs, such as Miracles Coaching, and I love receiving emails from people achieving new levels of success from this coaching. Donald Trump once wrote, "Email is for wimps." For me, it's for the successful.

3. Read.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I read numerous books, many at one time, and throughout the day. I love books. I'm an admitted bookaholic. I rarely read fiction and can't get enough nonfiction in the areas of marketing, copywriting, publicity, advertising, spirituality, psychology, health, healing, hypnosis, mind power, new thought, muscle building, close-up magic, etc.

4. Write.

I'm always working on a new book. I have so many books out now that I can't remember them all, which means I can sometimes re-read one of my own books and be entertained, since it's new to me, too. Usually there is one book I am focusing on writing to the exclusion of all else. Right now I'm writing The Key: The Missing Secret to Attracting Whatever You Want, but I also have two other books to write and several more to promote. Focus gives me power. I write every day, either on a book, an email campaign, a blog post, a website, a news release, or an article for I even write blog posts from my Blackberry. I'm a writer, so I write. A lot.

5. Hot Tub

My Jacuzzi is the greatest investment of my life. I've never been so relaxed after being in it for just 30 minutes at 101 degrees. I now do this virtually every day. There's nothing like resting and revitalizing yourself so you can go back into the office and resume work. I think it's essential to meditate and relax, in some way, daily. If you're too busy to do this, then you really need to do this.

6. Gratitude

About six months ago I started smoking cigars. Not cigarettes with all their paper and additives; cigars. Say what you want, cigar smoking has become a type of gratitude meditation for me. I usually smoke a Cuban cigar outside, on the pool deck, in the evening. Sometimes I play one of my guitars, too. As I relax and look at the sky, I give gratitude for my life. I didn't always have a luxurious lifestyle. I was homeless thirty or so years ago. I am grateful to have survived it and grateful to be alive today. Life is good. Giving thanks makes it better. Watch my smoke.

7. I Love You.

Every day I spend time with Nerissa, our cats and dog, and feel the love. I've learned that the simple statement "I love you" can create miracles. "I love you" keeps the bliss alive. I explain this in my forthcoming book, Zero Limits. But I do this every day. I'm doing it right now. I'm silently saying I love you as I write this.

8. Planning.

Every evening I list what I will do the next day. But I do this in a unique way. I learned this method from Jerry and Esther Hicks. I make two lists. On one list I write the things I am scheduled to do, such as make calls, do an interview, turn in my tax records to my corporate accountants, etc. On the other list I write what I want the Universe to do. This may sound goofy, but the Divine (the Universe, God, Life, Tao, etc) will handle some of your bigger requests, if you simply ask. Again, this may seem gonzo to you, but it's my reality. Apparently, it works. I continue to do it. Have for years.

9. Research.

I visit very few websites, but those I do are essential to me. I visit Amazon every day. I'm always checking on how my babies (books) are doing, such as The Attractor Factor and my P.T. Barnum book. I'm always looking to see what new books Amazon suggests I get. I read a handful of blogs. I don't pay too much attention to the current news. I'm interested in trends, gadgets, new technology, health, healing, the Law of Attraction, etc. But my quick turbo-speed web surfing keeps me at least abreast of what's happening, so I can spot opportunities for new products, etc.

10. Nap.

I try to take a nap every afternoon. Sometimes being in the hot tub relaxes me so much that's it best to take a nap right after being in it. I need a nap to let my muscles recuperate from working-out. I also need a nap to let my mind refuel after writing and reading most of the day. I don't usually get a lot of sleep at night, so an afternoon nap keeps me sane, too.

There you have it. Those are my daily success to-dos.

As for other bloggers I'd like to see respond to this "tag" and reveal their own daily secrets to success, they include:

Pat O'Bryan
Jim Edwards
Bill Hibbler
Craig Perrine
David Garfinkel
Seth Godin
Dan Kennedy
Michelle Malkin
Sir Richard Branson
Kathy Sierra
Mark Joyner
James Ray
Jon Stewart

Feel free to share this message with anyone you like. I'm sure we can all benefit from the success tips of the successful.

Ao Akua,

Mister Fire!

PS -- What are the top 5 things you do every day to get and stay successful? Why not post them as a comment here, or on your own blog and link back to this one?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How to Make a Playboy Model Jealous, or, The Man with Zero Limits

I have no idea if Playboy model Laura Nichole (who I met last February) is jealous yet or not, but I just ended up on the cover of yet another magazine.

You can see the cover and read the whole stirring article at (Click on the "Arts" tab on the left to get to the article about me, titled "The Man with Zero Limits".)

It includes comments about my forthcoming book, Zero Limits

There are no nude pictures of me, however.

Ao Akua,


PS -- Francine is loving all the attention.

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An SEO Secret

If you take a quick look at the image on the side, you might get a sense of just how complicated Search Engine Marketing can be.

I don't know how to do it but I know who does. This is part of my philosophy of life: do what you love, and what you don't love, find someone to do it who loves it.

Same with the things you don't know: find someone who knows how to do it and hire them to do it or teach you how to do it.

If you want to know the Internet Marketing Strategies that work, and you want to learn how to do this for yourself in a way that is fun, the best thing you can do is look into Cyndi Smasal's Matrix, explained at

It's the best thing I've ever seen on the subject.

Ao Akua,


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sing, Blackbird, Sing!

I love guitars.

I have several here. I have as many guitars as I know guitar chords.

No, I don't know many chords and I can't play all that well (yet) but still.

When Michelle Malone came here and performed a private concert in our home, she unloaded a van full of guitars. Then she noticed mine and said, "I didn't need to unload anything. I could have used Joe's guitars."

I'm no Michelle Malone but I sure love guitar music.

Since I'm also a fan of unique, rare, collectible, innovative and limited edition gadgets, you can imagine how excited I got when I read about the new Blackbird guitar in the May issue of Popular Science magazine.

The Blackbird is a smaller, travel-size guitar, made out of carbon fiber. It features an all-hollow uni-body shell, setting it apart from any guitar in the world. The body, neck, and head are cast in one-piece with the sound board, fretboard, tuners, etc. added to that main component. The sound comes out of the neck of the guitar, so it's still got a full-size guitar sound.

The thing is virtually indestructible. I told my bud Pat O'Bryan, a guitar slinger with several blues-rock Cd's out, that if an atom bomb went off under a Blackbird guitar, all you would hear is a "ping" in the key of E.

Blackbird is only making 100 of these gems. I placed an order for one of them this morning, which means I'll have one of the first 50 made, to be delivered in June.

I got so excited that I went outside (it's gorgeous out) and played one of my other guitars, just to celebrate.

I think we should do things to reward ourselves whenever we accomplish something. You don't have to invest in a collectible guitar. But it's wise to pat yourself on the back whenever you complete something, by rewarding yourself with a treat. This is great for your self-esteem and a way to program yourself to expect more good when you do good.

My last big reward was a hot tub.

I had finished my fifth fitness contest and treated myself to the best investment of my life. I love my Jacuzzi. I'm in it virtually every day. Talk about a stress reducer. I can barely get out of the tub after 30 minutes in it. I am sooooo relaxed I can hardly walk away from the hot tub and back into the house.

After completing one of my earlier 12-week fitness contests, I celebrated by buying a new car: a BMW 645ci. (Side note: Yesterday the car called BMW and booked a service appointment. Apparently it needs an oil change. I've never had a car make a phone call for me before. I wonder why the car doesn't just drive itself over to BMW, too?)

Since I completed editing the galley to Zero Limits yesterday, and am making terrific progress with the new book about the missing secret, called The Key, and I just signed yet another book deal for yet another book, I felt I deserved a reward.

Plus I really wanted a Blackbird.

Ao Akua,


PS -- Have you rewarded yourself lately? Again, it doesn't have to be a guitar or a hot tub or a new car, but have you done something nice for you recently?

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Freud was Wrong

After I awakened this morning from a refreshing sleep, I started to tell Nerissa about a colorful and confusing dream I had.

Part of the dream was about receiving a pair of huge, odd-looking eyeglasses in the mail.

"You dreamed that because we watched the show about Phyllis Diller last night," she interrupted.


"Phyllis Diller has a collection of wild eyeglasses, hats and clothes that we saw in that documentary we watched last night, Goodnight, We Love You - The Life and Legend of Phyllis Diller. Your mind simply ran with one of the images."

"Don't go Freudian on me now," I warned.

I had read enough about Freud to know he was a well-intended but mis-guided soul. Thinking everything is a symbol (very Jungian) or has meaning (very Freudian) can be misleading. As Freud himself once noted, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

"Freud was wrong," I said.

I went on to explain that Freud would have died penniless and unknown if it weren't for his nephew.

"Who was his nephew?"

"The greatest manipulator of the masses of all time," I said. "He created modern-day public relations. I wrote about him in my Barnum book."

"And he was --?"

"Edward L. Bernays."

That meant nothing to her, so the conversation turned to breakfast.

"I'll have oatmeal," she said.

"Oatmeal?" I asked. "You know what that means, don't you?"

Ao Akua,


PS -- Photo is again by master photographer Rodney Bursiel. He says this one is my "Sopranos" look.

Notes: To learn about Edward L. Bernays, the "father of spin," go see

To learn "Why Freud Was Wrong," go see the book Why Freud Was Wrong: Sin, Science, and Psychoanalysis by Richard Webster.

To learn how Bernays made Freud famous, go hunting for the fascinating book, Biography of An Idea by Bernays himself. I have several copies, including a very rare one signed by Bernays. This gem is hard to find but fascinating reading. Bernays had an ego bigger than the planet, so, according to his own book, he single handedly influenced the modern world with his ideas. A fascinating little man and a hypnotic big book. Read it. Freud would approve.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Overcoming Homelessness

People keep asking me how I overcame homelessness.

The best answer I can give at this time is: go watch the Will Smith movie, In Pursuit of Happyness.

It is an excruciating film to watch -- the character goes through hell before he achieves even a hint of success -- but it's an inspiring movie, too.

It's also based on a true story.

Details are at

Ao Akua,


PS -- Will Smith's acting is breathtaking in the movie. You feel for his character.

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Riveting Reading

I've spent most of this chilly Texas morning proofreading the galley to my next book, Zero Limits.

I know this is my own book, but I haven't read anything this hypnotic in way too long.

Zero Limits is a real page-turner.

I kept thinking, "How am I going to top this?"

The book I'm writing right now is called The Key and right now I have no idea how to make it better than Zero Limits.

I've really raised the bar for myself this time.

Ao Akua,


PS -- See an excerpt at

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chiromagica and Other Mind Reading Devices

Sitting beside me right now is a game from 1870.

Yes, 1870.

It's called Chiromagica.

It's rare, collectible, and unusual because it it can actually read your mind.

Yes, even your mind.

What you do is look for your question on one of three round dials, and then set it on the center of the game/automaton.

Suddenly a tiny hand sitting under glass will move around and then settle on your answer.

Pretty cool for a game from over 137 years ago.

The unit I have must be off a little, though.

I asked it to tell me the capital of Turkey.

It said, "Sacramento."

I asked it to tell me who our 11th US President was.

It said, "Washington."

But a new gadget I just received claims to do even better than that.

It's called a Release Meter.

It's a cool looking unit, though odd to leave out on your coffee table without some explanation.

You simply slip on a headband and the single, gold-plated electrode in it makes contact with your forehead. You plug the other end into your computer. You load up some software. The Release Meter then shows how "clear" you are.

I know it sounds trippy but this thing appears to work.

Your feelings about your thoughts show up on a graph on your monitor. As you practice your favorite clearing method, the graph shows whether you are actually clear or not of that belief.

Don't believe me?

I don't blame you.

Go see for yourself at

Ao Akua

PS -- If you want a Chiromagica of your very own, there's one for sale at I don't know the seller and have no idea if the 1870 game they have even works. But maybe you can use your mind to read theirs and find out. Wait a minute. Let me ask MY Chiromagica...

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

William Shatner Attracts Who???!!!

I love the television show Boston Legal. In last night's episode actor William Shatner, playing egomaniac attorney Denny Crain, sits in a chair, closes his eyes, and tries to attract actress Racquel Welch.

I loved seeing the movie The Secret and the Law of Attraction getting spoofed on national TV.

And that's what it was: a spoof.

At the end of the show Shatner's character attracts one of the greatest female comedians of all time: Phyllis Diller.

Shatner is shattered.

He thinks "The Secret" didn't work.

He mumbles, "I'm going to sue those people."

What did Shatner's character do wrong?

Why didn't he attract what he said he wanted?

Here's my take on it:

1. Shatner's character sits and concentrates, finger to forehead, and looks like he has a headache. There's no joy on his face. The Law of Attraction works when you feel the end result of what you want, not just think about it. Denny Crain isn't even close.

2. Shatner's character takes no action at all. None. Considering the character he plays, surely he could have picked up the phone and called around. Surely someone in his power circle would be able to connect him to Welch. I could get to Welch if I really wanted to.

3. Shatner's character attracts what he thinks he doesn't want: Phyllis Diller. This is SO relevant. You always attract what you un-consciously think is right for you. In the TV show, Diller is actually an old flame. She represents sex to him, or at least did at one time. This is so Freudian. In order to get what you want, you have to get clear inside of the old programs. Until you do, you won't get what you say you want, you'll get what you unconsciously want.

Finally, Shatner's mumble at the end about suing "those people" is also revealing.

It shows Shatner's character is still a victim, powerless to the world unless he resorts to the one thing he can trust: the legal system.

Again, I loved the episode on Boston Legal.

Just remember it was a spoof.

Ao Akua,


PS -- Attracting Phyllis Diller is not a bad thing. This brilliant comedian used to make me laugh when I was a kid watching TV. She still makes me laugh. She also learned about success from the same book I did: The Magic of Believing. She looks radiant even today, when she's close to 90 years old. You keep rocking the house, Phyllis.

PPS -- Denny Crain needs to put down his guns and ego and enroll in my Miracles Coaching program. Maybe then he could really attract Racquel Welch.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"What was my single turning point?"

A reader watched my new DVD, Humbug, and was apparently impressed with it.

He emailed me this question:

"Was there one point in your life that was the turn around? I often ask people who've obviously hitched themselves to a Saturn 5 rocket the same question."

I get that question a lot.

I've been thinking about it long and hard.

I know that taking on the attitude that anything is possible is part of the answer; so is knowing the Law of Attraction and the idea that getting clear leads to preferred results; so is always saying yes to life; and so is the idea of being ruthlessly honest about your desires.

But those are mindsets I've developed over time.

They don't answer the question about the single event that changed my life.

The thing is, there's no "one point" where everything shifted for me. It was more a series of defining moments, some more memorable than others. For example:

Landing the book deal to write The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising for the American Marketing Association back in 1993, was a marker for me. I wasn't paid much money (almost none) but it was my first book deal with a traditional publisher and the project made me feel accomplished and important. It also got me more clients and more speaking engagements. (I still love the book and use it myself, though sadly it's now out of print. Some of it ended up in my new book, Hypnotic Writing.)

Recording my program, The Power of Outrageous Marketing for Nightingale-Conant in 1997, was another turning point for me, one I had longed to have for over ten years. People who knew that company and their wonderful products began to treat me like I was a deity in the marketing world. That also influenced my own sense of value. (That's also when I raised my fees. ) The program still sells like crazy today, and I'm still very proud of it. (One of my favorite sections is where I stage an interview with the great circus showman and master marketer, P.T. Barnum.)

Certain people helped me step up to a new level, as well.

Paul Hartunian changed my life. This publicity genius who once sold the Brooklyn Bridge as a PR stunt and got on Johnny Carson for it, once spent three hours over dinner in Houston telling me how to change my business. I took notes. I acted. Paul's giving was a defining moment in my career. I'll never forget him. He's one of my heros.

Mandy Evans has been a "miracles coach" in my life for more than twenty years. This wonderful author of such books as Travelling Free has always been only a phone call away. Whenever I feel stuck and ready for the next level, I call her. I love her. She helps me get clear.

Bob Proctor -- a living legend in the self-help movement -- changed my life when he politely nudged me to publish the little book I was fearful about releasing, Spiritual Marketing. That book became an Amazon bestseller twice, got me into The New York Times, and led to my rewriting it and seeing J. Wiley publish it as the now long running classic, The Attractor Factor. And of course The Attractor Factor got me into the movie The Secret, which led to my being on Larry King, eXtra TV, Time, Newsweek and...well, you get the idea.

Obviously, there's no one event that transformed me.

If you want to know more, I've written about my journey through life in such books as Adventures Within and of course The Attractor Factor. They reveal other defining moments and the people who triggered them for me.

I really wish there was a simple answer to the question of what was my turning point moment, so we could both learn from it.

But what may be better is to assume every moment is your turn around one, and act from that perspective.

Life would then take on a glow.

Backed into a corner, and forced to say something was the one thing that changed my career, I'd give credit to the Internet.

I began as an Internet skeptic in the early 1990s. I didn't believe all the hype about gold in cyberspace.

I was wrong.

I later wrote one of the first books about online marketing (CyberWriting).

And later, when Mark Joyner urged me to let him release my first e-book (Hypnotic Writing), I began to taste fame and fortune.

So I have to give credit to being active online as a turning point in my career. (Note I said active online. I was and am busy creating and promoting products, not waiting for the world to come to my door.)

The Internet let me take what I was doing locally and distribute it to the world.

But, as you can see, it was one of many defining moments.

Maybe the best way to wrap this up is with the following story:

I'm hearing from people from my past who saw the movie The Secret and then searched for me online. When they get to my main site, they write me and ask something like, "Are you the same Joe Vitale I worked with thirty years ago?"

One gent did that recently. Turns out we had worked at Exxon together long, long ago.

He saw me on Larry King and couldn't believe my level of success. He wrote to me saying, "I wish I had known what a gem I was hanging around back then."

I thought, what if each of us treated each other like we were gems already -- just unrecognized and maybe unpolished.

Wouldn't that single change of perspective make every moment of our lives a turning point?

As Goethe wrote, "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of being."

Ao Akua,


PS - Above photo is again by master photographer Rodney Bursiel. Is that guy good or what? My Panoz Francine loves the attention.

TIP: A way to get a turning point moment for yourself is through Miracles Coaching. I believe that trained mentors can help you leap to the next level, and I still employ them for myself today. Expect miracles. And remember, every moment counts.

NOTE: If you want help in making it online, consider my Executive Mentoring Program. See for details, endorsements, and more.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I Believe in You

Nerissa just sent me this quick music video. It's beautiful. Take three minutes and plug yourself into inspiration...

Ao Akua,


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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Exclusive Special Report: The Marketing of "The Secret"

I've coauthored and just released the first ever in-depth study of the marketing of the hit movie, The Secret.

If you want to know how this movie went from obscurity to being promoted twice on Oprah and three times on Larry King Live, to being the most talked about documentary of our time, to selling 1,500,000 copies of the DVD online to currently selling 7,500 every day, then you'll want this confidential brand new Special Report.

It answers such questions as --

* Who is really behind the marketing of this movie?

* What was the marketing strategy used?

* Why was one person removed from the original version of the movie?

* Would the movie have succeeded if most of the teachers in it didn't have mailing lists and followers?

* Were the teachers paid?

* Is the movie harmful?

* Is the movie creating a (gulp) cult?

* What do the people in the movie know about video and video marketing?

There's more, of course.

There are several bonuses, including an exclusive question and answer session with me -- I'm in the movie and saw it grow from birth to global fame -- that will surprise you.

There are also links to resources and news, interviews and more.

Again, this is the first full report on the marketing of this movie.

I think this movie will go down in history as the greatest marketing event of this century -- and this Special Report reveals everything that made it happen.

Don't get your news about the movie from people who aren't on the inside. They just speculate about the facts.

I was there.

I'm still there.

I know the behind-the-scenes truth.

And it's all waiting for you at --

I'm excited to share this with you. It can teach you much about marketing, as well as going for your dreams.

Ao Akua,


PS - The Special Report is a PDF e-book that you can have within seconds and can read on virtually any computer.

Note: My coauthor on this project is my love, Nerissa Oden, the Video Queen. You can see a picture of her and me at the above link. Go look already. :)

Credits: Above picture was taken by master photographer Rodney Bursiel. There's no secret that he is a genius at taking unique photos. Cigar in my hand is a Davidoff. I prefer Cuban cigars but this will do in a pinch. Car, of course, is my flaming redheaded beloved Francine, a 2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM. She likes having her picture taken. She says hi.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kirk's Smile

I smile every time I see a picture of little Kirk.

This little boy seems deliriously happy.

I'm told he often lays on a mat and kicks his feet for long periods of time.

He loves it and laughs as he plays.

But Kirk couldn't always do that.

Early on, he couldn't even smile.

About three years ago Kevin Hogan told me about a little boy he met named Kirk. Kirk suffered a pediatric stroke a few weeks after birth. Apparently this can happen to babies, more often than anyone likes to know.

Kevin asked me to help him raise money for medical operations, and I did.

As a result, Kirk is moving, a little, and smiling, a lot.

Kirk sends me little "I love you" messages and photos -- by email via his mother -- and every one of them makes me smile.

I received one the other day and stared at it for minutes, looking at Kirk's contagiously happy smile, and feeling drawn into the loving spirit of this child.

It feels good to help someone of such a divine nature, who seems happy to be where he is in life; no complaints, no bickering, no bitterness.

Who knows why someone like Kirk comes into the world and instantly has a health challenge?

Is it karma? Reincarnation? Or - ?

Maybe it's a divine test for us -- not Kirk, as he is Buddha happy right now, but a test for you and me -- it's us who seem to be challenged by his situation. We are the ones being asked to grow here, not Kirk.

Truth is, I don't know the why.

But I do know that when something is in my experience, it's up for me to heal.

So I'm doing my part.

I'm helping Kirk, and I hope you will, too.

Kirk is my super hero.

I wish I could always be so accepting of life.

Ao Akua,


PS - You can donate to Kirk's therapy fund by going to Amazing Kirk. Having a new car is nice, having new book deals is nice, being on Larry King twice is nice, but seeing a little boy like Kirk smile and laugh trumps those experiences every time. Thank you, Kirk. Your smile is in my heart. I love you.

Note: Consider Kirk's life and ask yourself what do you have to complain about? Start smiling, too. It's easy. Just look at Kirk's smile. Contagious, isn't it?

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Obey Francine

Francine asked to have her picture taken today. I had no choice but to obey her.

So master photographer Rodney Bursiel dropped by, set up movie set lights, moved me around like I was a super model, and then spent an hour taking some incredible shots.

Here's one he just shared with me.

I look like I'm warning someone to stop ogling my woman.

I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Rodney is a genius at turning an ordinary moment everyone else takes for granted into a masterpiece of symbol and power.

Or maybe I'm just glad to see another picture of Francine.

Ao Akua,


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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Meet the Woman Behind The Secret

Thought you'd like to know you can soon hear a behind-the-scenes, rare tell-all interview with Rhonda Byrne, the woman who created The Secret.

Details are at

Ao Akua,


PS - This one is not an April's Fools joke.

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Gmail in Print?

Google just told me they will now print and mail any message in your gmail account - for free.

Whether you want a printed record of one message or an entire database of a thousand messages, Google will print and snail mail it to you, at no charge.

The plan is to print the selected messages on recycled paper, with ads on the back of each page. You won't be able to hand these pages in at your next meeting but they will be useful for records and research.

I just checked my Google mail account and didn't see the "print" button there. Maybe it's not live yet. For more details see --

Long live Google.

Ao Akua,


PS - Of course, this whole thing could be an April Fool's joke, too.

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